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  1. That's a different topic. It could be said that the policy towards railways by successive governments, especially after the 1955 plan had worked itself through, was "Managed decline"; a bit like inland waterways and commercial traffic. But that's a different topic as well.
  2. We've had this before; the railways were privatised; passenger journeys increased; therefore privatisation was a success in those terms. however, are the two actually related? Passenger journeys had started to increase before privatisation occurred. Correlation does NOT equal causation, especially when the financial terms of reference differ.
  3. Are there any newspapers out there which are truly politically neutral? You should be aware if you delve into the Guardian, you're going to get a slightly "pink" view of the world
  4. Yes, wheel centrelines. Are these dimensions on the drawing, or are they just stated.
  5. 13 feet wheelbase, 24 feet over buffers. Four or six-wheeler? Posted at the same time as Micknich!
  6. It puts thoughts on policy into the minds of Conservative Party politicians, though. Some of the writers, bloggers, etc., become MPs (see Geoffrey Howe)
  7. I think Gresley introduced the buckeye on the GNR in 1906, along with all-steel underframes; but only for gangwayed stock.
  8. Don't quite know why, but it reminds me of the CGI for Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers
  9. When you think about it, railways are extremely dangerous; that's why we have all the various rules and regulations for running them.
  10. Not the LMS, of course, but the London and Birmingham.
  11. What beats me is why nothing is being done on the Stalybridge - Guide Bridge line, which seems like an easy win to me. Some of the old MSW masts are still standing, though I dread to think what condition they are in. Someone made some money from that scrap!
  12. I suspect you're right on both counts. That was my first thought when I drove past. A local "Transport expert" reckons that the £580 million announced by Schapps covered the Huddersfield - Dewsbury scheme, and the completion of the electrification to Stalybridge, and that was it. On the last, surely all that needs to be done is erection of the OLE.
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