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  1. A backboard has been added. Next to create the building shape and place foam board with windows. Progress continues!
  2. The Riverside Works still exists and now I have decided to continue with projects. There are a few creations I will try to scratch build in OO or O gauge. I have listed the few projects here: Leader class - O gauge - built as the second locomotive in the production line and modified so it actually works as well as it should’ve done. There will be no gangway corridor to reduce the weight given to only one side. There will also be improvements on the boiler and cylinders to improve running capabilities, with the fireman’s compartment built with two doors instead of one. Heat ventilation will be added to reduce the hellish heat given off from being in a sealed shell with a firebox in it. I’m making this locomotive mostly because it’s bizarre more than to improve its design and it would look funny as it tries to shunt a few wagons on a small layout. LMS/LNER style 2-8-2 New generation steam locomotive - OO gauge - I have been designing steam locomotives that could be built to modern standards and replace old diesels. They are recycled coffee log burners too, which means they will never run out of fuel. The design will be based off the classic locomotive look as not to bring it to a fairly ugly ‘modern’ look. Streamlined GWR style new generation steam locomotive - OO gauge - pretty much the same as the one above but GWR inspired and has a 4-6-2 wheel arrangement like the Great Bear did. the Dark Railway ‘Mountain type’ 2-8-2 heavy freight locomotive No.1202. This particular locomotive is a fictional creation built for Dark DJ Productions (on Youtube) for use on Railworks (Train Sim 2020) and I have been given permission (sort of) to build it as a unique operational model. I haven’t the skills nor materials to build such a beast, but I intend to build it in O gauge which would probably mean custom made frames and other parts, maybe some salvaged from unwanted O gauge models. I hope to build this locomotive with a remote control device which will mean it can go anywhere without needing to be plugged into DCC or have electrified track. A replica of an Armoured Train, with the locomotive built to the design of the one that used to pull the Zaamurets Armoured Railcar from WW1 and WW2. This will consist of an 0-8-0 locomotive, similar to that of the Russian 0 class, with full armour plating, two small flatbed wagons directly in front and behind of the locomotive and two armoured gun wagons in front of the flat bed wagons at either end. This locomotive will contain a remote control device which means the locomotive can run wherever it goes without needing to be plugged into DCC or have electrified track. This will be in O gauge too. these projects will take a few years to complete and at least one or two years from now to begin, so this is more of a wish list for now. im still trying to increase my collection of scrappers locos for a stream of spare parts to create new build locomotives.
  3. I’ve got one of 60009 as she passed through Toton.
  4. A photo of 60009 ‘Union of South Africa’ as she passed through Toton.
  5. I built a boiler. it looks awful... It’s good practice though so version 2 should be better! The whole thing is stuck together by sellotape which doesn’t look great on the outside. the tube plate was rather out of shape on this one. It’s hard to cut perfect circles. version 2 will be a similar thing but hopefully much better made.
  6. Being stuck at home is boring already (I’d much rather be back at collage) so I’ve set myself a challenge. I’m going to build a 7mm boiler out of loo roll because I can! it’ll be for my layout as scenery for a flatbed or something. I don’t know what this boiler is going to be from (Probably from an 0-6-0 saddle tank) or if it is even to scale but it’s going to look a little bit like this:
  7. Will the Char 2C show up on this layout? Whilst on the subject, where did it go?
  8. Quality stuff! Plus the addition of FTs makes anything look better
  9. It certainly is rather awesome A layout built in a hotel is not something you see every day
  10. that 33 looks like a fresh off the production line loco compared to the other engines. it stands out quite a lot I presume it will be weathered just like them some day?
  11. During the Second World War, several Great Western Dean Goods locomotives were stored at the military base in Castle Rock as backup motive power just in case an air raid scored a hit on the loco sheds of the base. When BR came to claim Britain’s railway companies, all of the Deans went into service with the BR and most returned home to the west. A few of the Deans actually remained in Castle Rock until the railway was dismantled. It was thought that all of these locomotives were sent away from Castle Rock to be scrapped but it turns out, as the builders cleared the way for new housing, that a Dean Goods was still stuck in the old railway shed along with a few wagons. The building company immediately told the Castle Rock Heritage Railway and the locomotive was recovered and sent to the Riverside Works. To date, the locomotive has still not been restored and instead now sits in the visitor hall at the front of the Works as a First World War loco exhibit. The locomotive is due to be restored fully in a few years.
  12. I saw two BR large logo grey class 20s in charge of a freight train in Nottingham a few months ago. It looked like it had gotten stuck as I waited at the station for it to go by for about an hour. Instead a cleaner train pulled by two 66s went through instead. Anyway, superb photography of these locos here at Seven Mills. I thought one was of a full scale loco
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