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  1. This post is about the final board for Lofthouse which had been put to one side for long enough and so I have decided to sort it out. The adjacent board was not retained meaning that the remaining two boards did not match up. This meant that the riverbed, the trackbed and the contours of the scenery were all at odds. How best then to rectify this problem? To tackle the river part first I decided to lower board #1 by cutting 25mm from the base of the framework all round, much as I had done with the other boards. This brought things into line vertically and meant that I had very little left to excavate from the river bank. To bring the ends of each board into line I built up plywood formers to match with the neighbouring board #2. These formed the outline of the new embankment and the raised level of the field beyond the track. A space was left for the permanent way. The existing fence and occupation crossing were put aside for later. When I broke up the missing ‘barn’ board I extracted and retained the trackbed. You can see the track still mounted on its trimmed board here in the third photo (yes the jigsaw again!) It was clear that matching up the existing sleepers and rails would be quite a task so why not re-use them. So I next placed the cut out trackbed directly onto board #1 and simply screwed and glued it down. This created a new trackbed at just about the correct height. The next step was to rebuild the scenery around this structure. Here I used up some old newspaper and plaster found in the workshop as the area involved was quite small. Next I used some old scenic mat and bushes collected from the other discarded boards to match up the vegetation across the two boards. The crossing, gates and fencing have now been re-located. The embankments have their first covering of grass whilst the farm track has been surfaced in a layer of fine sand and some additional stones are setting in the river bed. This still needs more work to be convincing! The rose bay willow herb clump seen here was salvaged from the original layout. This photo reveals that I’ve still got quite a lot left to do…............fix the engineers dowel and overclip, connect up the track bus, realign and trim the last few inches of rail, tidy up the ballast, add crossing boards, detail the surface of the farm track and plant some trees. Static grass cover is also needed for the fields - the old cover is now thirty years old - but I’ll do this when I can work along the whole of the layout. More to come soon. Bob
  2. Latest position with DCC having taken over control. A converted Dapol 3F Jinty and an Ixion Fowler LMS2 are the first two locos seen at work. Lighting and electromagnetic uncouplers are installed, with a few bits of track snagging to do (taped) then we're up and running. Bob
  3. Not sure I like the Cab 06 design and isn't it more limited than the powercab unit? Guess the price is good though. Younger colleagues keep telling be JMRI with ipad is the way to go. Bob
  4. Which brand/model of slave Cab are you using?
  5. I have recently begun the process of changing over from DC to DCC. I now have a Power Cab for my 7mm layout which works fine. I am at present running one engine in steam then recalling my other fitted loco when needed. More loco conversions will follow. However I would like to have a second loco under control (I don't mean consisting) when I have a second operator. The 5amp power booster sounds good but at present I don't need a lot of power as everything but my track bus happily runs on existing DC power supplies (lighting, points, Megapoints.....) I was wondering about the next step regarding throttles? Is NCE the obvious choice or are there alternative but compatible options? Bob
  6. Some further progress on this refurb.... Points given new servo motors and mounts Track bus and new DC wiring installed Control panel built for front of layout
  7. Some progress on this refurb.... Firstly the two end fiddle yards were removed Next the trestle bridge and quarry incline were sold on This left eight boards remaining (see plan below) these were reduced still further leaving the five boards shown above these were than trimmed of their legs, excess wood ,old electrics and manual point operations This led to the situation below (final board needs work to develop a 'curved' exit track
  8. Yep Scott this is our Club site. The layout was before my time and there's no magazine in our records. Bob
  9. Hi folks I have recently saved an old award-winning layout (Lofthouse in Nidderdale) from the skip and I am told it was featured in an early BRM mag in the 1990s. Two questions does anyone know what month/year it featured? Anyone able to do me a scan (paper/file) of the article? Happy to reimburse expenses, etc. Photos added to perhaps jog a memory Thanks in advance, Bob attached to jog a memory.....
  10. All you say is correct t-b-g However the modelled stock does not come with the layout and my existing locos are very much LMS, plus a nod to LNER. I'll bring the layout home soon and get it working again and then see what's what. Rule 1 looming? As for a signal box, it had half a dozen levers set up en plein air, literally on the platform. Heres the railmotor in real and model form. No 15 Hill (seen at Lofthouse) was an articulated steam railmotor manufactured by Kerr Stuart of Stoke-on-Trent for the GWR in 1905. It was bought by Bradford Corporation for the NVLR in 1921, but was not immediately successful on the Nidd Valley. With the engine pushing, it had trouble ascending the grades between Pateley Bridge and Lofthouse and had to be sent to the triangle at Starbeck, near Harrogate on the North Eastern for turning, so as to put more weight on the driven wheels of the engine. Bob Rod - Yes I've been watching Howard's progress on GOG. (sounds like a religious allogory )
  11. This is a new venture, but one which is very similar to my other layout Kirtley Bridge It is LMS, in the Dales, steam and set in the years running up to WWII. It is an old exhibition layout I have bought from my Club to basically rescue it from the skip. I hope to refurbish the station section of this once award-winning layout, though it is now 30 years old and not in the best of health. Here are a couple of shots of the layout seen in happier times. (firstly the whole thing and then part I hope to work on)
  12. Here's my last photo for a while It shows Kirtley Bridge at the Kendal Show. I am busy with other things now but hope to begin refurbishing an old Club layout soon (bought to keep it out of the skip). Not sure I can do it justice as it was an award winner in its day. But the poor thing is now over 30 years old. Watch out for new topic "Lofthouse-in-Nidderdale"....... Bob
  13. Sadly no. Busy times. Next outing will be York, at Easter. Bob
  14. Locos look really good Chris and the photos too The trackwork is also very convincing, sleepers set well in ballast, nicely chaired, rails well painted and fishplates in place (or is it plaice on fishplates?)
  15. Should have said hello and come 'back stage'. Glad your girls spotted the important stuff . Below is another rather less appropriatre one for them......
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