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  1. Hmmm, I see a CSX SD40-2 in the blue/gray/yellow nose scheme, nothing is invisible to me. The shocking thing to me, at least, is the price.
  2. I have a similar one by Lionel (three-rail), it is plastic.
  3. Substitute USPS for me, I have only had one problem with them in many years of usage; my preferred carrier.
  4. Nice work. The KD(?) couplers surprised me as I would have thought that buffers and links would have been used; especially on a "low-budget" operation such as a quarry.
  5. I want to comment here, the seller listed them at 1 pound for the four; the final price is the responsibility of the bidders and their desire to own the item. Just my thoughts.
  6. I read that as 1.5 square feet!
  7. I can only speak about the USPS and state that their service is so far above UPS or FedEx; DHL is not even on my radar, it is so low.
  8. I just saw a reference to this portion of this older thread and made me think "Hmmm, with this O scale motor, I will definitely super stout bracing; it weighs a little over thirteen pounds.":
  9. And the "missing box" is now $400.00!
  10. It is dark out now so I will not even see it.
  11. As of a few minutes ago, there were on ebay: rare = 5,998,330 antique = 10,804,346 vintage = 27,969,134 and 177,231 items that used all three words in the title. Factor in the description and the totals change, drastically: rare = 35,651,167 antique = 18,244,565 vintage = 44,798.563 and 1,004,3921 items that used all three words in the title and description,
  12. Now the price has been upped to $17,000!!!!!!!
  13. I edited it to show that they are US O scale 1/48.
  14. Whatever this seller is drinking, I want to stay far, very far, away from it: These retail for about $150.00 or less! And the missing box They were first listed at $11,000 then upped to $12,000! Edit: These are US O scale 1/48.
  15. I did so as I feel that this is a family (quite large ) that has accepted me as a distant relation so this was a way to say thank you. Note that I have never been to and probably never will get to England (the closest was 35,000 feet over the south of France in a TWA 747 headed east to NYC from Rome) as I have no passport and no real plans to get one. With the exception of Canada, all of my foreign travels/visits were in the Navy. Edit: The Rome NYC trip was on Navy transfer orders. BTW, the 747 was far more comfortable than the C-130 Hercules I was on earlier!
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