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  1. My copy has just popped through the letterbox!
  2. A simple drawing to L-Cut in Bridgenorth {they have a web site) and they will give you a reasonable price. Just a satisfied customer.
  3. So sorry to read you have had to give up the layout. Hope things go better heath-wise in the future. Dave
  4. Re facemasks, what are bank robbers wearing these days?
  5. davegreenly


    Just received a set of 0 Gauge wheels from Slaters within two or three days of ordering. Very satisfied.
  6. It;s a square box with embossed brickwork on it. You could make one for less than a fiver!
  7. Oh! John would have made So Much of his obituary being next to that of a peer of the realm!
  8. I'm in a quandry! Not only is the the local Smiffs where I have a reserved copy "temporarily closed", but the children have placed a ban on me going out to search other outlets.
  9. Amazon currently have packs of 15 different size o rings for less than £7. I;m sure manufacturers would use standard sizes so you would be unlucky if none fitted.
  10. 271 still on smiffs shelf in North Wales
  11. A really good posting, Iain. Says everything most of us feel about Roy's passing
  12. Is the bridge under the main line the infamous one that the WM &CQ locos were too tall to pass under?
  13. Agree with the view that this is a very good issue especially Geoff Kent's contribution - Smiffs told me MRJ was in on Thursday, so timings getting better too!
  14. As mentioned previously, it is the front of the (Duttons type) rotating point ind icator that we were needing a photo of. In particular details of the shape of the front plate and it's colour. Afraid my knowledge of computing is insufficient to let me post a copy of the photo I have - I've only recently mastered the fountain pen! Thanks for all your efforts Dave
  15. Thanks again. I'm currently looking for Vol1 of Cec Green's book which I know was in the railway room, however.........! If it is the common photo it will be the rear of the signal though. The older point indicator type is the one we want. A large O Gauge layout is in need of about half a dozen in 7mm! I'll resume my search! Dave
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