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  1. Kernow O2 Please excuse me if this post is slightly off-topic, but a group of LSWR modellers seemed just the place to ask; I model the LSWR in eatly Grouping days, and wondered if any of your ardent pre-grouping LSWR modellers had bought a Kernow O2 in 'Southern' livery, and were now thinking of disposing of it? If so, could you please send me a private message (PM)? I apoear to have missed-out on this version. Many Thanks, Andrew
  2. Apart from eBay, which is sanctioned and not available here....
  3. Dear All, Does anyone know where I can obtain a Beattie Well Tank with square splashes? Another model I have missed-out on. Kindest, Andrew
  4. Does anyone know where I can obtain a Kernow/DJ O2 in maunsell green livery, please? I seem to have missed-out on these. Kindest, Andrew
  5. Dear All, I have a large number of Pressfix 4mm BR Steam Loco transfers, together with some Wagon and Carriage. I would be very happy to swap for Grouping or Pre-Grouping transfers, in 4mm scale. Please reply by Personal Message (PM). 20 x Pressfix No.14 BR Steam era loco and Coach Insignia 2 x Pressfix No.23 BR Coach Lining 1 x Pressfix No.25 BR Revenue Wagon, pre-Tops (Codes) 2 x Pressfix No.26 BR Revenue Wagon, pre-Tops (Instructions) 2 x Pressfix No.23 BR Mixed Traffic Lining 2 x Pressfix Red Lining Sheets Regards, Andrew
  6. Dear All, 1. Does anyone have a 4mm scale Ian Kirk North British Railway Brake Van kit they would like to sell? 2. Does amyone know of other NBR Brake Van kits out there? Kind Regards, Andrew Emery
  7. Well done, tovarish. T.W. and Wilson would be proud.
  8. Many thanks to everyone who responded to my request for assistance. Problem solved, I hope. с новым годом, из России Kindest, Andrew
  9. Dear All, Can anyone advise me please, who can supply North Eastern Railway Ramsbottom Safety Valves and NER loco chimneys in 4mm scale? Any assistance gratefully appreciated. Kindest, Andrew Emery Russian Federation
  10. Dear All, Last year I gave away two unbuilt Slaters NER Birdcage Brakes in 4mm scale, and now regret it deeply. Does anyone have any they can sell me please? Kindest, Andrew Emery
  11. Just to mention, I am the latest victim of this man Paul Dunn's ongoing scam. He took money from me for models he admits he neither has nor can produce, and will not refund it. I have spoken to him in person, and he is quite blatent. His phone number is 01823 461961.
  12. Thank you for the information, Gentlemen. A sad state of affairs. Andrew
  13. Dear All, I am reluctantly forced to commence a civil action for recovery of monies from Cooper-Craft of Taunton. Here is not the place to discuss details, but I would invite anyone who needs to join me in a similar action to contact myself directly at [email protected] Again, an open forum is no place for us to discuss, so please do not post. The invitation is for private emails only. Regards, Andrew Emery
  14. ...and that's the last I heard. So, if anyone else has any Roco HOe Mariazellerbahn Electric locos for sale, please let me know. Thanks.
  15. It was an old NER tradition originating from the 1904 stock, requiring the driver to drive standing-uo, for vigilance.
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