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    My interests funny enough include:
    A focus on the LNER GE Suburban lines in 00 Gauge
    O Gauge Modelling focused on GE/M&GN Locomotives & rolling stock
    Military Modeling

    My railway interest surrounds the LNER in 1930 - 1938, with my OO Modeling, focused on the Great Eastern Suburban Lines and my O Gauge Modelling focused on the Light Railways in Norfolk on the Great Eastern Railway.

    Alongside my RM Web, Page is my YouTube Channel of the same name which you can find here:


    I do hope you enjoy the current videos ( As of 2020) They maybe a little short but plans are in the works to produce longer video's with the
    aim to challenge people and modelers to try new things and do how to video's of building kits in OO or O Gauge.

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  1. Hello all, So I've been rather busy since finishing my LNER J68, in this time I have built another Loco in the form of a connoisseur kits LNER J15. 2 Wisbech & Upwell Tramway Cars, 10 wagons, and started a ex GER, LNER 50' bogie 3rd. By over the last few months I have been focusing on the layout itself. I hope you enjoy the photo's if you have questions please feel free to ask me. The First two photo's are the most recent, but the last three are little older as the track has all been weathered since.
  2. Evening all, I have a little update, I decided to get the seats sorted out for my W&U Stock. Personally I think Paul has done a great job on this project, I was recommended him by a friend perhaps I can give him a bit more custom if modelers here are looking for more accurate seating for there tramway cars. The person who produced these mostly sells on eBay but does have an email address, which if you want please message me.
  3. Oh I think it would be rude not to choose the Kelvedon & Tollesbury Stock, Including the Stoke Ferry 6 Wheel Brake...Although I don't think I'd end up with one in 7mm for Thatcham @Phil Parker
  4. This might be a question that has already been asked. But does anyone know where I could find a Brass kit of a RSH 14' 0-4-0ST in 7mm? Thank you in advance Tom
  5. Thank you all for your comments. I was looking at Road Runner Plus & Road runner compact as the two to use on the P1, I was thinking of putting lead in the boiler to give the loco pulling power! Thank you all for the suggestions, if there are more I'll happily listen, as we know the great thing about the hobby is to help and aid younger modelers such as myself. Cheers Tom
  6. Hello, I have been building a PDK LNER P1, an interesting build to say the least. I am about ready to get a gear box in, there's not a lot of space in the P1 and I'm keen to have the motor hidden up. Please is there any suggestions, I already have a Motor, which fits and can be hidden. Thank you Tom
  7. Evening everyone, Been a long time since I've updated you all on the project for these W&U tramway cars, so in the end I have painted them, fitted the couplings and I have got safety chains lined up for them both. I have chosen GE No.3, LNER No.60465 (4 wheeler) & GE No.8, LNER No.60461 ( 8 wheeler, seen in the Titfield Thunderbolt). The next major parts to fit onto the model is the seats, roof & Vents. I am looking into fitting figures into the coaches to bring them to life, I would like some more information however, I'd like some Air pipe work and some information if anyone else has the 7mm kit with the large AIR reservoir please let me know. Cheers Tom
  8. You know it's funny I was in my local model shop and I 'picked up a D&S kit complete and 'paid £15 for it, I will update how I'm getting on with the tramway car's soon.
  9. New website is really good, really easy to navigate around, looking forward to ordering from you soon, I did send an email. But as you've stated previously you're not getting them at the moment. Thanks
  10. Have been working on a PDK LNER P1 2-8-2 with the booster. 


    I am now currently waiting for wheels, I do have concerns with pickups as the break rodding is sitting in an awkward spot. But nothing that a bit of modification and experimentation won't do any harm





  11. It'll be worth the wait, it's a shame as a younger modeler looking at the former 4mm D&S kits and how much they're going for online has meant I'm glad 3D printing has become a way to get access to examples which D&S used to make in kit form. Thanks Tom
  12. Hi @woko, I've just found this blog, and I'm nothing short of amazed, glad to see wagons from various pre-grouping companies being modeled! I hope you don't mind but I have messaged you about a possible order for a number of GN & GE wagons I hope that is okay? Thank you Tom
  13. Hi, A bit late to the party, however does anyone have any photo's other than those in the Peter Tatlow LNER Wagons book of the LNER's 140ton Gunset? I am struggling to find any other than the official photo's the LNER took in 1938, as I have one being made in CAD for 3D printing. Thanks Tom
  14. Hello, I have another question for this page, so the kit comes with etched vents which go above the windows, looking at plenty of images, this has given me a few more questions. Is it worth using the etches, or should I pursue white metal or 3D printed equivalents? I have checked Shapeways, and sadly the only 3D printed versions have been in 4mm. If so, could anyone help me with that?
  15. A question for this page, I am rather confused about the placement of the Air/Vacuum tanks on the tramway cars, can anyone help me with this please?? Thanks Tom
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