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  1. Can anybody recommend a plentiful and reliable shop in Europe that sells reasonably priced Lionel and MTH O gauge tracks? Dealers in the UK seem to have limited stocks and are very expensive, or there is some other problem. Failing that does anybody buy direct from a good dealer in the USA - yes I am aware of the 20% VAT import tax and a further Royal Mail charge? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I apologise to the finescale purists but at the age of 62, I'm currently going through a phase of collecting and running the many different ready ballasted HO track types. I've reached Kato HO and notice that they do not offer as yet any curved points in HO. Would anybody be able to tell me which is the most compatible system that could be used with Kato HO: Roco Geoline or Trix C track? Internet research so far suggests Bachmann EZ/Atlas snap track but quality seems to be a bit poor. I am aware that all three Kato - Roco and Trix share a common code - 83 - but which would match height included ballasted bit and other considerations? In any case, what is the difference between Roco Geoline and Trix C Track? I understand they fit together quite well. So far I have acquired Fleischmann Profi, Marklin M [yes, I know "AC" only and yes it makes a lot of noise, as trains do!], some Hornby Dublo and Tillig TT "bedding track", produced under licence from Kato, all having superb running qualities, including the M track. The others to follow in time. Quite frankly, I am quite happy playing trains. I bought some SMP track nearly thirty years ago along with a small drill and other tools and in a shoebox the stuff remains - untouched. I just couldn't be bothered! I live in a studio flat and it's good fun being able to vary the types of track and control I can use in the limited space available. It's a great pity that UK manufacturers have not produced an adult ready ballasted plug in and play system since the demise of Hornby Dublo in 1964. I dumped Hornby for Fleischmann brass track way back in 1976 for the simple fact that my class 31 didn't get stuck on quality German made points. Looking on-line, the Kato HO system has rave reviews from the USA but no mention of any acceptable compatible brands. Having a curved point substitute connected up to the Kato HO with the minimum of fuss would enable me to form a sort of oval with passing loop. Hope somebody can advise. Many thanks.
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