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  1. All the way from Verney to Sheffield? With so much of the trackbed built upon, bridges demolished, used as footpaths, 2 preservation groups, he's talking through his backside! The author also makes the usual mistake of thinking that it's all about saving time. I thought the maximum speed was never that high. anyway
  2. Trafford park "village" has a similar street numbering system. I can't remember which are the evens and which he odds.
  3. Uppermill is in Saddleworth, about 5 miles east of Oldham, on the A669. The museum is worth a visit in its own right. Plenty of eateries in the village, and one or two decent bars and pubs; also, in the nearby village of Greenfield.
  4. Sadly not. It was mentioned in a conversation with Norman Wisenden
  5. Well, there are already 6, or is it 8, tph on the WCML south of Rugby at the moment. Avanti have plans to increase services to/from Liverpool to haf-hourly asap; then we get the trains from the Northern part of the MML and ECML, which are planned to use HS2 once complete. It soon adds up!
  6. The ex-LNER coach set for the Newcastle - Liverpools via Standedge still featured teak coaches as late as 1953.
  7. And the first phase of the Mottram - Tintwistle bypass (Hattersley to Mottram Moor) has apparently got the go-ahead for construction after 40 years!
  8. I think it's been mentioned elsewhere on this thread that the only reason the first phase of the WCML electrification was ever completed was because it was started from Manchester
  9. North Eastern Railway S2 class, LNER class B15, no. 825 was built with Stumpff uniflow cylinders
  10. There was an article in Backtrack years ago about some of J.G, Robinson's locos, including the neverwassas. This was one of them; it was a monster!
  11. I've been cloned! I don't remember writing, or quoting that. I am not, nor ever have been on the railway.
  12. That sounds like the sort of thing that happened to me when I trained as a marine engineer, 50 years ago. What a good idea something like that would be!
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