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  1. To let everyone know, I was doing alright with my 2P; I meant to share pics of it here but unfortunately my old phone was being a bit of a pain and testing my paitence, so I have to share links to them instead: The brass chimney is now painted except the chimney cap and the firebox now smoothened off has been repainted along with the splashers. Hopefully, with my new phone, it will be easier for me to share more pics of the model here, hopefully.
  2. So, after today, or at least tonight,, my WMR 2P has been improved on as you can see in the photographs Yes, I know that the Milliput I use is white, but after an black undercoat followed by the darkened Battleship grey I used on the tender, it'll look nicer. Just sharing some progress on my 2P - my next locos in my WMR fleet I hope to do are the 0-6-2T and 0-4-4T tank engines, the 0-6-0 mixed-traffic/goods tender engine and possibly a modified ex-GCR/ROD Class 2-8-0, mainly the GWR 30xx variant with some modifications to the tender, running-board and boiler. When
  3. Some more has been done on the 2P! The original chimney has been replaced with a GWR 78xx Manor chimney which I thank is a lot better and wider than the original chimney. Soon, I will be using a Bachmann C Class 0-6-0 for the mixed-traffic/goods locomotive, a Hornby H Class 0-4-4T and a Bachmann 0-6-2T for my own WMR tank engines.
  4. And I quite agree with you, Sir! In fact, I am intrigued by engines from smaller companies, even joint ones. The dark violet is what I went for.
  5. Here I am back with the shade of dark violet I was talking about. Yes, I know it looks brown, but this was the best I can do. I'll take a better picture of it in the daytime.
  6. After so much effort and work, here are the locomotives I have planned and designed similar to Pre-Grouping steam locomotives. The passenger and freight rolling stock will soon be added to the roster. I will be creating my own coaches inspired by the GWR, Midland clerestory coaches and the SECR Birdcage Coaches. The brake van I once created will be added to the list as I already had it pre-made beforehand.
  7. To answer your question, it is a rain cover as when steam locomotives are not in use or on display mainly outside, enthusiasts or preservation members would put them on as to prevent rain from dripping inside the safety valves into the smokebox. I hope that's helped.
  8. The train looks similar to the movie version of the Hogwarts Express (a GWR Hall Class used in real-life) minus its tender. I'm starting to see the connection.
  9. Omigiddygosh! It reminds me of Tom's Freelance 0-4-0 tender locomotive model I helped design! Nice render.
  10. Well, here's more of my Saint Class as promised.
  11. This thread makes me think about the WMR tank engines.I would have an 0-6-0T, an 0-4-4T, an 0-6-2T and an 0-8-0T. An 0-6-0T for shunting and branchline traffic, an 0-4-4T for local suburban passenger, an 0-6-2T for mixed-traffic duties and local branchline traffic and an 0-8-0T for heavy shunting and coal trains. Of course, I would have to find some locos to work with.
  12. Nice suggestions, there! I would need to find a Triang Jinty body and the right 0-4-4T chassis to accommodate it (Possibly the SECR H Class chassis) as well as a GWR smokebox door without BR numberplate and the right cab for it. Three simple rules come to mind for a good working model- strength, character and accuracy. The first locomotive I started work on was the 3P 4-4-0 using a Hornby D49 with the removed cylinders, valve gear and steam pipes. The cab has been altered to look less LNER, I will be posting pics of the model in progress as I am basing my 3P on the ACE
  13. The various locomotives on the railway (I have decided) would be used as listed: *Express Passenger 4-4-0s and later 4-6-0s with a few 4-4-2s *Mixed-traffic 0-6-0s (some rugged types would be chiefly for use on freight duties) and later 2-6-0s *Heavy Freight 2-8-0s (possibly a repurposed ex-GCR 8K/ROD 2-8-0) *Shunting 0-6-0Ts and heavy 0-8-0Ts (the 0-8-0Ts would be seen hauling coal and steel trains along branch lines) *Local Passenger and branch line traffic 0-4-4Ts and 0-6-2Ts Next time, I will talk about passenger rolling stock, freight rolling stock,
  14. At long last, I finally got around to completing the West Midlands Railway Coat of Arms. This crest was made up of elements from other coats of arms including Wolverhampton, Coventry, Birmingham and of course the West Midlands itself. However, I could have used the proper West Midlands Coat of Arms, but which one should I stick with? Plus, I intend to render my fleet in a dark violet colour akin to the EMU trains on the West Midlands Railway EMUs seen here which is and was how and where I got inspiration from. The purple is a darkened violet and the orange is u
  15. Well, my Saint Replica of Lady of Legend is taking shape after it runs well and better. The running board is suppsoed to look more like the original Churchward style as opposed to the later Collett rebuild/modifications. Perhaps there's something to be said about these olde tender-drive Hornby trains; they run better compared to Hornby's Railroad models like the B17, the D49 and the 2P. Once I obtain the nameplates and numberplates, she'll look lovely!
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