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  1. This pic shows the lichen in process of being glued to a tree skeleton. It's not anything like the sort of stuff you can buy commercially by the bag-full! I saw this stuff lying around in clumps in some woodland and it shouted "tree foliage" at me ..... It makes excellent hedgerows as well.
  2. Attached a few pics of the trees that have sprouted at Blackford & Hinton replacing the more toy-like specimens previously in situ. My latest lockdown project was to commit to learning how to make a half-decent tree. After watching a few tutorials on you-tube, I took the plunge and bought some reels of florists' wire and some Woodland Scenics liquid rubber. Twisting the wire to shape is not easy on the hands but wearing some cheap latex gloves was a great help. Foliage was made from lichen, picked up in the woodland where i occasionally walk my dog, dried and glued in place wit
  3. I discovered bullfrog snot some years ago as i needed to replace traction tyres. There's a knack to applying it successfully and there are videos on you-tube with good advice. I have an old Lima DMU that now runs well thanks to bullfrog snot and the attached video shows a tender-drive Hornby A3 that was given a new lease of life about 5 years ago running on my former layout. I've also used it on a few Lima and Hornby diesels to good effect. Yes, it's expensive but in my view worth the investment. How long it lasts I think will depend on how much you run the loco. Traction tyres peris
  4. I too have a soft spot for Jubilees. My old Mainline locos have been modified by the addition of a fall-plate, cab doors and closer coupling of the tender. I've also painted out the crude boiler lining. The fall-plate is made from a bit of old toothpaste tube (from pre-plastic days) but the foil from the top of a wine bottle can sometimes be used if it's substantial enough. This is wrapped around a length of guitar string (say 12thou), two tiny holes are drilled into the inner side of the cab side-sheets and the string is sprung into place. Guitar string is "springy" so works well. Cab doors a
  5. So, self-isolating is what railway modellers are good at most of the time although the spring weather means that the garden has taken priority for a few days. That said, a photo session in the railway room was long overdue so I thought I'd share some of the progress that's been made on "Blackford & Hinton" over the winter months.... Here, the trainspotters are in place perched on the fence watching an 04 heading an up cement block working while Neasden's Stanier tank 42437 heads north with a local. They've just copped 45543 coming on shed for servicing and turning
  6. It struck me that "layout topics" was a better place to post updates on my modelling progress so the above link should show the history to date..... The most recent progress has been in the vicinity of the loco shed where the ground-work is being worked on. The pic shows part of the scene before the water cranes have been embedded. Peco inspection pits were sunk into the baseboard before ballasting etc. The camera has revealed a crooked chimney stack that i must rectify. The turntable is fully operational and uses a "Locomotech" motor attached to the spindle underneath. I managed
    Excellent show with some superb models and a huge improvement on previous years. A shame there weren't a few more traders!
  7. Most of the main line(s) have been ballasted over the Easter period using Geoscenics 00 gauge ballast that looks about right to my eye. It's been glued with the standard watery mix of PVA into which I'd stirred some grey paint mix to tone down the appearance. The remaining ground has been textured with ordinary sand and painted dark grey. Further work will be done to add patches of grass/weeds etc. The WD and the Black 5 have recently been weathered by "Grimy Times" and look great! Also note chevron on distant signal arm now correct - a fine pointed felt tip did the job!
  8. Oops!! Well-spotted - clearly the work of the devil! I checked all of my signals and all other distant arms are correct (honest) so the offending arm will be re-painted forthwith.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments. Re the HO scale kit (Pola? Heljan? can't remember) check out "London Road" model railway on you-tube as the same kits are used as part of the back-drop.
  10. It's been a long cold dark winter since I last posted but here goes for anyone interested....... The basic concept for this imaginary layout is the re-location of Culworth junction on the ex-GC to a more urban and more northerly location. Thus, locos and trains are those that might have rubbed shoulders at Woodford Halse or thereabouts but with the odd bit of modeller's licence. That said, attached are a couple of pics showing newly installed signals at the "south" end of the layout where the lines supposedly to Banbury and Marylebone diverge. The larger gantry "control
  11. After the long hot summer, the railway room finally cooled to a bearable temperature. Indeed, the main lines imitated the real thing by distorting despite what I'd regarded as adequate expansion gaps ... So scenic work on and adjacent to the removable section has finally been resumed. The base of plaster-covered polystyrene was first of all covered with a static grass mat cut to shape and this has provided the base for further embellishment using good old flock powders, lichen and yet more static grass. It's beginning to look reasonable to my eye but there's still scope for further improve
  12. Been following this thread with interest and enjoying the pics. I travelled on that July '68 steam-hauled train to Windermere from Carnforth and then back to Preston tender-first. I still have my log of the run. This link will take you to a picture taken at Windermere. http://www.steamfinale.co.uk/html/othe_places_2_63.html The picture was published in "Steam Railway" 10 years ago and I was subsequently contacted by a retired engineman from Lostock Hall who enjoyed the occasional reunion with, amongst others, the crew of 45110 on that day. It was a pleasure to be able to send some A4
  13. Appreciate the comments. I've carved up a grass mat today and glued it down. And, yes, I can see it's the basis for further work! See link ... http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/2255/entry-20780-a-bit-more-scenic-work/
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