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  1. Hi Rob It maybe worthwhile contacting Mark Darragh who is on this forum with his layout 'Rannoch Moor' He has done the red ballast on his station and it looks excellent. Regards Stephen
  2. Hi I had dealings with Brian from Shawplan about a month ago. I emailed in my order I had a reply and my order within the week. I would try again as you just don't know what peoples circumstances are just now. Best Regards Stephen
  3. Hi John Thanks for the reply. That's a shame the layout is no more, it really was a cracker, but if you lose interest in it, it just ends up a pile of boards then. Your new o'gauge is excellent. It needs a class 20 or 26 on it for old times sake:-) Regards Stephen
  4. HI John I came across this old thread whilst looking for something else. I forgot how good the layout and stock were. Whatever happened to the layout if you don't mind me asking? The updates just stopped. Regards Stephen
  5. Hi Can you please tell what make and colour of silver you used on the VGAs ? I like yourself have a few EWS ones that I'd like to backdate. Thanks Stephen
  6. A 37 401/416 Royal Scotsman or green liveried 37 403 would be nice. And not forgetting 37 408 Loch Rannoch in original large logo livery.
  7. Hi Eddie It was good to catch up at Glasgow. The CHPR Class 37 sound chip sounds excellent. I can recommend the Hornby tts 08 sound chip. If you want to add it to your list of projects?☺️ They are hard to find mind you. Stephen
  8. Hi Leon I find that 2 i phone 6s speakers are best speakers for the forty sevens. They cost a couple of pound each on ebay.
  9. Hi I'm hoping that you will add 37 116 in its unrefurbished version with buffer beam cowling etc as a limited edition. All the best for the New Year when it comes. Stephen
  10. Hi From what I can make out from the picture. There is a tank engine banking the leading train, which in turn has another class 40 and train attached to it. All the best Stephen
  11. Great News. I wonder who'll be first to offer 37116 in unrefurbished large logo livery? Stephen
  12. I'll chip in with my guesses of either a Tamper or a Rail crane. Stephen
  13. That's it over for another year. Thanks to all the exhibitors and traders who attended. Stephen Ayr model railway group.
  14. Well that's the hall set up. Eaglesham looks excellent as does Glenfinnan, Tullygarth. There are a quite a few modern image layouts in oo and O gauge. Durham trains has the new Bachmann class 37 025 also some lovely re-sprayed n gauge. North road trains has a huge selection of garden railway locos and stock. Cheltenham has special offers on the new Dapol bolster wagon and also new tts Hornby class 37 chips. The forecast is warm for tomorrow, so the hall will be warm. If you are coming down I hope you enjoy the exhibition.
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