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  1. True, but I can assure you about where the motor goes. It fits like a glove and it perfectly fits in fine. Would it help if I shared with you photographs of the chassis on its own?
  2. As a matter of fact, yes. I just need to consider the big wheel arch and think about how to overcome it.
  3. So, here's another project I've been working on so far: She may be rather toy-like, but it's certainly got character. I finally found a Hornby Toy Story 4-4-0 Chassis and decided to use it instead of the H Class chassis. The outside cylinders were removed and proper spoked wheels replaced the solid disc ones at the front. She's not quite finished but she is coming on a treat!
  4. Lately, I have been focusing on the Pre-Grouping Era in recent times. For me, my absolute fave loco type from that period is the 4-4-0 tender locomotive. On the SREmG website, this one interests me the most (https://sremg.org.uk/steam/b1(se).shtml). I like its sleek elegance of a bygone time period and it did get me thinking; what if there was a 4-4-0 version of the LNWR Improved Precedent Class? I could definitely make a model of that one day! Also, on Sam's Trains, Sam himself made his own 3D-printed steam locomotive to go with his own coaching stock! Go take a look-see!
  5. What a fascinating locomotive! It looks more industrial, really. But for British Rail to own one, what classifcation would it have?
  6. I am looking for a Hornby H Class chassis (from a BR black one, of course) as I'm making a freelance simplfied 4-4-0 tender locomotive. Where can I easily obtain one without the hassle of buying a perfectly-good model?
  7. So, you took my suggestion and made a GWR Express Passenger Atlantic? Well done.
  8. An Atlantic version of a GWR King - that's something!
  9. Here I am back again a week after my visit to the Bluebell Railway! After seeing the sole-surviving H Class No. 263, I was inspired to design a short wheelbase 4-4-0 tender locomotive as I hoped to make a freelance model. This is the locomotive I just came up with. The tender would be a whole piece with attachments for spoked metal wheels and couplings for the drawbar and the modern Hornby coupling. I hope everyone likes it as much as I did in designing it. In addition, I would make rolling stock using an SR Queen Mary bogie brake van chassis to make a short rake of mini coaches inspired by the old Metropolitan Railway coaching stock (which I also rode aboard - twice!).
  10. Here I am back with an N Gauge conversion which is the SECR E Class 4-4-0 made using a Union Mills LSWR T9. The chimney has been replaced, the dome has been moved forward and the firebox has been constructed from scratch. She still runs well in both directions and the cab windows will be drilled out as the original ones have been filled in. The cab has been modified to represent the SECR Wainwright style akin to its predecessor, the D Class. Also coupled behind her are two repainted Graham Farish Four Wheel Coaches made for the layout. They are also hauled by the Graham Farish C Class 0-6-0 which also doubles as a good locomotive but as a mixed-traffic locomotive, too. An SECR Dancehall Brake Van was made from a Graham Farish LMS Brake Van and it wasn't an easy conversion, but then again, never say never and believe me, I never once did.
  11. I have purchased a Union Mills T9 which I intend to use as an SECR E Class 4-4-0 as it is mostly not too far off. The only things worth changing are the cab, the chimney and safety valve in place of the whistle which would then be mounted on the cab roof as well as the Belpaire firebox scratch-made and the cab front windows altered. Is a conversion of this sort possible even in this scale?
  12. I see. I kinda meant Triang Hornby/Hornby Railways models.
  13. I wonder if that sort of upgrading could be done on older Hornby models (not the later tender-drive ones, the original loco-drive ones).
  14. Well, it's supposed to be an Edwardian-themed layout set in the Kent countryside. And it's portable, too.
  15. It has been months since I last updated this thread. I have yet to continue more on my layout along with building and running it, too. Also, I purchased off E-Bay a Union Mills T9 4-4-0 which I intend to make into an SECR E Class 4-4-0 that I can use for express passenger duties. This way, I should have at least a handful of period-correct rolling-stock to run on the layout as well as figures which will be the finishing item.
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