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  1. The first is actually the empty stock for the train, at Ouston Junction, South of Newcastle
  2. Which begs another thought, that's not so long come to mind; the route was electrified chiefly to make working the freight cheaper (fewer drivers, etc.) and a bit more bearable for the drivers in the tunnels. If the LNER hadn't brought forward the scheme, and BR followed it through, would the rump to Glossop/Hadfield be electrified today, for what is a fairly quiet line? Philosophical thought; feel free to add yours.
  3. Pretty sure I saw it back to Vulcan, coming through Saddleworth. I remember the tarpaulin.
  4. ....and in A Touch of Frost of course. Looking at those two photos and what's there now (I drove past this morning, and going home this evening) you wouldn't believe it was the same piece of ground
  5. Aren't you in any case supposed to open both gates before crossing? He was fortunate someone was there filming his idiocy!
  6. Certainly the "South Pennine" ones do (from Sheffield, etc.), but there are some North Pennine ones as well (from over Standedge)
  7. The three platforms now numbered 1-3, originally A,B & C, as mentioned by Derek 19B, were originally for the exclusive use of the Midland and M.S & L. The line from Hyde Junction to at least Romiley, was the original Midland route into Manchester (Sheffield & Midland Joint), until the line from Romiley to Ashburys was built. Remember that the Woodhead scheme was a LNER project (in my opinion, to eliminate the dreadful conditions in the Eastbound Woodhead Tunnel in steam days), and they used all three platforms. There were also more grandiose plans to extend to Central and down the CLC to Liverpool, at least.
  8. Trains to Marple, Hayfield, New Mills, and via High Lane to Macclesfield, etc., also used those platforms. Trains to New Mills and Rose Hill Marple still do, as well as TPE "expresses"
  9. Plausibly Stalybridge! The "Staly Vegas" thing came about at the turn of the Millenium, when it became the nightlife capital of Tameside. The remark was from a local councillor
  10. According to the testimony of the fireman, quoted in The Ballad of John Axon, Axon told him to jump off and pin down as many wagon brakes as he could; they were both clinging onto the cab side, as the cab was full of steam at 250lb/sq.in. Axon was trying to close the regulator from the outside using the fire irons, but it was impossible. It's a wonder he wasn't knocked off going through Dove Holes tunnels. Did George Farr receive any official recognition?
  11. I worked out that a kilometer in 4mm scale is a bit over 13m; slightly over 40 feet
  12. I wasn't thinking the whole thing. The bit around Corporation Quay looks inviting, though! A pity there isn't a scale with the plan. I imagine there wasn't that much passenger traffic, it would almost be freight only. What loco types?
  13. Surely some modelling potential in that lot!
  14. When I mentioned 1.5kV d.c., I meant in general; there was the Shenfield scheme as well, both built to the standard of the time. Of course, the class 506s ran until the rump lines were converted to 25kV a.c. in 1983. After Reddish closed, they were based at Longsight and had to be towed to Piccadilly at the start of the day's work
  15. I have seen, in a magazine, a diagram which shows electrification round the Fairfield Loop into Manchester Central. The same magazine article mentioned hopes to electrify down the CLC to Liverpool Central. The 1955 Ian Allen Locoshed book has EM2 numbers up to 27026. But of course, 1.5kV d.c. electrification was doomed after the visit of the BR delegation to SNCF in 1956(?) to view their latest developments.
  16. Yes, I think it was. If I knew how to get the photos off my phone, I'd put them up. Ever done that part of the TPT?
  17. Was in the area of Brookfold Sidings end of last September (walk off Werneth Low). The whole area of the sidings is now a jungle, but there are still relics in amongst it. The turntable well is still there, with an explanatory sign. Wasn't there an article in either The Reporter or one of the other local media about cleaning it up, in the last week?
  18. Also a Twatting stick; or a Manchester spanner (or screwdriver). And of course, a slide rule was always a Guessing Stick
  19. Last para; giving local authorities powers to borrow, to build houses; or to allow them to keep the receipts from council house sales, might help (if the council actually owns any; mine doesn't)
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