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  1. I decided this morning that I really wasn't happy with the crane weathering, so I had another stab. Yesterday's paint came off quite easily with some soapy water and a tiny piece of wet-n-dry type sandpaper. I then re-applied some black to the various crevices with a cocktail stick, before dabbing away most of it with wet paper towel. There's still grub all over the side panels, but most of it is where it should be now. I also gave the Marshalls lorry a light going-over, making sure to take most of it off again as it's probably kept a bit cleaner by it's owners.
  2. Looks like a good track layout, with plenty of options for operating fun - I can see an inglenook within that plan, and with two lines running off-scene many more options are opened up. The repositionable fiddle-box sounds like a good plan too. My only concern is there isn't much scenic space left that isn't track, but if some of the factory yard is inset that will help. I'll certainly be watching on, this could be a good one! Edit: Btw, Dale Green looks like a very well detailed roundy-roundy that well disguises it's true nature, so don't mark yourself down for your modelling
  3. These are beautiful little countryside scenes, and you've shown how incredibly versatile they can be! I think if I ever build one I'll inevitably end up trying to incorporate it into a layout...
  4. The weathering in this little industrial scene looks great, it really brings everything together. I hope you can find time to get back to modelling again soon, I quite like seeing this layout crop up again!
  5. Things have indeed been happening! First up, I've been building a Peco/Parkside GWR 10-ton open wagon kit. It surprised me just how many separately fitted bits there are underneath! All went together very well though. It's mainly intended for the home layout, so I've painted in (approximately) GWR grey. Although the kit includes transfers, it only comes with those for BR ownership - as I'm aiming to match it to a handful of other post-1937 GWR stock I have, I've ordered a sheet of transfers originally intended for a GWR Mink D w
  6. Thank you very much! I must say that it was evolved rather than planned; the first single-box iteration had no points at all, but the track was carefully laid at 11.25 degrees to allow the y-point expansion. When I decided to build the second box I played around with AnyRail for a bit, and realised I could get something quite interesting. Overall I am very happy with this layout - the ability to run-round wagons offers much more interest than an inglenook, and the short headshunt for the front siding makes some moves an interesting challenge. In other news I finished
  7. Simple yet effective. With a bit of hard standing and some low/half relief buildings as a backscene this little scene could go far!
  8. Looks like it could be a good layout, and interesting if you can get the shed-dropping mechanism. Maybe a working crane would make the wagon-loading siding a little more dynamic; or at the very least pre-formed loads you can drop into the wagons, so they can be brought in empty and taken out full. And I'm sure you're aware of it, but one of the most detailed scrapyard layouts I've seen around is Ruston's one, and there's 21 pages of it here on RMweb for inspiration: I'm interested to see where you'll take this!
  9. Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoy it too. When I was young I always thought more than just the trains on model railways should work; I'm now getting the hang of creating what I would have enjoyed to play with then, and it's still great fun!
  10. Thanks for your kind words! I've been doing a little more playing operating of the crane. Until it stopped working, and I opened it up to find this mess... I'm not sure how clear it is in the photo, but to the left of the spindle protruding from the base is a twisted mass of thread... at some point the boom cable, which is supposed to spool around the black tube, must have slipped off - and got thoroughly twisted around the main winch cable, which emerges from the middle of the tube. I tried untangling it, but in the end it was easier to cut off and replace the bo
  11. It's beginning to look like a proper yard with those buildings and fences, good work!
  12. A fantastic and truly micro layout! I think it just needs a figure or two, or maybe some wildlife to give it a little more 'life'.
  13. Thank you all for the reactions. And hey, I actually managed to do what I said I would on time for once! This short video ended up focused more on the shunting than the crane, since although the crane is very fun to operate there's a lot of fiddling back and forth which doesn't look good on video - this short shot took about 10 takes to get right! Still, I'm reasonably happy with it, so I hope you enjoy. Maybe I'll do another more focused video in the future, but don't hold your breath because (online) exam season is upon us again so I'll be pretty busy
  14. That crane I bodged over in the Green Lane Wharf topic has finally found it's proper place on Arrow Paints... It seems to fill the space much better than the Fuchs did, probably because it's actually OO scale not HO. It also looks more appropriate being a UK protoype, and feels more capable when handling some of the larger freight items on the layout... The higher mounted job makes it a lot easier to lift tall items in and out of open wagons, but does have slightly less horizontal range meaning the wagons need to be shunted a littl
  15. Very ingenious track layout, and one with plenty of operating potential - I used a similar one for Arrow Paints, and regularly enjoy running it. I do especially like the use of the point crossing, although I can't help wondering if you'd have more capacity if you simply ran both tracks to the sector plate separately.
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