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  1. Beat me to it! We danced on the platform a few years back one Sunday morning (flea market and so on). As you say, it's much improved. The bay platforms were for excursion traffic from The Toon/ fish traffic, no?
  2. Wasn't the UK still part of the EU when the rule change came forward for discussion. Did the UK have no part in the decision?
  3. Presuming you're using HS2 only to commute; wasn't there a statistic a few pages back which pointed out that 57% of long distance journeys are for leisure purposes. Certainly all the times I've gone to London recently have been to visit the theatre, etc.
  4. First paragraph: by "these days", I actually meant the last forty or fifty years, since environmentalism really took off. While that has had some positive benefits, it's awakened in some people the idea that all development, whether it improves our lives or not, is wrong and must be opposed, rather than that the alternative might be even worse
  5. I read somewhere that CTRL phase 2 came in on time and on budget. I don't know whether this was on revised dates, costs, etc., but I'll leave it there. Why is there this hostility these days in the UK, to any infrastructure project, no matter if it would actually have benefits all round?
  6. It's funny that, all over the former industrial heartlands of England, you get people complaining about their town, that "It's a dump these days", or "The town isn't the same as it was when I were a lad", and heaping all the blame on the council. In my particular borough, you get residents of one town berating the council for favouring one of the others over theirs (SHMD might know were I'm talking about) Some of the problems these towns face are touched on in the blog above; the loss of the industries and the reasonably well - paid jobs which sustained them; the gutting of high st
  7. The gangway connections on LMS and LNE carriages were incompatible, in that the first used British Standard Gangways, and the other used Pullman gangways; so their gangwayed stock wasn't normally coupled together in the same train.
  8. Is it not more like "If the government wants us to run these services, this is what the government will have to pay to ensure the services can run, given the unforeseen problems over the last 16 months"? It's only a bailout because the initial funding was inadequate.
  9. Could it be that they are responding to misinterpreting GDPR rules in the same way that many public and private bodies do the same to H & S laws?
  10. I think that Corneliuslundie was referring to the Spanish high speed system
  11. I suppose that once there is some idea of how the cracks develop over time, the repair could be factored into the normal maintenance cycle, though.
  12. To be fair, the only bendy four track bit was that down the Colne Valley, from Standedge Tunnel to Heaton Lodge Junction; taking the slow lines out, and resignalling, allowed the line speed to 85m.p.h; the line speed up the Tame Valley was only increased to 75mph comparatively recently. It's difficult to see where any further increases would come from.
  13. Back to caps and shorts; wasn't that a "Grammar School" thing? ISTR, secondary moderns didn't seem so fussed about uniforms
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