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  1. True but the folk over on the OGR forum are consistently asking about ways to silence as they consider it quite a noise generator. Me, I like the sound of the metal wheels on the metal rails. Hey, real trains are definitely NOT quiet.
  2. A hooker? How about two: Edit: I have around twenty or so HOOKER tankers, quite a few have been two-railed. These are the only ones photographed, though.
  3. Far better than mine; at least yours is readable!
  4. I see an Edison(?) cylinder machine and is that a Harmonium in the right corner? Nice, I am on my way over! Does the boater really fit you, BTW?
  5. Hidden in those trees is a bridge now part of a rails-to-trails system: Also there:
  6. I will add one, but not from the UK; an ALCo RSD5/7: And note that the over-size couplers are called "lobster claws"! Another view: That device with the hanging ropes is a low-clearance warning (tell-tale) for anyone on top of the car, a hold-over from many years ago. Here is a prototype in Damascus, Virginia:
  7. 250 pounds of what? I can think of some "product" that just might be suitable.
  8. Hmmm, I just can not get used to those pizza-cutter flanges; especially from overseas!
  9. I am quite sure that this H16-44 will pull the plumbing right out of the station; it weighs in at somewhat over thirteen pounds! it is what some call a "doorstop"; I prefer "bridge bender"! Edit: It would just pull the whole station!!
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