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  1. Yes I'm aware - the one I'm doing is in 7mm scale. And yep.....I had forgotten Barclay is modelling in 4mm scale. Clearly the grey cells aren't getting any better.....
  2. Your model of the F class is gorgeous (as all your locos are). This might be a little far in the future for you, or you might be looking to scratch, but I've done/doing some etches for an Old Class i. I'm currently playing around with 3D printing the castings straight onto sprues (in a castable resin) ready to be cast in brass. This afternoon I have been playing with some parts I printed for working inside motion for it, although this is proving to be a very tight squeeze.... So a long way from being ready for anyone other than me currently, but they might be useful for you at some point
  3. My questions keep (slowly) trickling in for the i-Class. Does anybody have any information or photos which sheds light on what kind of firebox doors they'd have had? Round, square sliding, hinged etc. Just by way of a disclaimer her, it should be noted that I keep emailing Statfold Barn who I believe hold the Manning Wardle drawings now, but so far I've had no response. Ta very muchly :-)
  4. Not sure if this is any use? It might be a bit too basic...
  5. This build has been glacially slow, but 3 years almost to the day since starting this kit (way back on page 9), Bamburgh is finally done. Ish. I think the painting and weathering is as good as I'm realistically able to do; she's depicted towards the end of her days in a somewhat unloved state, in contrast to most of her time on the Norther Sunderland railway where she was actually very well looked after. The loco runs - not perfectly though, mostly due to me bending a coupling rod (page 10) from which it never properly recovered. One day I shall scratch build another, but at the moment I don'
  6. Progress has been a little slow recently.... not really anything to report on the inside motion, other than it doesn't look likely the tough resin will be up to the job of moving parts. It's strong enough for most parts, but the thin eccentric rods, which are only a millimetre or so thick, are still a bit too flexible. In the mean time, I have been teaching myself how to use Blender. This is another 3D modelling program, which I think a lot of gaming, jewellery and 'minis' creators use as it's really good for sculpting. I'm currently putting sprues together for the castings, which
  7. Very nice indeed! Would love to know what those techniques are so I can magpie them! John
  8. OK, I promise I won't share every bit of the loco I weather, but I thought I'd share a small moment of joy this evening. Lets say I'm still developing my artistic eye - the only other loco I painted was the first one in this thread, the Hudswell Clarke canal tank. Parts of the weathering looked OK, and other parts looked awful. I was happy enough for a first attempt, but the aim for Bamburgh was to step it up a level or two. Over the last few weeks, I have been playing around with different ways of getting the effects I'm after - nothing new and innovative, but I just haven't done
  9. Nope...... my bid wasn't high enough. Shame really, because even the final selling price was quite reasonable
  10. Oooo......now then..... Edit: You weren't wrong about needing to be quick. When I clicked on the link there were 9 seconds left
  11. Had a session grubby-ing up the cab yesterday evening. Rather cruel closeups......whilst I don't claim to be any kind of whizz with a brush, it doesn't look quite as rough in reality!!
  12. These look brilliant Phil! I nearly bought one of these loco kits from Mercian a couple of years ago, and decided against it in the end as I didn't/don't feel I have the necessarily skills to either make them half decent. It would have sat around in a cupboard for a few years. Now your builds have got me thinking again!
  13. Dave, absolutely love all the locos and layouts you produce. Right up my street. Out of interest, how do you go about weathering your locos? Weathering powders? Air brush? Dry brush? Or all of the above?!
  14. An outstanding example of scratch building. Beautiful work.
  15. Finally the lining is done, wheels have been repainted green and the whole thing has had a coat of varnish. I ummed and arrred as to whether to varnish or not......I did various test sprays before deciding whether to give a coat to the model or not, as I found it quite difficult to get a good finish with the gloss varnish. Eventually settled on a good ratio of varnish to thinners, though next time I'll just use a gloss paint to start with. To be honest, I think a lot of the shine will be dulled down with some light weathering anyway, but I reckoned that out of the paint shop it would have been
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