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  1. I managed to get the elusive GBRF liveried class 66 'Sarah' Hopefully this clear out is making way for new releases of the class 66.
  2. Hi They are just as cheap buying direct from the makers. Retailers usually put a mark up on ebay due to the charges.
  3. Would it maybe worth approaching one/some of the new 3d printing people? They are producing some excellent detailing parts etc, at reasonable prices.
  4. I also was wondering about loads for the BLA's. I see them advertised, but at £20 per wagon, I was a bit put off. Does anyone know if there are any other recommended suppliers out there?
  5. Hi It was only fitted to EWS class 66's as it was to do with coupling upto the HTA coal hoppers. Hth Stephen
  6. I don't know if this will be allowed, but I've found it a very handy way of identifying ESU chips.
  7. This is a very useful page. If would be great if it could be kept at the top of the topic page.
  8. Hi Martyn Sorry I just noticed this post. The wagon and carriage works at Barassie closed in 1972. I'm sure there's an image of those coaches in use at Barassie station in a book by the son of Derek Cross which is based on Ayrshire.
  9. Hi I wouldn't be surprised if the mk1 suburbans were exclusively used for the BR Barassie workers trains.
  10. The Stranraer Speedlink usually had a couple on it.
  11. 'Celebrity' locos are fine occasionally, but it's the bread and butter un-named standard liveried locos that I'd like. New batches of EWS, DRS, GBRF, Freightliner locos would be nice. These are the ones that sold out far quicker and are going for high prices on ebay, so there is a demand for them.
  12. Hi How about this from Butlers printed models. It comes unpainted. Lovely model that requires a little bit of work and painting. There's a great selection of tracked and wheeled vehicles.
  13. Hi If I remember correctly, some of the Ravenscraig sets were transferred to South Wales after its closure. Hth Stephen
  14. Hi I totally back your idea of offering realistically weathered versions of the TEAs. In my opinion it is a vastly overlooked option that I think will find favour with a lot of modellors. Personally speaking I would buy all mine weathered as long as there is a good variety on offer as opposed to just one or two. Stephen
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