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  1. Apparently the recently - departed Ray Illingworth preferred "Raymond"'
  2. The Werneth incline was the original main line from Middleton Junction to Oldham. The present Metrolink route was a more easily - graded (really!) cut - off.
  3. Film4 had "The Gentle Sex" on this afternoon just after lunch; it's a propaganda piece about the role of women in the ATS, as transport personnel and auxiliaries on an AA battery in World War 2. There are, near the beginning, some scenes shot at Waterloo Station, with a Lord Nelson pulling the recruits' train away; it morphs into an LNER express. About halfway through the film, there's short sequence of a goods train at a level crossing holding up a transport convoy, which the ATS are driving. When the women have delivered the trucks to the docks, they return by train, via Leicester, there is a sequence in a passenger brake with the heroines and some squaddies. There are remarks about it being better than 16 to a compartment As I said, it was a bit of tub - thumper about why we were fighting, and the world we were going to create afterwards; it was also, I think, a recruiting tool, to try and get single women to do their bit early in the war, (before they started being conscripted)
  4. The usual reason I've seen for the single revival was the advent of power sanding, which enabled better grip, but stronger materials may have been a factor as well. Not many of them lasted for much more than 15 - 20 years, as train weights were beginning to overpower them
  5. Does that include the one next door to the Britons' Protection? For which a planning application is pending?
  6. In a merchant ship, the default setting of the main engines was usually as near as dammit flat out, for days or weeks on end, giving fairly steady - state conditions, with no thermal stresses. The 580psi/850F combination was used in a large number of BP tankers. The highest they ever used, IIRC, was 600psi/900F, even on the big tar barges
  7. Is that the pub just off the ferry landing which it seems to me has replaced one of the most Notorious pubs in Shields
  8. What I meant was that the market place itself was attractively framed by the buildings around it, which were all in one style. With half of them gone it just isn't the same.
  9. The South Shields station one was taken from The Lawe Top. Not far behind you is (was?) Brigham and Cowan's shiprepairers. The lines ending in the buffers at one time went into the yard. The ohoto of the Tyne Commission Quay was taken from somewhere around the ferry landing. I was last there four or five years ago; the whole Market Place/ Ferry Landing area had undergone a radical change, and not all for the better, IMHO
  10. The whole area! I was thinking more of the map in the link.
  11. Fantastic amount of whataboutery there! The giveaway might be that the Manchester - Leeds Transpennine Electrification thread started in 2012. The promise was made by a Conservative minister, and so far, it hasn't happened. Since most of the money for furlough was paid for by borrowing, it won't start to be paid off for at least 5 years, I would think
  12. That almost looks like an earlier version of one of the units running in East Anglia.
  13. Looks more like an attack on his political enemies. As Mike Storey says, much of what was announced is rehashing of programmes stalled by previous (Conservative) administrations. We were supposed to have a fully - electrified Trans - Pennine railway in time for the December 2018 timetable change; where is it?. The big widening on the Trans - Pennine route is, no doubt, that from Huddersfield to Thornhill, which we all heard about 18 months ago. On his new Middlebrough - London service, how much influence over whoever is running the service did the DafT have? I know it's a stand - alone government operation, but, really?
  14. Crimes! How old are you? I saw that in the Odeon in Erith when I was about 7 (late 50s/early 60s). Mum and dad took me.
  15. Earlier than that. I think I saw it, at the cinema, in about 1963. It was filmed around Burnley as well; Pendle Hill gets in a couple of shots
  16. is it even May, looking at those large trees on the horizon?
  17. Bit like socks after they've been in the washing machine!
  18. Was going to say maybe a Footex or a Rugex, but not on that date, obviously!
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