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  1. Howdy all! Had finished a print of some new American stock I recently finished in CAD, a pair of flatcars by a company Harlan & Hollingsworth about 1860~ish. A similar kit to this was once available by Alkem Kits in HO, but its been discontinued recently from what I understand. The cars have come out okay, though a bit of wedging has occurred on the undersides of both (Either from stretched FEP film on the photon, or its a botch job in adding supports on my part). Thankfully not too severe that I’d have to trash the mo
  2. Howdy good people! Its been a good while since my last post, though its understandably been a rough year all around. I figure though its time for a clean slate thread to record my modelling ventures in AutoCAD, which is taking me to interesting things I don't many would ever have expected to see as kits. While some might be familiar with my own Shapeways shop, I have been working to produce models from home to work around the moderately obnoxious price hikes. My current slate includes a number of LBSCR prototypes, along well as a small number of Early American things.
  3. Hi Paul, I wouldnt wish to steal BrightonBoi's thunder on his blog. Its an I3 by me that was part of the same order. Best
  4. Thats how I get my wagons done surprisingly. Its looking great!
  5. Ive been very fortunate to be able to print the J1 by @BrightonBoi as part of one of his first works. An overall excellent model by him! I cant wait to see what he comes out with in the future! Cheers!
  6. Small update I had done some CAD during the week. And by some I mean.. ...started a whole 'nother engine. This is the I3! I had a request for it, and it seemingly took off on its own. Ive almost finished the Hayling Island as well. I need a few more touches before its finished 100% but its looking very well for the engine! Javier
  7. Had a paint session the other day! Swimmingly I believe, even with some minor bruises. The steps had to be removed to accomidate the Coupling rods, something I will have to adjust in CAD. she does ride a tad high, which ill also be fixing. Other than that, transfers are on the way, and I should be lettering her quite soon! Im not in the business of lining finer that the brushes, but I will do my best with other lining transfers when im able. I also gave a go at some parts that arrived for this engine. Unfortunately uncle Javier had to discover the hard way
  8. Actually, swelling. The models seemingly expanded a hair, not by a huge amount, though enough that the chassis didn't fit with the body. I've since filed away excess material to compensate, and will have to adjust the model a tad. Usually for parts that I think may expand, I make a space of .01-.02mm between parts. Ive been referring to MikeTrace's blog on his own printing adventures, he has detailed the issue once before, though ive been skipping around a bit in there If im being honest.
  9. Hello monkeysarefun, Its my understanding Monocure is much cheaper that the Anycube, ill probably follow a similar route when the time comes. This is indeed the default green resin, which becomes quite brittle when dry. I actually managed to break off one of the Brake Shoes & a brake lever right off its rigging for this print! Perhaps I should have drilling while the print was still "Gooey", not that ive started any drilling yet. Im certainly not ready to drop it either! Meanwhile, I decided It was dry enough (Given this of course) to apply a coa
  10. Hello Tony Ive recently purchased a Photon DPL from Anycube. It prints in a resin vat, which hardens with an LCD screen, quite a nifty machine! Smooth very, and quite fine in layering, there were ~2800 slices in the final print!
  11. Back again, Ive brought goodies!!! Seen here is the first print of the Hayling to grace the world. I had given a go to test out how the details come out on these things, you can see rivets at 0.2mm across! There were some less impressive bits, though perhaps they stem from a lack of knowing. For one, the Air Brake Compressor was cut at almost half way before it started printing, and there was one spot where the support dug right into the cabside! Both occasions had improper placement of the aforementioned supports, but this is good practice I believe! and n
  12. I have returned! Apologies to everyone who was anticipating something over the past few weeks; Some personal affairs have prevented me from doing any heavy modelling. Despite this, I have been able to work reasonable often on models, and I have done quite a bit since my last post. For starters, I have put down the NYC Streetcar for now, as it is finished for the time being. I am awaiting drawings for the floor, which should <supposedly> arrive within the next couple of weeks. I had not recorded much of the progress on it, as at the time; I had believ
  13. Well, yes! Perhaps phrasing was a bit off, I dont think Ill be doing the 8T Van in 2mm, unless I decide to do a specific version of it. The good chap Eddie Poole (Stockprints) already has a version of this on his Shapeways shop; so it would be somewhat redundant as im sure his version can be adapted quite nicely for others. At the moment, I think ive cracked scaling the HorseBox. Nary educated in the ways of this scale, I have made three different versions of the wagons, for 1:160, 1:152 & 1:148 respectively. Id probably ask any skilled CAD-Wielders about detail si
  14. Hello there Calvin! I try to keep prices low, but I do charge a higher price initially, that is for someone who's requested a model (~$20-40 depending on the model). After that, the strong flexible plastic models I sell are set at $15, whilst the more detailed plastics, I have set $10 across all models. For my wagons, Ive set prices for a minimum, under $7 in most cases. I have messaged you a somewhat more explained version of this, I hope you find it helpful. Best Javier
  15. Howdy guys, To answer your questions, I am anticipating to make both models in the higher detail plastic. I can also scale it appropriate to 2mm scale. It will probably take a bit more for me to work on the Goods Van, As I still have to work out details and brake rigging. Given that, I believe it'll take another weekend before its ready.
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