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  1. My Prince George model is coming along nicely, now. I decided to bash my Hornby 2P with parts of the GEM kit together. At least the chassis runs well. The parts have not been stuck on, this is just a mock-up and the cab from the 2P will be removed and the one from the kit will be grafted on along with the other parts. At least I'm on the right track (so to speak).
  2. Yes, indeed. This was the first retro-style model I created to celebrate Hornby's Centenary Year. This model is made in the style of Hornby Railways models from the early-to-mid 1990s. I was born in 1991 around the time of Hornby just when Bachmann began to Branchline out into the UK (if you pardon the pun) and this model was made with geniune Hornby parts for that authentic vintage feel. What do you think?
  3. Nice model. You could always make it as the Ivatt C1 small boiler Atlantic No. 990 Henry Oakley as that is the only one of this class that was named and since preserved at the NRM.
  4. Impressive A12, Linny! Have you thought about a 2-4-0 tender locomotive based on the LNWR Improved Precendent Class, the GER Class T26 and the Midland Railway 155 Class?
  5. Hullo, Vangaurd. I asked about your project and I hope it's getting on smoothly.

    1. Free At Last

      Free At Last

      It was good of LNWR18901910 to put your profile up on Status Updates.
      Have a nice day.

  6. Can somebody please help me find a new running board for my LNWR George the Fifth 4-4-0 kit? Mine has broke unrepairable damage to it.
  7. Excuse me please, Mr Wright, Sir. I have been working on an LNWR George the Fifth Class 4-4-0 using the old GEM kit. Unfortunately, it did not come with the original instructions as they were sadly missing and thus putting it together was a total nightmare, Even some pieces broke uncluding the running-board just now. Now I am sad because I can never get it to run smoothly and properly. I was told by some users on Discord that you can do repairs to kitbuilt locomotives and even build them. If I mailed the model to you, then maybe it would be finished and in good working
  8. Yes, Virginia, I went for the SECR green one! No, Virginia, it's not the preserved example, it's the different one. Still, worth having in my collection all the same!
  9. I already ordered mine and that would be the preserved example as built. Well, it's my love of old time stuff, of course.
  10. I have good news and bad news: Good news - I got mine pre-ordered. Bad news - I tried to order the preserved example but sadly couldn't get through to Locomotion at Shildon.
  11. It just so happens that I'm making a Tri-ang Hornby style model of the LNWR George the Fifth 4-4-0 based on the upcoming replica No. 2013 Prince George using the original GEM kit. Unfortunately, the kit I bought lacked instructions and I got into a proper mess. If this body is 3D-printed, would I use it on the Tri-ang L1 or LMS 2P chassis? Or if it's one of those modern models, would a modern Hornby or Bachmann 4-4-0 chassis work for it? Hornby and Bachmann's new modern 4-4-0 chassis might be somewhat complicated with tender wirings and tender pickups and I'm rather 50/50 like most modellers o
  12. Yow know, the MSWJR had some nice locomotives and rolling stock. I like the MSWJR 'Galloping Alice' Mogul but I also like the NBR-built L Class 4-4-0 the most! These would top the list of 4-4-0 locomotives! I've seen their GWR rebuilds and too be honest, I'm not a big fan of them - their original North British original conditions even with GWR milk churn safety valves make this engines something amazing! In all honesty, I would love to own a fully-built RTR model of one but they are only available in kit-built form and I'm not that good at kit-building. For now, kit-bashing would ha
  13. It's been months since I last posted anything here! So, here's my trip to the Severn Valley Railway which is currently paying host (at the time of writing this post) to the Saint replica: The one thing I am making a model of even if by means altering an old Hornby model, but hey - it's in keeping with the look of it, right? Now, I know these old models aren't nowhere near as highly-detailed or perfect runners as the latest ones, but those things still have such charm in them, right? I actually had a model of Saint Catherine on my layout as I child but that made soon becam
  14. I might be around this Friday - I'm off to see No. 2999 Lady of Legend at the SVR! Plus, I happen to have something I am close to finishing this week in store! See you all, soon!

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