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    My interests funny enough include:
    Railways - LNER (GE) M&GN

    My railway interest surrounds the LNER in 1930 - 1938, in East Anglia. So far I've worked on various projects listed below:

    1. Exhibition Layout Mile End Park
    2. W&RMRC Modular layout build - N&SBLR
    3. Locomotive Conversion projects
    4. WW2 German King Tiger Build
    5. Current Build: Isinglass 3D printed LNER Quint articulated set No. 106A

    Just to start off, my main project is the Mile End Park layout, this will be were most of my locomotives will operate

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  1. Probably quite right about that, I mostly post about them on the LNER Modellers page, but only when there's an update. Yes, it would be nice to know where they go, it'll be very nice to see if the drawings are updated slightly to incorporate the extras. I was sent these images quite recently, as Andy's working on the Dia 81 (Vehicle No.1) & 85 (Brake Vehicle No.5)
  2. Well thank you, I've looked at the drawings myself, as I wait for the kit to arrive, it refers to the brake actuating cylinders on coaches 1,3 & 5 and well they are not visible, so I won't be looking to model it. But the 4 Large Battery boxes are featured and I have got those in White metal ready to go on the model. But I've not inquired about it myself, do you follow him on Facebook?
  3. Norton Wood

    Oxford N7

    Hattons got a close up to the BR Late Crested N7 Must say it does look very smart indeed.
  4. While waiting for the LNER Quints from Isinglass to arrive, at least I've got some photo's to keep me interested and overall excited for this project 



  5. As I understand the LNER all overpainted brown was known as Scumbled teak, simply as they just painted them brown and it was to attempt at matching the LNER Gresley Teak stock
  6. @Hattons Dave Hi, with the Batch 2 GER coaches, are their thoughts about doing them in the LNER Scumbled Teak as you have for the current LNER versions? Thank you in advance.
  7. Honestly, this is an amazing project. It'll fill such a gap in the market. I'll be following this project with great interest!! Thanks Hattons
  8. Indeed, I should think photos will appear on Facebook or there website during the week.
  9. 3 of the painted samples are with Hattons now: Mallard - 4468 - 1938 Condition Bittern - 4464 - 2013 Condition Sir Nigel Gresley - 1950/2013 Condition?? - In BR Blue
  10. Well, here we go... Since the new-plan, and my re-hash to the whole project, I've been designing track plans and gathering materials. Baseboard: The track diagram presented in the photo's below, this shows how complicated piece this layout will be, this diagram excludes signaling as I would like to speak to someone in the know about LNER Suburban Signaling, so if anyone can help that would be marvelous. The boards are 4ft in length and just over 1ft wide. This is so the Bachman retaining wall pieces are a match and allow the board to fit in a tight space at home. The only things that are not shown in the photo below are; the double slip which will go in linking the two points on the LH side allow locos to run from P1, P2 or P3 onto the siding. Plus the road that'll come off the siding going towards the LH side of the layout. This will be a small stabling point for the loco's on the layout mainly, of course, the LNER N7 or J15, that'll end roughly where the track rubber sits in the photo. As you can see board 1 is the most complicated and is where I'm currently putting most of my focus into, the aim will be that before Christmas the track will be down and board prepped for electrical working. So I can have some locomotives running on there over the festive period. So far as you can see the track has been loosely laid and some trains have been set up to give an impression of what could be seen on the layout in the future. Modeling work: So far some small projects have been carried out on the layout, mainly in the form of the Signal box and retaining walls and tunnel mouth. Firstly with the retaining walls and tunnel mouth, these are the low relieve versions produced by Bachmann, sadly when you get them they are painted blue, but have no signs of cement in-between the brickwork. So I've taken a wash using Humbrol No. 30, washing the brickwork and then taking some kitchen cloth, and rubbing the excess off. Following this, I've then taken Military modeling powders and dirt washes to the walls with successful results. This has then been repeated to 11 more retaining walls and the tunnel mouth, allowing a limited result to be completed. As this was able to set off the old Mile End Park with the weathering and brickwork painting it'll allow this layout to look completely different. As for the Signal box, this has been a project that I've been able to complete in a week, the kit is from LCUT, who produce laser cut kits, producing a number of different signal box kits. I purchased the medium-sized kit, which gives you the choice in building an LH entrance or RH entrance to the signal box. I chose the LH entrance as the signal box needs to face towards the public, and have a view looking at everything going on. During the build, I wanted to add a bit of modeling interest, so I cut out one of the window frames out of the card. I thought I'd move it a little too the left so it appears that the signalman has moved it open a jar so he can get a bit of "Fresh air" not that it's fresh as it's London but still, it was fun to do. Finally I think it's turned out rather well, the plan is to put the LCUT interior kit into the box so the box has that little more detail. So with that said, I'll leave it there till part 2, I hope to have all the trackwork I need for the Board 1 and I aim to get it all together ready for Christmas.
  11. Norton Wood

    Oxford N7

    Oxford Rail has produced photo's of OR76N7004 the BR Late Crested painted sample, looks pretty good I must say. Still waiting on a round-topped LNER Lined N7, might get that out next year... I hope...
  12. You know, after you asked that I had wondered myself. As I can only remember No.9 carrying the Coat of Arms & her LNER Worksplate. But I did some digging and found these on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7526696540/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7526696774/in/photostream/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7264237554/ All the photos are from the same chap and as it's tag "60009 - Aberdeen Ferryhill c 1980" Hope that helps
  13. Indeed, I know they are using the BR A4 body for this, but I hope they have an LNER version where the front oil pot cover which seat's below the chimney is not visible as all A4's pre-WW2 didn't have that extra pot. But I trust them to know that, we modellers just worry too much sometimes.
  14. Hatton's just released on Facebook, official painted sample photo's of 4 of the A4's Mallard Silver Link Union of South Africa Sir Nigel Gresley
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