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  1. Hi Mick Which stay alive did you use? Thanks Stephen
  2. Hi It'd maybe worthwhile contacting where you bought them, and see if they can offer some advice. Stephen
  3. Hi If the option is open to all? If you're printing a batch. I'd be interested in buying some. Stephen
  4. Hi Fran I think maybe you'll be missing a trick here, by not selling the sound chip separately. You're creating a new space in the dcc sound sector for Deltic sound chips. And that's going to be filled with someone elses sound chips. I myself for example have ordered two Deltics from Rails. One with sound and one not. I will definitely fit sound to the other one over time. I wont be the only one adding sound at a later date. You could also sell them through the other outlets that sell your products. Regards Stephen
  5. Hi Nick. As a matter of interest when you purchased it, was it new or was it a return? Stephen
  6. Hi Contact them through the 'direct chat' bubble on their homepage. They usually engage with you within minutes. The spares have usually been available from them on proof of purchase. Which they can usually check from their system. Stephen
  7. Hi NIR Totally agree with what you say. I've found the Hattons online team to be excellent at customer service. They could not be more helpful. A credit to Hattons. Stephen
  8. Hi Matt Have a look at what Peter Dixon has been doing on YouTube to sort the axlebox issues. It is a simple fix and should offer a more long term solution. More and more people have taken the plunge at the cheaper prices and once they actually have the model for themselves they realise that it is a far superior model compared to the Bachmann model. Once the axleboxes issue is sorted it'll be one of the best modern image models out there. Hopefully now Hattons can be encouraged to do more with different numbers and liveries. Merry Christmas everyone.
  9. Hi Chris. I would have a look at the wiring on the circuit board. I've found that since the wires are no longer soldered to the tabs on the circuit board, that sometimes they are not making contact due to the black plastic sleeves not being pushed in properly, or the wire slipping out of the sleeves. Stephen
  10. Not sure to be honest. All lines visible are leaving the loading facility. So I think it maybe to do with that. The line to the far right is the Largs line.
  11. Hi Some pictures of how these wagons were loaded at Hunterston. Apart from the one that Stevie Wonder loaded at the bottom. It looks as if they've tried to fit Ayres Rock into it. Pictures by A Goudie.
  12. That is a foreign version you are seeing. The Ravenscraig version were pulled through in a rake and each individual wagon was rotated whilst still coupled to rest of the rake. It was a time saving exercise I think, that worked very well. Stephen
  13. Unfortunately it's now demolished and a college and retail park are now in its place. Progress eh!!
  14. It depends on what size of speaker you want to install, how hard it'll be. Otherwise it's just a case of fitting the chip and soldering two wires from the speakers to the solder pads on the circuit board. If you choose an Em2 speaker there is a bit more involved. Nothing too hard though.
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