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  1. Hi You should be ok with the Freightliner green models. If you're not confident about fixing the axle box covers you'd best avoid. The light fix is only required for certain models with larger side lights. The orange one does look to light in colour. Stephen.
  2. Having come back to read this topic after a week, the mood has certainly changed from all doom and gloom. Now people are actually seeing how good a model this is, admittedly not without minor faults. For just over a hundred pounds it is a bargain. Good to see mention of a second run also. Hopefully that will be confirmed. Enjoy your models. Stephen Here are some of my finished models.
  3. Hi I don't think you're take on this is strictly accurate. If you look at the recent posts it is from people who have actually bought the model. Some at a reduced price some not. They are being pleasantly surprised at how good a model it is with a little bit of work required. Stephen
  4. Just need to solder the two wires for the speakers. That's it. There's a good video on you tube by Gowerton Parkway on how to fit the speaker.
  5. Glad you also purchased a class 66. They are good models that can be an excellent model with a wee bit of work. Have a close look at the ones with 'glue marks' around the grills I have myself and haven't been able to see any marks. Good Luck with it.
  6. Well I've just bought one from the Hattons pre owned list for £100. Needs some axle boxes re-glued and that's it. Absolute bargain for a cracking model. Sound fitting next. Stephen
  7. Hi First thing to do Is establish if it is a Zimo chip. Can you post a picture of the chip and the back of the speaker? Stephen
  8. Hi Pete What did you use for the top of this wagon? Is it just plasticard? Thanks Stephen
  9. Hi I have had three models, two Freightliner and one EWS. They were all sent back for wobbling, dcc not working etc. I asked for like for like replacements, as long as they were tried out on their test track before they sent them to me. The three models have now came back with none of the issues and run perfectly well. I still had to superglue the rotating axle boxes, run some plastic weld behind the sandboxes and grills to better secure them. But really happy with the models now and have fitted sound to them after watching Everard Junctions excellent video on the pros and cons of
  10. Hi Peter Sorry for the delay. The Cv you need to change for the volume is cv182, be careful though as the maximum volume level is 8. As for running quality, if I remember correctly changing cv 150 is one of the main ones. If it reads 0 change it to 1 and visa versa. As I wrote earlier you tube is a great source of info with people filming their experiences and what cv's they've changed for better running of individual chips. Stephen
  11. Hi Richard I used this speaker on my class 26, it is a vast improvement over my i phone 6s speakers. There is more bass to it. I can certainly recommend it.
  12. Legoman Biffo has done a new recording of a Leyland engine, ideal for dmu's. He has posted it on you tube.
  13. Hi Regarding wagons for limestone. Ravenscraig would not only use the 'White Ladies' They also used Jua's (Acccurascale) I've seen footage with nine suitably weathered wagons behind a struggling class 37/0. Stephen
  14. Hi Peter There are a few very good videos on you tube, that have tutorials on the the class 31 tts, they mention which cvs to change for better running etc. I have the instruction sheet in my garage I'll get the cv for volume for you later. Stephen
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