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  1. As an example, Oxford Rail have done a pre-grouping wagon (their NB Jubilee mineral wagon) , though this has had a few liveries put on it which are somewhat questionable (but nice nonetheless) Had a look through there and I like how they give a bit of information about the prototype wagons and the companies that used them - more of this sort of thing would be interesting I guess that it's always going to be a compromise of some sorts. The Fife Coal Co. wagon https://www.harburnhobbies.co.uk/acatalog/Dapol-4F-071-139-2898.html#SID=209 appears to be prot
  2. Pity about the database, it would be interesting to have a browse of. While packing some wagons away I came across an older Dapol wagon commission by the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway - this is a 7 plank wagon (as per one in their museum), but compared to their newer wagons the brake gear is chunkier as the underframe & brake detail is a one-piece molding whereas more recent models have the brake lever added as a separate piece. Not yet had a chance to run the newer Dapol wagons, though the older ones (from about 10 years ago and before) were very reliable. A bi
  3. Caley 439

    The Engine Shed

    All the liveries up to that point when Pat Hammond did that article..... I have a list of all the liveries (from searches on the old interweb and old catalogues), and as of 2020 there's been just over 35 different liveries throughout the design's illustrious history; I do have a particular liking for these pugs, even if not 'proper' scale models - some might say I'm crazy having 17 of them! I do have the list with me when visiting exhibitions (or a picture on my phone) just so I remember what liveries I already have.
  4. There was also a similar incident in 1901 on the Caley Glasgow - Carlisle mainline (pg. 200 of The Springburn Story) , so the BoT requirement may have been the result of multiple such accidents across several companies. The Royal Train accident might have brought the issue to greater prominence mind
  5. Sadly it's not my laser cutter Jim - it's at my old uni, which I'm still able to use (when it's open). I think there's definitely potential of combining traditional types of scratchbuilding with newer forms of technology like this (and 3D printing) - I've done it once for a 16mm scale (1:19) MKV tank! @Skinnylinny great minds think alike - I was thinking of doing the panelling in thinner maya card. I plan to builds models of the two Highland Railway carriages at Bo'ness, and the laser cutter would make this a lot simpler - 6mm ply for the under frame, mountboard for t
  6. Hi Jim, nice to see this - I've done similar for some 19th century style mineral wagons, though laser cutting the mountboard for producing the parts. In my case though I also laser cut the parts for the W irons and axle boxes - not a fun task picking them out of the machine or trying to stick in place! Look forward to seeing how this progresses, I think I'll take a leaf out of your book for producing some more pre-grouping wagons as I have found the Goods and not so goods site to be a good reference for all sorts of rolling stock.
  7. Yes Devlin's were trawler owners, the coal being transported in these wagons for their fleet of trawlers. Have come across these images on the HMRS site, which actually shows what some of the Dapol wagons were based on - close being the same number of planks, but having differences such as curved top plank on the ends and in the case of the William McLaren one dumb buffers! https://hmrs.org.uk/photographs/david-cook-dundee-10t-4-plank-no-10-op-r3l-regd-1901-age-neg-39021.html https://www.Dapol.co.uk/shop/oo-gauge/wagons-OO-Gauge/4-plank-wagons/4F-040-027-OO
  8. Interesting to see this, as I have considered cutting out frames in (3mm) acrylic - this doesn't suffer the problems of warping, though finer parts are more likely to break (having done 16mm scale ornate Caledonian Railway benches). It definitely opens up interesting possibilities for creating chassis for locos where no commercial one is suitable
  9. I've picked up a few Dapol private owner wagons recently (pleasantly surprised to see that they're still produced in the UK), having chosen them because of their particular liveries. My question is, did many of these liveries actually exist - even if portrayed here on the wrong type of wagon? I'm not too fussed personally, but it's a curiosity. From what I've seen the "Fife Coal Co. "wagon is a prototypical livery (not sure if on a 7 plank wagon though), and the intriguing green "Devlin's" one must have some prototypical basis as Harburn Hobbies have a limited edition of it from
  10. Yeah my thinking was for when I have a layout (a permanent loft set up idea) - most of the other bits and pieces I've designed for myself have eventually made it into a small scale level of production. Found the files, but don't have a screen shot - will see if I can get a copy of AutoCAD to open them, as I usually use the CAD programs which are already on the computers at the lab I use. I did the basic sketches on paper when away at sea last year, as well sketches of the Caley shed at Beattock and the GSWR design at Hurlford, Ayr & Dumfries (I had BR Steam Motive Power Depots - Scottish
  11. Thought I'd create a post here to praise the service of Wildcat Models, which is still a somewhat newish shop in Glasgow (on Dumbarton Road, along from Partick library). Have popped by previously pre-Covid, but usually was only needing paints or plastic card (good supplies of both Humbrol, Revell and Tamiya, and they're trying to improve their stock of plastic sheet and parts). Phoned up to order an item which I saw they had advertised on their Facebook page, and they were even able to drop it off later at my Mum's place of work nearby which was even better! Looks to be fair stocks of Ho
  12. She was at York when I last saw her (that was in November 2019), there was a small exhibition on about her
  13. There are the print off kits available from the GNSR association on a disc in several scales. Very nice, and with a good variety (several designs of stations and goods sheds) as well. I also have on the back burner a rough model of the Inverness shed water tower archway in 4mm (dimensions estimated from photos) - designed to be cut in 3mm and 6mm ply, I'll dig out a screenshot of I have one. This was more of a "let's see if it can be done" model. If released would come under the Red Star Steam Packet Co. banner (which currently is just larger garden railway kits)
  14. It appears that maybe it's the result of the centenary after party - this was before I opened the box and I've seen a review of this, where the reviewers one was also upside down
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