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    My interests funny enough include:
    A focus on the LNER GE Suburban lines in 00 Gauge
    LNER ECML Express working in 0 Gauge
    Military Modeling

    My railway interest surrounds the LNER in 1930 - 1938, with my OO Modeling, focused on the Great Eastern Suburban Lines and my O Gauge Modelling focused on the East Coast Mainline, representing the Top Link Locomotives which defined the 30's.

    Alongside my RM Web, Page is my YouTube Channel of the same name which you can find here:


    I do hope you enjoy the current videos ( As of 2020) They maybe a little short but plans are in the works to produce longer video's with the
    aim to challenge people and modelers to try new things and do how to video's of building kits in OO or O Gauge.

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  1. Very well done!! Always nice to see some work like that which makes a very good model look, out standing!
  2. Thanks John, I have removed the bar, I should have realized that! But not too worry thank you that has been corrected now
  3. I might well do, I'm certainly considering putting a realistic coal load into it. I've not seen any photographs of the wagon, but I'm of the opinion that the owner would have tried to keep it clean. As based on my own knowledge it would have made sense to keep it clean as it acted as poster for the owner and the town. As POW Sides do 2 other GER wagons I may keep them clean too. I'm honestly not sure yet. But I'll enjoy it all the same Thanks Tom
  4. Thanks to current events,my final year at University has gone mad so work on all modelling project's has had to stop. But fortunately I can see light as I've finished my degree...Phew!! Just for a change of pace, and knowing my skill set I felt I could build and paint this all in a day, this wagon holds memories to me as it's my home town of Attleborough in Norfolk. This wagon was owned by John Park-Wick's, I managed to find a photo of him in front of his Ford Model T Pickup to take coal from the GE to the local's in the town. I believe the photo is in what is the current car park at the station, it's hard to tell but having lived and been around the station for so long I feel as if I know the station and surrounding area quite well. Anyway back to the model... The kit came nicely packed and the paint finish on the wagons sides was impressive. The kit is fairly simply to put together the only thing I had to worry about was not to damage the paint work, and to get the under frame and W Irons painted before gluing Once I had put the W Irons and wagon frame into primer it meant I could focus on putting the rest of the kit together Next was to focus on the break rigging, a fiddly but fun job, not as fiddly as the last job. And there we have it the wagon built and looking very nice! Just the buffers & couplings to go And here's the end result, I'm pretty happy with it, I need to get myself some Humbrol 100, those keen eyed will notice a few area's where filing the flash off has scrubbed the paint. Once that's finished I'll give the wagon a coat of Matt Varnish. Anyway that's it for now, until my degree is finished. Once that has happened I can begin to focus on the LNER A3! Thanks Tom
  5. Hi Jamie, Thanks, very helpful. I have a photo of A3 2500 Windsor Lad on a Edinburgh-Aberdeen Express seen here at Princes St Gardens, I've been on the LNER Encyclopedia Forum's and a few authors to get the closest coach formation to match the photo . The last two have been more logical in there choice, as you cannot tell what they are. I ask about the A4 because I'm trying to justify getting an 0 Gauge A4 to go with the Set I am building for the A3 ( Below). Formation below: No.1 – BTK – 4 Compartment Brake - No.2 – TK – Dia 155 - No.3 – RC – Dia 187 - No.4 – CK – 1st 3rd - No.5 – TK – Dia 155 No.6 – BTK (3) Compartment Brake -
  6. Thank you, alright I look forward to seeing what those who know far better than me have to say. I've planned to get the Hattons A3 & A4. Both planned as Haymarket engines (Windsor Lad & Golden Plover) set in the late 30's. The A4 would have done anything, as she was fitted with a streamlined corridor tender and the A3 with the High-sided Non-corridor tender.
  7. Wow, amazing. It's great seeing modelling like this makes you feel like you are there!! I have question, what sort of duties would these engines do, for example I have an A3 ( 2500) Windsor Lad which was a Haymarket engine, I was wondering if anyone could guide me to the sort of duties and Non-corridor A3 would have been upto in the 1930's. I assume she'd of carried out expresses and worked out of Scotland into England on short(ish) out and back trips. Thank you in advance Tom
  8. Thank you, the paint I used is, called Wood Grain. I used 2 coats and effectively painted in the grain effect. The buckles come with the kit ( pre-painted) and are based on the originals. But thanks for the comments
  9. Wow, they look great...Not sure If I'd go into detail to make or build one of those but I am thinking of getting a larger version of the Fokker dr.1 and doing it the same way. I'll bet the Mustang looks great!
  10. I'll admit getting the top wing and struts to the wheels connected, it was an absolute nightmare! That whole section holding the wheels to the fuselage was so hard, almost needed 4 hands to do it. But overall it's turned out really well.
  11. Hi, The Straps come with the kit as a pre-painted/printed etching, I must admit I found it an amazing thing to see, a lot of little etching details have been added to the model. If you look at the same photo showing the straps in the cockpit you can see there's two more etched parts, at the time I had not fitted which were also pre-painted/printed Yes I look forward to getting it into the Red, my only worry is the paint may not get to every area. But we shall see how it goes! Next thing is to under coat the whole aircraft so some dam good masking will be needed. Thank you
  12. Yeah, since finishing the build/paint job, I went with a prototypical ambush camouflage. But never-mind.
  13. Perhaps the most famous German Ace of the Great War, Manfred Von Richthofen, or as we all know him The Red Barron! The aim is to do his Fokker dr.1 Tri-plane, in the well known Red colour scheme but there's a difficulty with painting the Red Baron's aircraft...Which one do you choose? According to various sources out there are a number of camouflages which he carried on the Fokker dr.1, too many for me to go through but for those interested I recommend a quick search on Google or look for Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No.40 ( Fokker d1 Aces of WW1) by Norman Franks and Greg Van Wyngarden. This book shows no less than 4 camouflages, it must be noted that the Baron had more than 1 aircraft as others would act as spare or to perform other duties, such as airbase visits. So with that my aim is to do the Red Baron's Red Fokker dr.1 with the white flashes on the wings, tail and fuselage. I prefer this as it split's the red on the aircraft up and the Crosses on the aircraft look far more menacing, in addition it stands out in my opinion. Anyway... To the Build; The first thing to do, was to get the cockpit together, to do this I needed to paint everything inside. Personally I think it has turned out quite well. Next was to work on getting the rest of the aircraft together which you can see throughout these photo's below. To end off the cowl, propeller and radial engine are removable so when it comes to painting it'll look the part without any issues, for those who are keen eye'd the tail rudder is not fitted, this is simply because of the paint job shown in the photo above. This'll be painted and decals will be fitted. It'll then just be painting the Baron's aircraft into Red. All for the next part. So until next time
  14. Fantastic work, proves it can be done and it looks good. A project for me to do in the future
  15. I look forward to your results I've ordered a Un-numbered LNER Apple Green A3 which I am using Fox Decals for so it would be nice to see how it looks once you've finished the work. Thanks Tom
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