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  1. Lionel in three-rail does have an O gauge giraffe car, it may even have smoke and sound although I do not know where the smoke exits the car.
  2. You should see mine; er, on second thought ..............................................
  3. Another view at the same location: And a view of the extremely colorful power at a different crossing: The track photos are at a crossing about a mile or so beyond this one.
  4. Some track on the Wiregrass Central in southeast Alabama:
  5. True, I have a combine that is lettered differently on each side; "CLUB" on one and "PARLOR" on the other. Note that I have no plans on changing anything, for the same reason that you have!
  6. A lot of the buildings here in the south are that way so that one would be quite prototypical. So you really do not have that much work to do!
  7. I have always liked the Alligators. What scale is yours?
  8. I am guessing that there is/are intermediate gear(s) between the driven axle and the second axle? Quote: "This project hasn't yet got any prototype to base it on or any vague inspiration let alone a chosen name, for now its just a matter of getting it running then i can think about what its going to be." Was it common (or not?) for an industry/mine/whatever i the UK to homebuild a loco out of scrounged parts? It was here especially among loggers; some really neat "devices" were produced. Note that some did not resemble anything conventional!! But they did the job that they were designed (using the term loosely) for. Use you imagination here, let it run wild.
  9. Hmmm, I caught that too (the drain cocks) but then wondered if British Diesels were built differently from US Diesels??? Anyway, I note that the depressed-center flat is riding on US arch-bar trucks! NB: I just read this for the first time today and I like it.
  10. I think that train was a special excursion/fan trip. Those cars have been out of regular service for many years. Still, it is nice to see a public agency with a sense of its own history; the TA in New York does also.
  11. Amount of heat required? Try assembling a Kemtron ALCo RS-3.
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