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  1. I wonder if someone could put me straight on facing point locks for a double slip? There are four possible routes. Three are passenger lines and one, top right, a headshunt. Point 10 switches between the two passenger lines but point 9 doesn't need to change as long as it's set to Branch (position A). So my understanding is that for Arrivals (right to left), FPLs would be required for point 10 at either the top for Platform 1 (position C), or at the bottom for Platform 2 (position D). For departures (left to right), as point 9 doesn't move, only one FPL is required
  2. A final note to say thank you for your help. I'm relieved that my flight of fancy didn't crash and burn and with a few tweaks should look the business. As to the compound point, the jury is still out but I now have a few spare levers, in roughly the right place on the frame, just in case. I wasn't my intention to have independent blades but to use three levers to control two servos via a Megapoints controller. The compound lever's microswitch providing current to the other two levers depending on whether any of the three are normal or reversed. As an aside,on the unofficial Severn Valley
  3. Thank you Mike. You have cleared up some of my misconceptions, which were:- I had assumed the farm crossing would need protecting so the route indicator will move. My thoughts for the double ground signal was for one to enter the yard or go straight (a white light) no.22 and one to indicate that the trap was clear, no23. Thinking about it, if route 3 is cleared for the loop then the only options are to either stay on the loop (trap reversed) or enter the yard. My original position of the frame in the box was the other way round but I changed it to to reflect the way I operate th
  4. Many thanks to you both. I really thought I might get shot down in flames. Instead, it's all positive and easy to do. So I'm glad I posted. The only reason I thought I needed FPL 16 was once the loco has run round it backs the coaches over the release points, straddling them ready for the departure. Kind regards Peter
  5. I hope it is ok to reopen this thread after a break of 3 years but I'm hoping for some advice in signalling my GWR Flight of Fancy? Like many that have gone before, there has been a lack of proper forethought and the layout is what it is. Installing two traps after the layout was ballasted was bad enough and that was just a straight replacement. It is an O gauge layout, based around the early 30's. I tried from the onset to make operating it interesting but with only 14 feet to play with there had to be compromises, hence the use of two double slips. As it is, the loop
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