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    My interests funny enough include:
    A focus on the LNER GE Suburban lines in 00 Gauge
    O Gauge Modelling focused on GE/M&GN Locomotives & rolling stock
    Military Modeling

    My railway interest surrounds the LNER in 1930 - 1938, with my OO Modeling, focused on the Great Eastern Suburban Lines and my O Gauge Modelling focused on the Light Railways in Norfolk on the Great Eastern Railway.

    Alongside my RM Web, Page is my YouTube Channel of the same name which you can find here:


    I do hope you enjoy the current videos ( As of 2020) They maybe a little short but plans are in the works to produce longer video's with the
    aim to challenge people and modelers to try new things and do how to video's of building kits in OO or O Gauge.

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  1. Example 1
    Toms LNER Workbench - Experiments in Teak and Lining

    Hallo Mick,


    Thanks for stopping by.


    Your Jubilee set looks very nice indeed.


    With regards to the cant rails being Nickel Silver - mine aren't. However, if they were, I'd most likely still paint them, as getting the cant rails to tie in with the lining would be problematic. If I was to leave them as bare metal, I would still mask them anyway, as scraping paint is too frought with danger for my liking - personal preferance of course.


    Let me explain my way of working which might reveal the madness behind the method.


    1. Prime the whole body and interior with Acid 8 Etch Primer
    2. Paint the insides of the coach. In this case, light green, teak or light blue. I do this first, as there is likely to be paint bleed from inside the coach to the exterior. By doing the outside later I am assured of a near flawless as possible exterior.
    3. Mask interior windows to protect the insides from overspray. I also attach the coach floors temporarily at this point to further prevent paint ingress.
    4. Spray on the chrome paint
    5. Spray a light protective coat of semi gloss varnish to protect the chrome
    6. Mask the chrome (the most time consuming bit)
    7. Spray the main body colour.
    8. Mask body sides only
    9. Spray the valances, and mask
    10. Spray the roof. No need to mask the ends as i just angle the coach whilst spraying
    11. Drybrush the raised detail with silver
    12. Paint other details.

    This way I can achieve a consistent finish, as I hope the following image of Coronation shows, all completed using the above method:





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