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  1. Do not forget Walthers and maybe All Nation for older built-up kits, both made shorter 60' cars which would fit in quite well. There are usually quite a few on ebay.
  2. Here is the Corliss plate that it was purchased in an antique shop somewhere near Savannah, GA. Oddly, there are no numbers on it, there must have been another data plate: Note that it was right where I thought it was in one of my sheds, under that window:
  3. Somewhere I have a builders plate from a Corliss.
  4. And here I thought that MTH's DCS control system was finicky!
  5. EDIT: Note all below are US O scale 1/48. Some of the BEST stuff is on the used market; for example, this 13+ pound* Fairbanks Morse H16-44: With its large wound-field motor somewhat visible in the cab (should be replaced with a can), ... ... and its 8-wheel drive and relatively low gearing, it should be able to pull the plumbing right out of the station: The problem with most modern locomotives is (to me) all the electronic carp that is stuffed in them. It will not last like the old stuff; a lot of postwar Lionel still runs after fift
  6. My soil is almost as hard as concrete. When I had to dig a hole to bury my previous cat, I could not make much of an indentation until I soaked it for about 24 hours; even that did not help too much though I no longer needed the blasting powder! I suspect that it would fire quite well; now, just what color glaze do I want. Maybe I could make some of my own insulators!
  7. Not a problem here, nor was it a problem where I lived in south Florida. Just to warm things up a bit, my front yard there:
  8. I only unwrapped a few cars and then re-wrapped them. Maybe later this weekend, I will attempt to post a few photos. All were two-rail except one Atlas/Roco that was stock three-rail. A friend will get that car. Hmmm, where have I heard that before?
  9. Today was a eventful one; I had to attend a funeral of a church member and when I got home, there was a massive pile of boxes on my front porch: 1. A James Clavell novel Gai-Jin 2. An O scale MTH Geigy Chemical tanker to be two-railed 3. A K-Line three-pack of HOOKERS; three-dome tankers plus a work cabin car 4. Two very large boxes that contain (in total) thirty O scale freight cars Tomorrow will seem like Christmas day as I will open those two boxes. And having said that, goodnight to all.
  10. Yes sir, 1972-73. Two (of many but the only scanned ones) of my photos from there: I do not recall many RAF birds on our side; I guess that you were on the Greek side? One that I do remember was a Vulcan that did a one-plane air show when it departed.
  11. That reminds me of when I was stationed at the NAD Souda Bay, Crete in the ground support shop. We ordered some unremembered small part and got a prop feathering switch for a P-3C Orion. Supply did not want it back initially but it eventually made it way back. Darn, I thought that it would have looked kind of neat on a model railroad control panel!
  12. That explains the price difference.
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