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  1. Say, I remember seeing that model and it's nice! It deserves to be built and given in a sweet suitable livery!
  2. I'm using the Hornby Drummond 700 Class and I want to add pistons and cylinders onto the chassis, please. Would the Beattie Tank cylinders and pistons with valve gear work?
  3. Just another update for Twelfth Night - if music be the food of love, play on. A couple of Four and Six-Wheels from my local model railway dealer who saved them for me as a Christmas present; the tri-axle one is the kit-bashed one with metal wheels fitted. Couplings will be added onto both of them; however, the Four Wheeled one will be given a lick of paint to match the other as well as a pair of buffers to make up the vintage trains of the time. Also, I recently asked Corbs on Discord about the right cylinders and valve gear for my Mogul and he suggested the Hornby 28xx
  4. I'm planning on a model of a WMR mixed-traffic 2-6-0 Mogul like this drawing: Using a Hornby Drummond 700 Class (which I own and have not run yet) as the basis, I intend to extend the front running-board, add a pony-truck and add cylinders and pistons. I was reccommended by Corbs to use the GWR 28xx/38xx pistons but need to work out the measurement. So, I was wondering if anyone has the measurement of a GWR 2800 connecting rod, please drop a line, that would be helpful. Also, I need to find the cylinders for it as it's supposed to be an outside-cylinder locomotive.
  5. Well, that's what I'm getting this year! In fact, I'll pick up a spare set and repaint them into the WMR livery.
  6. What better way to kick-off the New Year with some WMR projects? I finally got round to lining my 0-6-2T at last. The coaches are for another day...say, tomorrow.
  7. Y'know, I ought to include some of my own tank engines from the WMR here, maybe. An 0-6-2T I already have on my workbench and an 0-4-4T and an 0-6-0ST are in planning stages ATM.
  8. Well, it's been a long time since I last updated this thread, so...here are some more WMR locomotives I have just rendered. Now, we have a mixed-traffic 2-6-0 Mogul based on the combination of the G&WSR Drummond 403 Class 2-6-0, the LB&SCR K Class 2-6-0 and the LSWR Drummond 700 Class 0-6-0, a heavy freight 2-8-0 Consolidation based on the GCR 8K/ Ex-ROD Class and a shunting tank locomotive based on the L&YR Class 23 0-6-0ST, the GWR 1378 0-6-0ST, the SE&CR S Class 0-6-0ST and the typical Hudswell-Clarke 0-6-0ST. I already own a Hornby Drummond Black Moto
  9. This one I must talk about... Day 25 !!BONUS!! Dockmaster - who is the Dockmaster? Are you a Dockmaster? Am I a Dockmaster? Is this steam locomotive without any buffers, valve gear and coupling rods the Dockmaster? The colourful wagons have that Private Owner look about them or perhaps that RWS feel to them, maybe, I don't know. What do you think? The smoky, grimy and bustling everyday life at Britain's dockyards contrasted by the questionable awakening from the scene by a toy-like model. Is the tank engine freelance, Continental or Private Owner? What is the myste
  10. I challenge anyone to make a Pugbash out of the Caley 0F into this!
  11. In the 1988 Mr Majeika Xmas special, this model along with a blue SDJR/Caledonian coach along with a curve of track.
  12. Day 24 And with precious time left to go, what better way to end it all off than this? Yes, the grand-daddy of Post-War train sets and this is among one of the first! The striking image of the (simplified) Princess Royal model! Sure, it was pants and cheap as monkies, but what did you expect? These things are so darn rare. The following year, they were perfected and run better over the years. However, these things still ran okay even on Peco track nowadays. I have one in my collection and it's a pain to restore and run, So, they're mostly static display things on y
  13. Day 23 Introducing a familiar locomotive aside from Thomas that needs no introduction whatsoever! Two words: 1. Smokey 2. Joe After nearly two decades, this li'l guy gets his own official train set and about time, too! A popular favourite among modellers and kids alike, this has to be a celebration of a company mascot from the 1980s along with Inspector Gadget, G.I. Joe or Action Force as we call it in the UK and (dare I say it) Transformers, My Little Pony and Care Bears and not to mention The Smurfs. A small local freight train hauled by the titular and aptly-
  14. Day 22 Yes, you all saw what was coming - the one model I have avoided getting for so long (not because I have nothing against the LNER, but because of my devotion to Pre-Grouping stuff, but I have considered saving up for a GNR condition A1 in the near-future). What can I say about Flying Scotsman? This is the most popular steam locomotive we are talking about (next to Thomas the Tank Engine). The improved tender-drive version was released in 1981 and has been continuously released over the last thirty years but nearly approaching forty come next year (as old as Postman Pat,
  15. Day 21 Bit of a foreshadow to the next day, but then again, this is what to expect. Hornby's Flying Scotsman on the table with some random locomotive drawings (no prizes for guessing what locomotive class it could be). And what's this? "The legend is alive". Like Thomas the Tank Engine or Ivor the Engine or something? Oh, wait, the sole-surviving A3 is the legend...didn't see that one coming! Surprise, surprise! This is probably when they used the Top Link brand kind of like when NSPCC started their Full Stop Campaign or Hasbro with The Vinatge Collection for their
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