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  1. Are these the abutments by the side of Barton viaduct? I thought that was for a new road, only the span collapsed.
  2. It finished with five, after the crossover was taken out. I seem to recall that the frame area was partitioned off and the other part became quite "botanical"
  3. The holes were cut in the sides to prevent overloading of the wagon when it was carrying a denser material than it was designed for (e.g. Spoil)
  4. Some fun and games with the second loco; what was up with the dolly?
  5. You'd need new masts to get from where the existing line terminates, near ASDA in Ashton, to Stalybridge; certainly not an insurmountable problem, since it's only mile or so. I can't think of any bridges over that would need altering. Would it also be useful to re-wire round to Guide Bridge East? I think that when Ashton Moss North box was abolished, the junction itself was remodelled.
  6. Might the train formed of ex-LNER coaches be a relief to another train?
  7. Where would an extra Manchester bay go? Might not a turnback siding out at, say Heyrod, where NR seem to have a workbase, be a better idea?
  8. How are Earle's Sidings, on the Hope Valley line, worked?
  9. When I went to school in the Colne Valley, more years go than care to remember, I made the same mistake. You could get away with with Slathwaite. Golcar was always Goker, and as for Maarsden, well!
  10. The von Borries system; T.W. Worsdell on the N.E.R built several classes of loco using this system.
  11. Manchester - Bury? Completely left field, but there you go!
  12. Is the NE coach one of those built in the early 20s by the LNER for the GE section? Michael Harris mentioned in Gresley's Coaches some being built as a stopgap because of their shorter wheelbasehelped solve some signalling problems.
  13. Looking at that lot shows you another reason for the decline of British shipbuilding; it's a mess! i think Doxfords had ceased building by then, and they weren't building many engines, either
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