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    My interests funny enough include:
    Railways - LNER (GE) M&GN

    My railway interest surrounds the LNER in 1930 - 1938, in East Anglia. So far I've worked on various projects listed below:

    1. Exhibition Layout Mile End Park
    2. W&RMRC Modular layout build - N&SBLR
    3. Locomotive Conversion projects
    4. WW2 German King Tiger Build
    5. Current Build: Isinglass 3D printed LNER Quint articulated set No. 106A

    Just to start off, my main project is the Mile End Park layout, this will be were most of my locomotives will operate

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In addition to my modeling life, I also volunteer at the Whitwell & Reepham Railway in Norfolk, on the former M&GNJR line between Norwich & Melton Constable. 


The railway has 3 steam locomotives 

Andrew Barclay & sons  No.945 Annie - Awaiting a major overhaul.

Andrew Barclay & Sons No. 2199 Victory - Operational - Seen here - Photo by T.Crouch 2018. 

Robert Stevenson & Hawthorne No.7681 Agecroft No.3 - Currently undergoing a major overhaul.

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