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  1. You should see some models I made with help from an old friend. I've made a Midland Railway 2511 Class 2-6-0 and an LNWR 19" Express Goods 4-6-0 (I'm still working on an LMS version of it).
  2. Just a quick update: I got the chassis and model running at last! I still have more to go on it before I paint it as as covering the sides with plasticard.
  3. Say, how did you manage to find a Tri-ang Dock Shunter, restore it, get it running again and turn it into this livery? It's nice.
  4. I happen to have a Hornby T9 which I gave a Belpaire firebox and a GWR milkchurn safety valve. I intend to make it a Mongrel.
  5. Nice resources and model. Will it be in LSWR-colours?
  6. Yes, indeed. I have been meaning to try it.
  7. How am I able to find a working motor bogie or two for it? Also, building the right chassis for it is a challenge, too.
  8. Well, it's been a while since I last checked this thread and juding by the poll results, it looks like BR Green with Yellow Warning Panels is the candidate! Thank you all for your suggestions and voting! I know it's a shunting locomotive, but I'm using it to make a shortened toy-like mainline diesel. The step panels will be covered and altered to look like a motor bogie. I know it may look squat, but it's supposed to be a simplistic freelance toy-like styled version of a BR mainline diesel like the BR Class 17, the BR Class 20 and the German Crocodile locomotive. I've ordered another kit as my first time didn't go so well...and a new chassis, too. This time, I hope to get it right as I never kit-built anything like it before. But...ah, well, at least I did my best. Then again, I could do someone else's best. Anyway, please do go and check out BMR's range of model kits online, they do great stuff!
  9. QUICK UPDATE: I bought two ERTL Postman Pat vans on E-Bay and both were in a sorry state, the paint was chipped in some parts and one had transfers so worn away whereas the other had none on. One will become a post van again and the other would be either a bakery van or a butcher's van. When they come, I will share pictures of them and you can help me decide. Also, I was thinking of scratch-making figures to go on the layout. What do you all think?
  10. Nice model. It looks pretty impressive. It may not be entirely accurate to the real-life prototype, but it looks fantastic. It reminds me of my models of the LNWR 19-inch Express Goods 4-6-0 I attempted to make using two Hornby-Triang B12s before they were upgraded. I could show you pictures of the models if you like.
  11. I happen to own one of those models, Unfortunately, it's a non-runner and it's most likely to be a static display model. However, I am gonna give it a new identity in LMS guise and name it Princess Meghan after Megan Markle.
  12. That Thomas the Tank Engine model project sounds like a good one! Why not swap the chimney with a more prototpical one as well as adding rivets along the smokebox, a safety valve and lamp-irons? And anyway, I might have a look on E-Bay and see what I can find to use. I intend to use the vehicles as the same scale as the locomotive. Note the toy-like and simplistic design which is what I am going for with road vehicles. The locomotive and tender come from Toys or Models via Shapeways. Also, I may sculpt some figures from scratch as well. What do you think?
  13. What about a Bachmann C Class second-hand? The chassis is modern and reliable.
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