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  1. Cobalt fitting and track wiring Today I started fitting the Cobalt point motors to the first scenic board. There are only three points on this board so it was a good one to start with. The DCC track feeds were also soldered to the rails and connected up under the board. Setting the Cobalt IP Digital DCC address was simple and then they were tested using the handset, as mentioned previously, and worked as expected. A satisfied customer! The 4" deep framework was also perfect as the legs, when folded away, just clear the Cobalts and the wiring.
  2. Jubilee Road Wagon Works has now been dismantled and parts of it recycled to be used on further layouts. Many of the points are now in use on my latest Buxton Station and TMD layout. Thanks for following this layout Simon
  3. Wiring to start soon! To be ready for wiring the layout I needed to prepare the Cobalt IP Digital point motors for installation Firstly the fulcrum bar and throw wire needed fitting... then I added the Red and Black wires from the DCC track feed and Grey to the point frog. I also added the two White wires that will go to a single push button switch per point. At a later date I intend adding LED indicator LEDs to a display panel to show the current direction each point is set so I added two Yellow wires (one for each LED) and a Grey c
  4. Not a lot of progress due to being back at work, and the garage being too cold on my days off, but I have completed the copper-clad sleepers on the scenic board joins... The station end boards join (before soldering)... and the station throat Cheers Simon
  5. More nice details mate, keep it up! (The chippie is still my favourite though ) Simon
  6. Just caught up on the thread. You really have captured everything in the small size you have available. I'm not an N gauge modeller any more but I can appreciate the details you have on here, well done! Simon
  7. That wall sounds perfect. It's a pity I can't do that in my garage Simon
  8. Cheers Shaun I eventually want to extend the range of stock to include "Redstripe" locos, but at the moment I am concentrating on getting enough stock for the early 80s. Simon
  9. A few more photos... Class 20s and a Class 25 on shed with a stabled Class 108 DMU... Class 25s on the "ICI hoppers"... A few wagons stored at the end of the siding... Thanks for looking Simon
  10. Some photos with stock placed around the layout... Class 128 DPU and Class 108 3-car DMU in platform 2... A pair of Class 20s await their turn with the Buxton snowploughs... A view towards the fuel tanks... An overview of the station area...
  11. The last track has now been glued down. This means that all scenic trackwork is now in position - there are just the copper-clad sleepers to fit at the board joins before cutting the rails... The copper-clad sleepers at the fiddle-yard board join have been fitted and soldered allowing the fiddle-yard to be removed Cheers Simon
  12. Yep, they are the wrong blue Simon
  13. Don't forget the 25s
  14. Tracklaying (almost) finished All of the track is in place now. Only the fuel unloading siding needs to be glued down as I am waiting for the last uncoupling magnet to arrive. TMD tracks are now complete... and the layout is looking a bit more "Buxtonlike"... Cheers Simon
  15. The road looks a lot better now mate Simon
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