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  1. The Indiana Harbor Belt's 0-8-0s had a booster on the leadtwo-axle tender truck. They were some of largest 0-8-0s built. AHM offered them in O and HO. I had the O kit put together but lacked the drive kit. It could be assembled as a stationary model or a powered one; the motorizing kit cost almost as much as the locomotive kit and are very hard to find now.
  2. Darn, those rods are skimpy. And that tiny trailing truck. Let's put that alongside a NYC Niagara for comparison to a real 4-8-4!
  3. On2½ or On3? I ask as I would get one in On2½ if it were available at a reasonable price (no brass imports!). I have a Bachmann railbus and trailer but it looks more like a trolley body rather than a bus body. From Bachmann's catalog:
  4. When I visited Colorado, my friend and I rode the Florence & Cripple Creek and the one that traverses a curved trestle Just remembered the name: Georgetown Loop.
  5. Another is the narrow-gauge Galloping Goose on one of the Colorado lines and the Skunk in California. Sorry if these were mentioned before but I did not see them; casual, quick reading maybe.
  6. Actually, I would want to use a spike maul.
  7. They were active in Florida, also. A visit to St Augustine will show quite a bit of that heritage. EDIT: And in Pensacola. The state capital (Tallahassee) was supposedly located by having a rider go east from Pensacola and a rider go west from St Augustine; where they met was approximately halfway between the two places so that was the capital's location. I find that difficult to believe; if there were no real trails, how could they have met?
  8. Hmmm, that looks like the initial flash of a hydrogen bomb!
  9. Whatever you put in that chili last night, whew!
  10. Not knowing what the prototype is, I would say that the model is quite nice just as it is. Been there, done that, and been, usually, quite satisfied with the outcomes. Saving a few pounds/dollars is always nice. Some years back, I asked a friend coming over from the UK to visit to bring an OO water tower kit (Metcalfe, I believe, but please do not quote me! ) so I could blow it up to O scale. Square tanks on brick buildings were unusual over here, the vast majority were round and on stilts or some kind of structural work. The round tank is a better design structurally I would think. I have not done it yet.
  11. Keep them separate so the they do not break or damage one another? I once bought (well, Dad did for me) some, for what*, I do not remember, and they were individually wrapped. This was many years ago, btw. *EDIT: I just remembered after posting that we, a friend and I, were going to use them to activate an old arc street light. I have no memory of the results, though. I suspect that nothing bad happened; that I would have remembered.
  12. Thanks! And I have not had lunch yet.
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