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  1. Useful stuff, @SteveyDee68! I'm definitely sold on the conveyor idea now, but clearly I'll have to increase the height of the tower. Notably it's half off the front of the scene, so I'm either going to have a big blank face at the front, or some form of interior detail... we'll see. Tonight in mock-up land: I've been playing with the right-hand warehouse structure. I wanted something a little older-looking than the square concrete grain silo and corrugated asbestos conveyor, so a brick-built warehouse was in order. The real challenge is building something that conceals the sector p
  2. I agree the smoother stuff is better, I'll have to remember that when I ballast the main layout! Interesting point about paint for oil stains, I'll have to investigate that. This afternoon I've been playing with more mockups. I wasn't really happy with the road overbridge cliché, especially since it didn't really make sense if this is a dock of some form. But whilst prowling the internet for inspiration, I came across this photo of Canada Street that features a conveyor crossing the tracks to a building right on the water's edge: http://emgauge70s.co.uk/layout_canada.html. A little
  3. Looks promising to me - the canal should provide a good amount of scenery below track level, allowing for some good views. The inglenook with run-around loop looks like it should work well too. The overall plan heavily reminds me of this layout, which isn't a bad thing: One thing I liked about that layout is that the track over the bridge to offscene isn't parallel to the board, it's at an angle - maybe you could do something similar by swapping the first RH turnout with a Y point?
  4. Minor update time! First - this morning I finally opened my wallet and bought all the track I'll need for this layout. So with any luck it'll be here on Wednesday, and I can start playing with it as soon as I've done my final presentation for my research project! Secondly - ballast experiments. If I'm going to be building this layout here I'd like a cheap ground cover to use, but I'm not a fan of the light colour of the beach sand I used on Arrow Paints. I've often heard modellers using ash, so I thought I should probably try it. My housemates occasionally have a f
  5. Just a quick update on the Barclay-ish 0-4-0 shunter. Can you tell what's changed? It's not that easy to tell when the model is so dark, but I've modelled one of the doors as open, and finally added a cab interior. The door was fairly easy to modify with a fresh, sharp blade cutting easily through the card. Then I put together a simple control desk from some card and a few bits from the sprues box - the raised gauge display bit in the middle is in order to let it fit over the motor mount. Finally the whole unit was painted grey, the controls picked out in black,
  6. Again I'd love to, but I quite like being able to put other things on the drawers as well - as is currently mocked-up there's my mirror poking over the top from behind the layout, and enough of a "shelf" along the front to put my phone, watches, and eventually a controller. I think I'll settle for more height, space for which isn't usually in short supply (badum-tish)! And your dental antics sound painful, but I'm enjoying the idea-generator side-effect Thanks for your words, Marc! Although I haven't graduated just yet; I submitted my Research Project earlier, but I
  7. @SteveyDee68 I would absolutely love to cram in as much baseboard length as possible into the box. If I was really going that route I might try to make two baseboards that fit snugly together, one upside-down on top of the other - with an open enough layout and some very careful planning, it's certainly doable. Unfortunately the size of the RUB isn't the limiting factor for length here - it's the place the layout will live. By skimming the Ikea catalogue I've estimated most chests of drawers to be around 80cm wide, so layout 75cm long should be able to find a place I can set i
  8. Extra switches seem to be heavily recommended when using live-frog points, so as not to rely on the pointblades to change the polarity of the frog and reduce the chance of a stray wheel shorting across the stock rail and the blades. I'm pretty confident I can knock something up for that, but I'll see how well they work without first. Thank you! The already-complete buildings definitely help give an impression of the final article. I think they're growing on me too, although I'll have to cut them horizontally and conceal the joint somehow if I want it to be able to close t
  9. Well, here we go again! It's been just over a year since I "completed" Arrow Paints, by which I mean the layout was operational and scenic. Of course I went on to fiddle about with various bits of it since then, but it's been more or less the same since last April. And I've been seeing plenty of new inspiration in @SteveyDee68's various threads, as well as plenty of other places on these forums... So it's time I started a new one. This summer I will graduate Swansea, and in September I will be starting an MSc at a new university. Clearly I would like to take
  10. I'm afraid that as someone from '99 who practically grew up with MSPP being a thing I'm already quite versed with it, but I'm certain it will be of help to someone. As for card mockups, yours are far better than mine ever are - they actually stand up for a start! It depends on how much effort you put into them I guess, and I'm slowly learning that more effort in the mockups means less unhappiness with the final results. But then again I find the making of the buildings is the best bit, so I don't mind replacing and redoing things occasionally! I'm planning a trip to
  11. That idea to shift around architectural elements in MS PowerPoint is fantastic, and definitely one I'll be stealing at some point. I'm never quite happy with what I scratchbuild because something's always slightly off, but this might save me a lot of hassle with pencils and rulers (not that I don't enjoy that mind you). I'm looking forward to seeing what you've concocted with it. I should add that I always enjoy coming back to this thread, mainly to see what tangent you've gone on next! It also always provides plenty of inspiration, and something must have stuck because now I've be
  12. For what it's worth, in the pictures you posted I wouldn't have spotted the breakline if you hadn't pointed it out as such. That said a simple solution could be a simple card lintel attached to one of the sections, painted to represent concrete/stone/brick - I don't think it'd look out of place on your excellent and unique little shed. And if this shed is an indication of what's to come, then I can't wait for more!
  13. Thanks for your compliment! Both alignment and power is fairly simple - track power is carried between boxes by the standard fishplates, although only on rails which cross the box joints at right-angles - connecting multiple tracks at varying angles simultaneously is not fun, as I found out on Green Lane Wagon Works. The fishplates also provide alignment, although for security the sector-plate board is also held up by lollipop sticks that fit snugly into slots on the end of the box, as can be seen in this older photo: This method is also used for the short ex
  14. I'm astounded how even mid-construction, your layout and photographs have buckets of atmosphere - and that's without a loco, wagon, car or even person in sight! The shed looks like it's been there for years already, especially from the yard side, and there's such a wealth of detail that pops out the longer you look at each photo. I can't wait to see your bridge completed!
  15. Thank you! Being a relatively small layout, I can spend time paying attention to nearly everything; not that that stops me leaving some corners unfinished! Today I managed to film, edit and upload yet another video; I'm getting quicker at this. This one mostly focuses on the new Barclay-inspired shunter, but nevertheless the crane gets a bit more action time too. Out of interest, what do you think of my videos so far? What should I try to improve on next time?
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