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  1. Just as I promised, I have some pictures of the layout. The coach is a Graham Farish 4-wheel brake coach repainted into SECR Wellington Brown and the brake van is a Graham Farish LMS brake van without duckets altered into an SECR Dance Hall brake van and repainted into SECR colours. At the time of posting, my portable N -Scale layout has now got a level crossing and double siding added on. I will be posting a picture of the final track design soon so watch this space!
  2. Nice model. Even though it lacks a wall on one side, it looks like a cross-section given model form.
  3. That is a beautiful loco! It just so happens that I will be seeing this rugged but charmingly-quaint locomotive at the famous Bluebell Railway, the one that started it all! I intend to make a what-if Triang-Hornby/Hornby Railways 1980s and 1990s style version of it based on the re-used moulds Hornby once did for their now-discontinued Thomas & Friends range and are currently doing so for their Railroad range so anyone can really get value for their money from the hobby (well, most people).
  4. So here are the buildings and rolling-stock I have for my layout. I apologise for the lack of pictures as the Max total size 10MB prevents me from doing so, and I had to reduce them down to size as well as the quality unfortunately. But don't worry - I'll post some pics even if it's one at a time. The loco and rolling stock I have with me are Graham Farish's SECR C Class 0-6-0 in SECR green livery, a four-wheel coach painted in Wellington Brown and an LMS non-ducket brake van converted to the SECR Dance Hall brake van. Being a member of the Bachmann Collectors Club, I ordered some SECR plank wagons to go with the brake van I made for it as well as the SECR Birdcage Coaches; however, I might use some 4-wheel coaches and repaint one of them in SECR Wellington Brown like the brake coach. What do you think? Finally, as well as coal bunker/buffer stops, I acquired this beautiful thatched cottage bought for a fiver and I decided to create a scene from The Railway Children. This is part of the layout which I have now measured up to as 2ft by 3ft. The track wires are hidden underneath the tunnel which will have a latched door behind so my hand can access the wires. The controller will have a drop-down side so it can be mounted on to run trains through it. Finally, the layout will have a suitcase-like-top on it which makes transportation easier.
  5. I say! What a marvellous model that be, Sir! In fact, I think it makes a great Post-Privatisation locomotive! Perhaps running it with modern freight stock would make this locomotive fascinating. I've seen the 1970 film The Railway Children and the Green Dragon is the locomotive I wish to model. Maybe with a Bachmann C Class?
  6. Absolutely. I shall work around that as well. So, who wants to see the rolling stock for the layout and buildings once I get them?
  7. Gosh! That's an excellent and marvellous idea! I shall take it into consideration. But then there's the issue regarding the controller and where to fit it...
  8. Quite right, gentlemen - I need to find or make a baseboard to accomodate the layout. Like I said, it may or may not be the final design, but with your suggestive feedback and advice, I'm sure to rework the layout in any way possible. I'm thinking of where I can put the engine shed, the station and siding.
  9. That's a thought, but finding a suitable one can be like waiting for a solar eclipse to happen. Also, the electronics and controllers are another issue as where to put them. Would a fold-out shelf be an option?
  10. I started practicing N Gauge as a teenager and I hope to make an N Scale layout like the one I described.
  11. As you guessed from the title, this is the project I have been meaning and wanting to do since the start of the 2010s and I have planned it, but unfortunately, that never came to be. The layout was intended to be a 1950s BR London Midland Region layout inspired by Coventry Station at the time. However, seeing as my interest in the Pre-Grouping Era has widened my interests, I decided to work on something freelance as this. The idea of a portable layout where I can run trains anywhere I want (provided it was indoors). So, the layout I decided to christen was Crowmoor with mostly RTR N-Gauge locos and rolling stock along with some customized/adapted/scratchbuilt stock like certain wagons and such. With the recent acquistions of an LSWR M7 0-4-4T, an SE&CR C Class 0-6-0, a 4-wheel luggage van repainted into SECR Wellington Brown and an LMS brake van that I am making into the SECR Dance Hall brake van while waiting for the Birdcage coaches and the SECR Open Wagons (available from Bachmann as a Collectors Club exclusive only). Of course, for this layout, I am including some small scenes which are references from classic literature from the early 1900s such as The Railway Children and The Wind in the Willows as well as a reference to the 1970s Hovis 'Boy on the Bike' advert and reminiscent nods to Merchant Ivory film adaptations of novels as well as the hilarious and saucy spoof Stiff Upper Lips. This layout will have such charm and delight for those young and old. There would be very few early motor cars and mostly horse-drawn wagons. In order to operate the layout, the points would still be manually-operated and the track would be operated by two controllers. If I wanted to safely transport the layout without any damage, then I would either make it a fold-up layout or make a special case for it. What do you think would work best? Do drop a line and let me know your suggestions. In the meantime, why not take a gander at the proposed trackplan? It may or may not be the final design, but let's hope for the best!
  12. It's been weeks now and I wonder how this project is coming along. You would need SECR Birdcage Coaches to go with it.
  13. In the words of Curly Jerome Horwitz Howard... I can hardly wait! Hopefully, more LNWR RTR loc, stoc 'n' whatnot!
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