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  1. Good morning, 


    I am currently writing a book on behalf of Middleton Press on the lines around Morecambe and Heysham. During my search of the internet, I came across a photo published on the RMWeb credited to Peter Cooper (see attached). I would love to use that photo but obviously can't unless I get permission.


    Does anyone know of or how to contact Peter Cooper? I guess while I'm here, does anyone have any photos of Heysham Moss sidings/Trimpell Refinery Rail Complex etc or anything else perhaps out of the ordinary covering the Midland and LNWR lines to those locations.


    Thanks and regards660E6E1D-8E97-48A9-BF00-334A97ED5D52.jpeg.add3c8809d4864b198eca346d552e2ba.jpeg

    1. Carnforth



      Unfortunately I have no contact details for Peter Cooper. However, I've att. links to Two public facebook groups I'm in that often show good pictures. Just click on the photos tab. The Morecambe and Heysham one has recently shown photos from the old refinery at Heysham HTH







    2. 34092 City of Wells
  2. Hi all I have inherited a partially complete O gauge Heljan 25 from my late uncle, which is great. However, my aunt could find no paperwork, instructions etc - probably thrown away or mixed up with other papers and all I got from Heljan was a parts list. So, is there anyone out there willing to send me a copy of the bogie assembly instructions for a reasonable price/donation to a preferred charity. Thanks and regards in anticipation
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