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  1. To the south of Harrow. A Cravens 105 arrives with a shuttle from Stanmore Village. A southbound Parcels passes a freight with two 25s in charge, as a Euston bound Express hurries through. Northbound Express overtakes a 47 hauling some empty MGR wagons at Harrow. In the background a six car 501 heads off for Watford. Out at Linslade, and the 47 hauled MGR empties has just exited the Tunnels. Improbability factor. 1200 'Falcon' makes an appearance at Watford heading north. Changeover of stock for the St. Albans Abbey service at Watford. A Cravens 105 sits in platform 10 with a Derby Lightweight set in platform 11. A pair of 'Bubble cars' on the Depot headshunt waiting a path to return to Bletchley Depot. An Express Parcels service races a Freightliner as they head north past the Sports Ground at Headstone Lane. Southern visitors on a northbound Cement working at Linslade. Looking north through Harrow. The Stanmore Branch freight about to set off from platform 7, as a Freightliner and Express head south. Midland Lines diversion into Euston passing through Harrow. It will have travelled over the now closed Market Harborough to Northampton route. At the southern end of Watford a class 40 appears on a southbound Freightliner working.
  2. South end at Watford. A green liveried 40 heads some coal empties north as an Express Parcels service overtakes. A Watford to Bournemouth Excursion sets off from Platform 11 at the Junction. Passing Harrow & Wealdstone. The Tring to Kings Cross Cement has a solitary 25 in charge, as an Express for Euston speeds past on the Up Fast Line. The Dagenham to Halewood passes Linslade on the Down Slow Line. A Birmingham to Euston (via Northampton) service produces a 304 as it passes the canal at Linslade. On the southern approaches to Watford. A northbound Express overtakes the North Wembley to Widnes BOC Tankers. The North Wembley to Widnes BOC tankers pass the Depot at Watford. A Toton to Willesden coal working passes Linslade. The train will have travelled over the Market Harborough to Northampton route. Looking over the Advertisement Boards outside Harrow. Northbound Freight and Express passing through. A Bakerloo Tube for Watford sets off in the background. Wide variety of visitors 'on shed' at Watford Depot. A 'Bubble Car' arrives at Harrow on the Stanmore Village shuttle. A 304 heads north on the Down Slow with an Express passing on the Down Fast Line. In the Background a 1938 Tube set arrives on a service from Elephant & Castle. Round the back of the Depot at Watford. E2001 at rest.
  3. I had been meaning to make a TCV (Twin Deck car Carrier) for my West Coast layout. This was to represent the Newton Chambers type that had been used on the 2235 Euston to Perth, and 2140 Perth to Euston during the 1970s. Sorting through my leftovers Box gave me a few things to work with. Although not 100% correct, and not super detailed, it will do for my purposes. It used up some time now the weather had turned wet. The project took about ten hours spread over five days. Finished item, on the rear of 1M12 2140 Perth to Euston as it passes through Watford. Main components, roof, underframe, and cast ends left over from a B H Enterprise kit. Cast ends stuck to the underframe, and roof section cut to fit. The lower well deck added. The underframe had a slight recess filed so that the thin plasticard sides would fit flush under the main side panel. A bit of Balsa used as strengthening. Some plasticard sheet cut for the sides and glued into place. The cast ends were then filed flush with the sides. The roof section has five windows each side. Rather than drill the windows out I used some bits of card, which would be painted a different colour from the roof to represent the glass. A coat of Rail Grey applied as undercoat. The cast ends had the original detail filed off and replaced with thin strips of plasticard. Some TPM brass buffers added. As the bogies have a reduced wheelbase I shortened some Minitrix Bogies by taking 4mm out of the middle. Joined together with a bit of plasticard strengthening, and a new pivot hole drilled afterwards. I used some masking tape to cover the rail grey, before painting the rail blue sections, and the roof. Some Ultima roof vents added. Unfortunately I hadn't got the correct transfers, so used some old Pressfix lettering to finish. The top windows in the roof painted a lighter gloss grey to represent the glass. Passing Linslade on the back of 1M12.
  4. The Hastings Units were all scratchbuilt from plasticard, with some Mark 1 cast carriage ends filed down to narrow profile, along with the roof sections which came from some B H Enterprise kits. The upper window quarter lights were made from etched brass ladders cut in half. They are powered by a Greenmax chassis. They are about 25 years old now, and once did the rounds on an Exhibition layout 'Redbury' during the late 1990s. At the moment the units make sporadic appearances on my current layout, which unfortunately never leaves home, as it is built into my loft space. My RMWeb blog has some pictures Or at https://www.facebook.com/WestCoastSouthernSection/ Andy
  5. There are bits and pieces of stuff on my RMWeb Blog at Or there is a lot more on the Layout's own page at https://www.facebook.com/WestCoastSouthernSection/ Andy.
  6. Found this book to be really good, as it has 4mm scale drawings of all DMU/DEMU classes. As I modelled 2mm I had to halve all the measurements to make my models of the Hastings units. Andy.
  7. Harrow & Wealdstone. A class 4 Parcels drifts through on the Up Slow Line. A northbound Express on the Down Fast Line, as two 501s pass in the background on the DC Lines. An up Express passes a Parcels working on the approaches to Linslade Tunnel. An Express for Euston hurries through on the Up Fast Line at Watford Junction. In the background Tube and Local services prepare to leave the New Line platforms. HS4000 making an appearance on a northbound Empty MGR working at Linslade. The Research Department has a new toy to head their Tribometer train as it passes Harrow heading south, about to be overtaken by an Express for Euston. Freightliner heading south at Linslade. 1L10 Bullion Special for Birmingham Curzon Street approaching Watford on the Down Fast Line. Southbound MGR working approaching Linslade Tunnel as an Express heads north. Southbound Freight and Express at Harrow. A class 25 and Brake Van waiting for the signal on the Down Slow Line to proceed back to Watford Yard. Northbound Bletchley Local with a pair of 310s at Linslade. A class 40 emerges from Linslade Tunnel on a northbound Freightliner working.
  8. Is it possibly Ardlui ? The missing station sign between the posts seems to suggest a short name ? https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@56.3035917,-4.7218238,162a,35y,180h,39.51t/data=!3m1!1e3 Andy.
  9. The Layout will be featuring in Traction magazine, as a two-parter, in the September/October issue, and the November/December Issue. To the south of Harrow. A Derby Lightweight DMU approaches with the shuttle from Stanmore Village. The Tring to Kings Cross cement working heads south. Eagle eyed observers will note a Gresley Buffet Car in the southbound Express. Fortunately I had kept good records of the periods, and at least one example turned up on a Special which came out of Euston and did a trip over the Settle & Carlisle and back. Approaching Watford. The Dagenham to Halewood is overtaken by an Express as they head north. The North Wembley to Widnes BOC Tankers head through Watford on the Down Slow Line with a 47 in charge. Passing the Sports Ground at Headstone Lane. A Toton to Willesden loaded Coal working has a 45 heading it. It will have travelled over the now closed Market Harborough to Northampton route. Watford Junction, passing trains. A three car DMU sits in platform 11 waiting to work the next service to St. Albans Abbey. Looking south through Harrow alongside the Goods Yard. The southbound Manchester Pullman overtakes a loaded Hopper working as a northbound Freight is about to pass between them. Looking over the St. Albans Road bridge north of Watford Junction. The entrance to the Depot. 1A14 catches a 'double yellow' on the Up Fast Line as it gains on 1A13 in front of it.
  10. Thought this might be of interest from the Summer of 1976 as a comparison to recent events. Some may have seen a few of my articles in Traction Magazine on ' 1970s Euston Days' lately ? This entry, which hasn't as yet been published so far mainly concerns 23.06.76 and shows what happened with sagging wire even then, although the temperature was about 5-6c lower than the other day. Andy A.
  11. Probably slightly too early from the mid 1970s ? Andy A.
  12. Thank you for that compliment Dave. Have tried to make possibly my last layout as good as I was able to produce. (Not that there's anything medically wrong with me, but at this stage in life it might be optimistic to think I could stretch to another ten years to make another ) Andy.
  13. Once again, many, many, thanks for that compliment. A lot more photos at https://www.facebook.com/WestCoastSouthernSection/ plus I have been adding a number of tales from the period depicted which eventually inspired me to build the layout many years later.
  14. Thank you for those very kind words. Andy.
  15. anroar53

    West Coast in N

    YouTube videos available at The others can be found in the same grouping.
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