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  1. Thanks Neil There probably won't be much happening for a while as the garage is too cold to work in Simon
  2. Hi Paul, From past experience I find that they are more reliable at this height, so we went with it Simon (M.R.P.G Member)
  3. Cheers Matt Other than the dirty wheels on the 108 and the boards needing to be levelled off (due to the garage floor) all went well Simon
  4. A test session today A few videos from todays operating session Enjoy Simon
  5. I told you before - It's the wrong blue!
  6. Traverser completed The traverser now has all track laid... and after wiring it up a Buxton class 108 DMU was used to test it All tracks are lined up using the bolts (and I have screwed a couple of blocks under the traverser to stop it travelling further than needed) Thanks for looking Simon
  7. Not bad mate, I think that you should take the opportunity to make a step forward and this looks a bit 'samey'. I'll spend a few hours on Anyrail and see what I can come up with to hopefully improve it and email the plan over. (I won't put the pic on here I'll let you decide if it's any good! It's your thread) Simon
  8. Thanks Shaun. I originally wanted four tracks but decided on three to allow plenty of room for lifting stock on and off (and space for the stronger traverser sides) Simon
  9. Fiddleyard build Now the scenic boards have been tested I needed to crack on with the fiddleyard, so the layout operation can be tested properly. The frame and legs were already in place with the lead in tracks fitted and wired up... All that was needed now was the traverser itself. I used the same material as the baseboard tops (9mm ply) and screwed some frame to either side to a) stop the stock from falling off b) keep the traverser solid c) block rolling stock from ending up on the floor when the traverser isn't aligned with a track (In the future I will add some foam to the ends) I then fitted three drawer runners so it would slide smoothly, mounted them on some 2"x1" timber and fitted it inside the frame I gave the traverser a coat of matching paint before finishing for the day. The bolts next to the traverser are to lock it in place for transport/storage purposes Thanks for looking Simon
  10. Haven't you heard, they have been withdrawn so won't appear at Buxton
  11. Testing One of my Class 25s was the test loco, after first making sure it was safe (as the fiddle-yard has not yet been completed)... Here is the the first movement... Cheers Simon
  12. Wiring complete I have fitted and wired all of the Cobalt IP digital point motors now and wired up the DCC track feeds on all of the scenic boards... Here is board 2... and here is board 3. In this picture you can also see the D connectors fitted to transfer power over the board joins For reference, my wiring so far is as follows... Red & Black - DCC Track feeds Yellow & Grey - 12v DC for lighting White - point control via push buttons mounted on control panel (not yet fitted) Cheers Simon
  13. Annesley Woodhouse has now been dismantled, and parts of it recycled, with some of the track going in the fiddleyard of Buxton Station & TMD. Thank you for following the build Simon
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