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    member of PFMRS
    Would like to model in 0 gauge but has been deterred by 'price', currently considering card modelling 'in order to get my hands dirty'

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  1. Hi Mike, re your fine collection of models and the planned house move... have you already prepared special packaging for the move? I imagine that you’ve already order a supply of stickers demanding ‘Handle with care’ .... regards Andy
  2. Would a modified scrawker blade help with the 45 degree cut? Regular blades cut a trench with two 90 degree corners... would the ‘cut’ still work if you file /grind one of the corners to 45 degrees, you might need to start with a thicker blade.... regards Andy
  3. "Pretty much the last job to do " isn't this phrase listed in the top 5 phrases never to be uttered by a railway model ? Stunning layout, I've enjoyed watching this develop these past months ( during which time I've only managed some to sketch some 'planning doodles' ....) I'm looking forward to seeing this at Padiham. Andy
  4. until
    A rather 'late in the day' announcement (tardiness on my part - not the club's) ... Details of our annual exhibition : Park High School, Venables ave, Colne Lancs. satnav – BB8 7DP 16th Nov - Saturday 10.00 – 5.00pm 17th Nov - Sunday 10.00 – 4.00pm Confirmed layouts and traders are: Ecclesford Junction - the Society’s own modern image layout set in the North West featuring a wide range of motive power and numerous operating lineside animations Cascade Yard – HO Small American yard dealing with rail cars and a small amount of freight. Obervaz – Hom This is a fictitious layout based on the Rhatische Bahn,the largest narrow gauge railway operator in Switzerland Ribbleton Moor – 00 The layout is based on Settle Carlisle area with a small goods yard. Aventaclu – HO the layout is totally fictitious somewhere in Switzerland. Winter Village – N the layout represents a small village in winter. Hintertupfing – N the layout is a fictitious Austrian diesel branch line set in the Tyrol. Freight is timber and timber products. Heatherley – N the layout is fictitious. There is a town at one end and farmland at the other. Ragcliffside Junction – 00 the layout started as an end to end as it linked the fictitious towns of Ragcliffside and Rigbywilliam and was converted to a continuous run. Traders: - R L Models, Model Roads and Tramways, Tod Tools, Locoshed, Powerbond Adhesives. The Model Train Centre
  5. I read somewhere that you can't make the toilet block from madras containers.... you have to order .... a tindaloo!
  6. that looks very convincing, looking forward to seeing the finished item ... Andy
  7. door threshold strip, brilliant - I haven't seen this method before. The platform looks very impressive. Andy
  8. pointless traverser.pdf If it's just a fiddle yard - would a 'pointless' fiddle yard be of interest ? The attached PDF is intended to show a sliding board that replaces 5 off points - a pair of these boards would be required per fiddle yard. The stub on the left being the scenic section, the green section being part of the fiddle yard. Some of the earlier images in this post have stub sidings - OK, just add straight track to the sliding board as required. Interlacing the 5 off curved tracks will reduce the required travel - no point blades would be required - just 'frogs' for the crossings. Wiring becomes 'more interesting' with the interlacing .... regards Andy
  9. until

    More details for THIS WEEKEND'S SHOW Layouts: 00 : Ecclesford 00 : Weydon Priours 00 : Thomas, kiddies layout 0 : Boiler Road N : Haslingden 009 : Wheatstone bridge Trader: Todmorden tools Prices: Adults £3 OAP £2.50 Children £2 2 + 2 family £8
  10. Hi, How much of the open wagon is made from card ? Do you have any 'build' photos to share ? regards Andy
  11. this is shaping up very nicely ... As the car is too long - have you considered cutting it in 'half' and displaying the two ends coupled together to portray two cars - some additional trimming of the car will be required so that they align with the diorama edges and some trickery can be used to support to open ends given that the bogies are now in the centre. regards Andy
  12. a wonderful piece of story telling, well done. Merry Christmas Andy
  13. ​We had 'parked' all thoughts of the tramway while preparing for the show. We do need to trams running in both directions on one side of one passing loop though as this was 'working practice' in Trawden. 'Booking hall' managed to find an image of Burnley's (my home town!) tramway under construction - a pair of standard points (I'm in trouble now) with two moving blades had been assembled and were in the process of being 'cobbled' Anyway ... There might be another 'thread' for this discussion though - apologies to 45669 for the 'hijack'. Andy
  14. Only a small amount of progress made during the past weeks ... The 'old' mock-up can be seen on the left and the current mock-up (final version?) can be seen on the right. The paper template between the two structures is just for positioning. Placing the embankment parallel to the back edge and not modelling the rear slope of the embankment hasn't provided the amount of space I was expecting... The silver base is 190mm x 190 to ensure that I don't fail the size restrictions (again). I've opted to model the embankment in two halves in order that the stone work under the bridge can be worked on at the same time as the wings. Still intending to use scribed DAS. Paint pots galore in the background, I've been playing with a sample of scribed DAS - my efforts in the paint-mixing-department do tend to produce BROWNs, ggrrr. There is a void under the track bed, I'm beginning to think that there should be some 'nonsense' in there to add interest to the project, will have to discuss this with my advisers (aged 9 and 11). Andy
  15. Hi, I'm a member of PFMRS in Brierfield Lancs, we're current building a new layout based on Trawden in 1925/1930 - the tramway will be included along with a fictional railway (plans approved in parliament but never constructed). We've modelled a number of passing loops with Y points using two moving blades ... Crich depot appears to have a Y point near the depot gates, does any one have some good photos of the Y point that can be shared in this thread or via PM ? I'm hoping that no one is going to tell me that we've modelled a non-existent point (Y point with two moving blades), no, that was poorly phrased ... I'm hoping that someone will provide photos of a real Y point with two moving blades.... thanks in advance. Andy
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