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  1. I scratch built the shed and coal gantry many years ago in N Gauge, but that was pre-digital photos.....I'll see if I can dig out some old 'proper' photos later. I had a look to see if there were any suitable kits around at the time, but didn't find any then - however we are talking 25 years ago now!
  2. I bought a copy of The Chronicles of Boulton's Sidings a few months ago. Spoilt for choice for victorian locos in there!
  3. That's looking like a really nice model! I'm currently (paused at the moment) building an L class, and am part way through designing some etches for an old i-class. Love a good Manning Wardle!
  4. Adam, I've just been catching up with this thread - your models are superb! I've still got my L plates on when it comes to the CAD element of this at the moment, but I'm making progress. I intend (alright....been intending for a while without actually doing anything about it) to print parts for my 7mm scale models and then cast them into brass or bronze. The Mars Pro is on my shopping list, but I didn't think this was available (in the UK at least) yet? Can I ask where you got yours from? John
  5. Looking good Tim! I built my first brass loco about 3 years ago. I made loads of mistakes and as you say, learning how to rectify them is part of the fun :-)
  6. Impressive! I've been on the verge of pressing the "Buy Now" button for a Mars for a little while now, but it has been put on the back burner due to a house move. Having got settled in, I'll soon be ready to go again. I'm looking at producing castable masters for small parts on small industrial locos at 7mm scale. Would you mind me asking what diameter the pulley wheels are? 3mm or so?
  7. Haha! Clearly our minds work in similar ways :-) Although I was thinking more along the lines of a large, well insulated cabin with a windows and power. There must be at lease 3 or 4 meters between the end of the garage and the end of the garden!
  8. If there was an award for the best travelled loco before it's even been finished Bamburgh would win it by a mile. Having been conceived in Brunei, brought back to the UK last summer, spent time at my parents house, and more recently in our rented house, Bamburgh is now on the move again. We have finally completed on buying a place which we are moving into in a couple of weeks time. Yep, that means she's being packed up again, although this time we are only going 5 minutes down the road. Been a busy year with all the moving country/house. A young daughter, a new job, lots of house renovations and a wife who bizarrely wants to see me occasionally (??!!), are not things that lead to speedy modelling! I didn't take any photos, but I have been playing around with making my own transfers for the lining. Need a bit more practice not getting them all twisted up as I take them out of the water, but things are looking promising. I had had the loco stripped down for painting, but decided the best way not to loose parts in the move was to attach them to where they should be, so built it up again before packing. Don't look too closely at the can interior. It was going quite well until I attacked it with cream gloss, without really having the right brush.....I now have quite a lot of remedial work to do. You live and learn as they say..... I have been allocated a small part of the smallest room for my workbench, although I do have a 28ft garage to expand into when needed :-)
  9. The chassis and wheels have been given waft of black with the airbrush last night. Highly unexciting, but just to prove I'm doing something! Didn't take any photos of the cab, but just need to paint the top half of the cab walls (interior) an off-white and then give everything a generous layer of soot before stating the green livery outside.
  10. Thanks Sam, I'll opt for the off-white option then. Bamburgh had a few different paint jobs whilst it worked up on the North Sunderland Railway - plenty of info about the livery, but nothing that I've found about the inside!
  11. Just a couple of quick updates...... The NER wagon has been soldered together and the corner plates sweated on. All straightforwards - next will be the rest of the strapping before moving onto the under frame. Also, the MW Class L has received it's first drops of colour. Started attacking the cab, but as none of it is removable it's requiring a very steady hand. With plenty of weathering and the roof on, nobody will notice the blemishes and wobbly lines ;-) Still need to do the inside cab walls and the handbrake stanchion. What do you reckon....red or black for the stanchion? And whilst we are at it, what colour do you think the cab interior walls would have been (before the layers of soot built up!)?
  12. Haven't come across them - I'll look them up. Thanks! I'm currently trying to get to grips with making the raised/domed smokebox door. The only way I can think of describing it is a semi-circular, domed door. Tried loads of different ways in Fusion but haven't found one which is quite right yet....
  13. The Xometry version came today......not the finish I was hoping for. Probably down to my choice of material. Maybe OK if the loco has been sitting outside in a snowstorm for a few days
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