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  1. It has, hasn't it? Sorry about that, summer kind of got in the way as I thought it might! What with being at home, and the layout sitting in it's box on a shelf, the need to unpack it on the table before I can do anything to it has rather stalled progress. There has been something happening though, that I haven't got around to posting yet - I dug around in the garage and found a length of ridged transparent plastic c-channel, which will support either the same Ikea LEDs from Arrow Paints, or an alternative LED strip. It will probably be held aloft by meccano L-strips that can be bolted to the front of the layout - overall a far cleaner and sturdier solution than the cardboard setup I used on Arrow Paints! Here, have a terrible photo: And to make up for that image, here's a better one from when I posed 3705 on the layout: With it's longer wheelbase and extra axle, not to mention being the smoothest of my locos, the pannier has no trouble on the layout - it's just the livery is for the wrong era for this layout. Maybe I could buy a different bodyshell for it. However, I'm moving into my new student house next weekend, so things should start picking up again properly soon - it's high time I sorted out this second warehouse!
  2. Looking good! I always think that night lighting adds another dimension to a layout, and this looks great already. Looking forward to seeing more!
  3. Fair enough! I agree "planted" buildings look much better than "plonked" ones, although I often just hide the joint with weeds or other scatter material.
  4. This little layout keeps getting better - the composition and latest scenic details all seem to work well together. The only comment - and it's really, really minor - is I'd suggest rotating the brick pump building slightly so it's parallel with the track behind it, rather than the baseboard edges, just to break up the "squareness" a little bit. Other than that everything looks great - the warehouses in front of the fiddleyard works well, as does the extra siding under the bridge, and with the small foreground buildings you should be able to get some excellent eye-level shots across the yard to the trains beyond. As usual, I'm looking forward to whatever's next!
  5. Hey, don't blame me, blame...uh... actually, why did I decide to buy one of these? Anyway. Yes, your experience seems to match mine on the whole - straight out of the box the running is quite poor, and running-in to a satisfactory level takes time. I would however disagree that it's "only as good as a Railroad 0-4-0" - my Barclay can manage a lower crawl speed and much better slow-start than my newest Railroad 0-4-0, at least on the main layout. Performance on Alexandra Wharf V2 is a bit lower, but that goes for all locos so it's probably more a fault of dirty trackwork there (not helped by the large amount of insetting). There's one or two ancient curved setrack points on the main layout she understandably doesn't like, but apart from that she doesn't stall more than the rest of my fleet does. When you get back if you have the time/resources to give yours several more bouts of running-in, I'm sure it'll get better.
  6. Thanks @SteveyDee68 for your very kind words, and excellent suggestions. I always had a vague plan to put *something* inside the factory, I just never really thought about it and so it hasn't happened yet! That first picture looks perfect though; I might have to have a dig around to see what I can find. And as for the vans - I might park a refrigerated van on the front siding; if I find a kit one, I could leave off the buffers and one end so it can sit a little further under the bridge. And that ice-cream van is exactly what I need - the hardstanding was added with the intention to pose a road vehicle of some form, but I was so busy looking at milkfloats I managed to skip the ice-cream van!
  7. I like the height and the elevated "street scene" the industrial buildings create; the only thing is they look a bit odd perched on top of a bridge. You could change it from a bridge to a tunnel, but that raises a bigger question - why would a railway build an expensive tunnel just for a small service yard? Just build the yard somewhere easier! In front of the fiddle yard seems like a better choice, since it increases the scenic length of the layout. And once again, there's no need to keep things square to the baseboard edge...
  8. Thanks @Jerry1975, @Nathaniel, @Karl & @Ian Holmes; I'm glad you've enjoyed it as much as I have building it! As an aside, I've been doing some tidying recently - so rate my shelf! Featuring dioramas Eastnate Diary and Paper Cutting (I really need to fix the wiring on that one, the flashing LED doesn't work), as well as some N-scale static models, a custom LEGO Ivatt 2MT, and plenty of postcards... Looking at Paper Cutting again has reminded me I've got some more present-day figures and vehicles that don't quite "fit" on the main layout, and the tidy-up has resulted in a little more shelf space, so maybe it's about time I built another one...
  9. Looking good, although I'm impressed the 14xx & Autocoach have been turned without a turntable in sight I don't think you need to make excuses for your garden - outdoor photos always look brilliant. I especially enjoy the first photo with the sky and trees over the bridge - just need to edit out the fence somehow. Oh, and the multi-location identity idea is pretty neat too of course! How much needs to be switched between locations, and how long does it take?
  10. Has anything been happening with this layout over the past 3 weeks? No, not really! A week ago when I arrived home, I decided I would "finish" this layout so I could display it upstairs, out of the way. And then nothing happened, until today that is: This morning I finally added a simple left-hand building using some brick paper and a spare scalescenes door. I also added a few pieces of card to represent some inset track within the mysterious end building; mainly to hide the gap under the door that was neccessary to clear the rails! I then added a final card fascia layer to the whole scene, to eliminate the gaps between the layout and the tub walls. Finally I brought the tub upstairs, where it now sits on my bookshelf. Yes I know that's an oil tanker not a milk tanker - the filler cap is so tall it doesn't even fit under the bridge! But it's all I've got for now, so it'll have to do until I get around to buying some proper tankers. My intention is that this is a conclusion "for now"; the layout is more or less scenically complete, so I can divert my attention to other projects. But at some point this summer I still want to add a fiddle stick and automatic shuttle unit, so all is not over yet!
  11. If you haven't sourced the replacement yet you could always modify those two buildings look like the rear rather than the front - maybe access to a small, cluttered storage yard, rusty doors that probably haven't been opened for a while, an old forklift etc. I think they look quite good, the pitched roofs add a little variety to the "skyline". Another possibility to think about is maybe angling them towards the track at the left-hand end a little - things are rarely all perfect right-angles in the real world. Slewing the bridge slightly might also help. But overall your scene is certainly coming together, and it's great watching you build everything up!
  12. It certainly looks the part, especially for a wall that's at the back of the scene anyway. The yard area is definitely shaping up nicely, I'm enjoying watching this layout come together!
  13. Definitely looking good so far - that signal is some superb modelling. My first instinct is the platelayers hut is a little too ramshackle for a permanent coal office, but it could look good - I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  14. Yesterday was the ultimate proof of the layout-in-a-box concept: moving-out time! Of course, that meant it wasn't just this layout, but all three of the railways I ended up with... The Really Useful Box definitely lived up to it's name. It was rammed full, with both layout, stock (in the stock compartments built into the baseboard, which proved invaluable), and extra items like the loco boxes and tools. In comparison with the rickety stack of shoeboxes that is Arrow Paints when disassembled, there's a stark contrast! Well. Out of the box, the running is, as can be expected, terrible - she could barely move 10mm without stalling. But when you follow the instructions and run it in in both directions, it soon smooths out. Clearly my micro-layouts are unsuitable for running-in, but since I'm at home now I could plonk her on the main layout, couple up a maintenance train, and send her on her merry way... After only about 15 minutes of running she was already crawling much more satisfactorily, even over the track of the main home layout which hasn't been used or cleaned in several months. That said she still tends to stall or drop into the enormous frogs on the old curved points in the yard; I will wait until I've given her some more running in, a light oil and a test back on Alexandra Wharf before I give my final verdict. But I still love how diminutive she looks - barely bigger than the van wagon she's pulling! Given your profile picture I was always under the impression you had one! I can confirm they're stunning little locos. The detail in and around the cab is superb, although on the variant I got the running plate at the front end looks a little smooth and empty. But I have plans to resolve that...
  15. Thank you! I'm glad I kept the tall buildings from the diorama, they make the layout seem much larger than it really is. And they really dominate the trains - especially this next one... There's not been much modelling over the past week, since it's been too nice outside. However, there is a new arrival in my fleet. I actually bought the loco in question about three weeks ago, but hid it from myself until today - results day! So, upon waking up this morning and after I'd learnt that after 4 years of work I've graduated Swansea with a 1st Class Honours (woop!), I opened my little present to myself: Clearly, 'tis a Hattons Andrew Barclay, as I'm sure most of you will recognise by this point. However, it's special to me, since this is the first brand-new loco I've bought for myself - up until this point I've always bought second-hand. I decided I should probably buy a proper little industrial steam shunter for my plethora of layouts, and although Hornby's Pecketts are nice I wanted something in BR black and I really like the shape of these squared-off saddletanks, so I bought one! And this diminutive little engine really is dwarfed by everything - it even makes the 04 look big! Already it looks at home posing on this layout. My plan is that it won't retain it's current identity as 705 for very long - with some custom nameplates (already on order from Light Railway Stores) it will become 1140, an engine that ran on the docks railways around Swansea, which this layout is somewhat inspired by. There's a few photos of it online, the one I see most is near the bottom of the page: http://www.swanseadocks.co.uk/docksnewsite/railwayslowlevel.html. Clearly it's not quite the same variant of loco, but it's close enough for my purposes. And I should probably get a proper crew for it as well, to add to populate the exquisitely detailed cab. She doesn't really run very well yet, fresh out the box - but I'm moving back home over the weekend, back to my home layout where I can run her in properly. Maybe I should make a video - or maybe I should actually finish this layout first...
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