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  1. I am planning to construct a former LWSR Ironclad push pull set as they appeared in the mid 1950's. Does anyone know what livery they would have carried, either former SR Malachite green or the BR non lined crimson?
  2. The dimensional differences between Hornby and Bachmann MK1s has been well recognised for some time - particularly the difference in roof height. But this difference I have now discovered also applies to Mainline MK1 which blend naturally with Hornby but hit the same roof height problem when matched with Bachmann. So does anyone know which is the most accurate? Jim Carter
  3. As a relatively new member my question may be hardly new but any feedback would nevetheless be welcome. I am endeavouring to find the most accurate paint for BR(w) "chocolate". Some paints are described as such, others are described as Western Region brown. Trying to find a standardised "chocolate" for a mixed rake of BRMk1s from Hornby and Bachmann together with some Comet catering vehicles is proving difficult to say the least. As the majority of Mk1s were (re)painted "chocolate and cream" within a limited timespan of 1956/7, they would have weathered more or less consistently and colour pix
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