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  1. New website is really good, really easy to navigate around, looking forward to ordering from you soon, I did send an email. But as you've stated previously you're not getting them at the moment. Thanks
  2. Have been working on a PDK LNER P1 2-8-2 with the booster. 


    I am now currently waiting for wheels, I do have concerns with pickups as the break rodding is sitting in an awkward spot. But nothing that a bit of modification and experimentation won't do any harm





  3. It'll be worth the wait, it's a shame as a younger modeler looking at the former 4mm D&S kits and how much they're going for online has meant I'm glad 3D printing has become a way to get access to examples which D&S used to make in kit form. Thanks Tom
  4. Hi @woko, I've just found this blog, and I'm nothing short of amazed, glad to see wagons from various pre-grouping companies being modeled! I hope you don't mind but I have messaged you about a possible order for a number of GN & GE wagons I hope that is okay? Thank you Tom
  5. Hi, A bit late to the party, however does anyone have any photo's other than those in the Peter Tatlow LNER Wagons book of the LNER's 140ton Gunset? I am struggling to find any other than the official photo's the LNER took in 1938, as I have one being made in CAD for 3D printing. Thanks Tom
  6. Hello, I have another question for this page, so the kit comes with etched vents which go above the windows, looking at plenty of images, this has given me a few more questions. Is it worth using the etches, or should I pursue white metal or 3D printed equivalents? I have checked Shapeways, and sadly the only 3D printed versions have been in 4mm. If so, could anyone help me with that?
  7. A question for this page, I am rather confused about the placement of the Air/Vacuum tanks on the tramway cars, can anyone help me with this please?? Thanks Tom
  8. Almost finished with them, the vents on the sides, windows need to be fitted into the bogie coach and the brake wheels are all that remains in terms of physical kit parts. I'm looking to fit the GE Safety chains onto both coaches and somehow fit the Slaters Screw Link couplings...Some thinking to do me thinks. I think I've gotten the gates into the right place? Based on the drawing they should be in line with the buffers, judging by the placement I think they're right now. D&S was kind enough to send me a few extra's to help with the kit as I made a few mistakes bu
  9. Happy New Year to you all! My Christmas has been spent looking through my LNER GE theme and working out what I want to do with it, and it's safe to say I'm going to be keeping up with this for the long haul. However I took a long break from 4mm modelling as I shifted focus to my LNER GE 7mm modelling. I have reached a bit of a slump from that and have moved back to the 4mm. This has seen me looking to finish the LNER 52'6 Teaks, as I think I was getting fed up of talking about them and I think those who follow the blog would prefer that too! An
  10. To answer the question, I have currently 2 A4's in my possession both Kings Cross Locomotives in March - May 1938 Condition. Being 2510 QUICKSILVER ( From the 80th Anniversary Quartet) and 4489 DOMINION OF CANADA ( From the Great Goodbye Set) I have just bought a 3rd A4 4491 Commonwealth of Australia, with the intention to turn the Loco into her sister 4492 Dominion of New Zealand also a Kings Cross A4 as of March 1938. Interestingly the reason for the time is due to 2510 being sent for a general overhaul and re-painting into LNER Garter Blue, while 4489 was not fitted with
  11. Thank you, yes I am now resolving the gates, I thought they looked wrong, when I fitted them on. I'm now trying to get them in the right place. I'll update when completed.
  12. Thank you, she run's brilliantly! Had a little help from a few people who've mentored me on getting the loco running so smoothly. I've certainly not regretted it! I have felt a little low because it's no longer unique as an average joe who's not prepared to build kits. But that's why I've moved to the SJ & future the Coronation. I'm saddened that there are so little kits available and those that are. Sadly at my age it's very hard to find or get what you're looking for. Thanks Tom
  13. Thank you so much Tom, I'm a younger modeler (24) who between finishing my degree and sitting at home during lockdown 1,2 & 3, spent a bit of time watching you and other modelers learning how to work on brass kits. Sounds odd but my first brass kit was an LNER J68 in 7mm, I have attached a photograph, not quite as excellent as some people on here, but I am pleased with the result. Because of this I have also pulled myself up by the ankles to finish off the Gr King Streamlined P2 kit conversion fitting the working valve gear...Of course my luck that Hornby Announce a model of t
  14. A little update from me, My D&S kit arrived on Tuesday morning and while I've been stuck at home, I've taken the opportunity to crack on with the build, I have nearly completed the build of the 4 wheeled car and have just started on the larger Bogied vehicle. Some area's are not the tidiest soldering jobs I have ever done. But the Etch primer I use after clean up tends to cover up the small mistakes made. I'm taking a break from the build for now, but I am looking to start work on the bogies for the vehicle, being white metal only my only concern is it's durabilit
  15. There website was having a few issues at the time, the kit is readily available! Yes, I have been working out with a friend the process to build this set of coaches, the loco builder on You Tube who is also on RM Web who has an excellent process in which to build these coaches and I'll be looking to follow the same process. Luckily for me, I've been working on brass kits for a while now so we shall see how it goes. Slow and Steady. Thank you Tom
  16. Hello Can I ask what are the colours reference numbers that you used for the Silver Jubilee, a friend of mine is working on the Wizard Models kit in a similar fashion to how you built your set, and is struggling with the paint matching. Thank you Tom C
  17. I built a LNER Streamlined P2 (2003 Lord President) from a Gr King Resin kit, very happy with it, this is an older photo as the return crank is now fitted. But I am also happy to see this being produced, so I will probably find myself owning 2 Streamlined P2's of the same name. Unless I changed the name I look forward to seeing more progress with this throughout the year, expected next year too! Will be worth the wait
  18. That is a great shame regarding Mikes health, in the last 12 months I had a go at my first Brass kit in 7mm and following that in 4mm. I found a lot of modelling had become open to me. Today I spent a lot of time looking through and weighing up the cost of building one of the MARC Models Silver Jubilee Sets. Even to the extent of phoning tomorrow and ask regarding the quality as in the BRM issue of 2012 the kit showed no beading and I wanted to know if this was present on the current kit. From personal experience, this disease is cruel! So, unfortunately I will have t
  19. Hi David, Thank you very much, it'll be the game to find the correct type of wheels to do that. If I can find such wheels?
  20. Hi David, What is the size for these wheels? As I've just ordered the W&U Tramway coaches in 7mm and I completely forgot to ask what wheels it requires. However do the instructions which D&S have do they note the required wheels? Thanks Tom
  21. I feel as though, I am beginning to sound like a repeating record! Today my GER 4 Wheelers received there final details, so the kits from Eveleigh Creations sadly do not come with, axle boxes, leaf springs, top lights or buffer stocks. However you are directed to go to Shapeways who are an online group of modelers who produce and sell for very good prices things that modelers specifically need. In this case there is a A,B & C Pack of GE Coach fittings, I decided to get all three sets, although you can see the picture of them when you buy I thought it would be worth
  22. Afternoon, Fortunately I have been able to sit down and finish off these GER 4 Wheelers, a mistake on my part meant that I had to request for an extra fret of foot boards for the all 3rd however thanks to @David Eveleigh they arrived this afternoon and I was able to get them onto the kit with ease. Another addition I found in the kits was this "TO THE TRAINS" sign which was among the frets. Was a really nice surprise so I thought I'd quickly get this painted and look to find a place for it to go on Mile End Park in the future. All that remains is to wait for the Shape
  23. Apologies for the lack of updates, I've been dabbling back into my O Gauge modelling, finishing off a few things and looking for some GER 4/6 Wheeled coaches for my planned layout. Sadly it seems there are no or very little kits available bar the shapeways equivalents. But if anyone can help that would be marvelous. Anyway, speaking of 4/6 Wheelers, while I was on the hunt for some during Lockdown No.1 I found a company called eveleigh creations, David produces Great Eastern 4 & 6 Wheeled coaches, along with the Wisbeach & Upwell tramway cars. So for those modelers looking
  24. The 3 kits I ordered have arrived safely, I've enjoyed the challenge which is building the third brake. Amazing just how small it looks when you put it on a layout with RTR former GE loco's. The J15 & J70 seem to fit well with them. Now I need to find a suitable formation for the layout. Thanks Tom
  25. Hi, This might be a little late, however I am told that these Slaters coach kits are a good enough base to replace with other body sides? I am looking to do GER 4 or 6 Wheelers and I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? Thank you
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