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  1. I think the original spec was BG, FO, 7 x SO for the Newcastles, and 6 x SO for the Yorks, but, as you said the number of carriages gradually reduced; I think they ended up with 4, hauled by a 31. That said, in 1980, the service had to be improved as people deserted the railway for the M62; and it was an improvement. Prior to that, we had LHCS to Newcastle every 2 hours, with the Trans-pennine units doing the other hour to Hull
  2. It's in a few of the photos around Plawsworth . You can see it for miles in any direction.
  3. To be fair, the other one we are allegedly talking about is not a minister.
  4. I think JohnofWessex was more referring to competing routes, and the sheer number of stations in certain towns, when he was talking about wasted money. Why, for instance, did a town the size of Oldham get three stations more or less in its town centre, and another two not far outside; especially when two of the three companies operating into a town not far away (Stalybridge) agreed to jointly build a new station in 1885?
  5. It's not that uncommon to see a small runabout-type car being towed behind some of the larger motor homes on the motorways today.
  6. Reading some of the stuff on this page in particular, you would come away thinking that railways are only used for commuting, and business journeys. If my experience of the 0845 - ish Stoke - Euston via every station down the Trent Valley one Saturday morning a couple of years ago is anything to go by, it isn't!
  7. Sounds like you are almost getting a taste of old-school seafaring, when a trip lasted for any time between 8 months and two years
  8. 62613

    Panic buying

    That sounds similar to the "Professional" third and second engineers that I sailed with, when I was at sea. Either didn't want the responsibility of the next step up, or couldn't be faffed with trying to pass their tickets, for whatever reason. They were, however, goldmines of "job" information. By the time I finished, given the shrinkage in the fleet, they had all gone.
  9. Yes, I would hope that Barrow did receive their reward, as there is a vacancy anyway, thanks to the demise of Bury.
  10. I think it would be fair to say that that line, and some of its offshoots, are sadly neglected, certainly until you get to Broadbottom. Dinting we've already had. You wouldn't know Guide Bridge was once the place it was. Of the offshoots, has anyone ever been to Hyde Central? Once was enough!
  11. Larkin has a picture of one at the beginning of one of his wagon books. Just ex works, unfitted, painted grey. I think a single lot, so not that common
  12. Can't remember, as it's over 50 years ago now. This time 50 years ago, I was resitting my final O-levels; by a couple of weeks later, I'd finished with school for good
  13. Shorter than that. Playford published his first book in 1651. My experience of Playford dancers is that they are a bit up themselves. No room for error, which is part of the fun!
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