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  1. That's very helpful and nice to see the variety of wagons. Your layout looks great by the way. May I ask about the different locos in that picture?
  2. Did you get any pictures of the finished layout?
  3. Thanks HappyChappy I wasn’t aware of them being prototypical at all, a happy coincidence. But now you mention it, it does make perfect sense and maybe gives me an excuse to buy some more If the flat beds go well then I think i might give scratch building a smal crew wagon a go to. Maybe to run with the skips as a place for th breaks.
  4. Looks like a great plan. Inglenooks have so much operational potential, i built on a couple years ago and never got bored of operating it. Personally I’ve never laid anything beneath my track and I’ve never had any problems with baseboards warping as long as they’re braced correctly, which looking at yours seems to be the case. I think with starting a first layout it’s key not to over complicate anything and take your time with it.
  5. Thanks ruston, I've now ordered a graphite stick. I'd about heard before but never looked into one but good to hear that they are worth the money. I'm still building up stock for the layout and a set of vans are definitely on the shopping list.
  6. Back with a bit more progress. Firstly I have done all the paper mache and the plaster rock areas. The rocks have just had a base coat wash and they need a fair bit more work doing to them to get them up to the standard that I'd like. I need to buy some brown paint to act as a base coat before I can do any of the grass work here. Also, there is a foamboard backscene now running the length of the layout. I'll need to sort out a backscene for that. I can't decide whether to airbrush one or buy a photographic one though. Today a delightful parcel arrived for me. Inside it was a set of peco skips (not prototypical but a must have for me) and some flatbeds which will be converted into RNAD wagons. I wasnt sure if they would manage the curves but they seem fine so I may order another pack. In the package there was also a Kato chassis but I'll share more about that another time as it is now part of its own little project to provide some more motive power to the layout.
  7. Looking good as usual. I like what you're hinting about.... Very compact layouts if you can avoid points and utilise wagon turntables. Maybe an Easter project?
  8. Thanks guys. I have a question Chris, what did you use to remove the branding on your sentinel? I don't want to damage the paint work on mine so probably won't use my normal method of thinners and a sharp blade. Thanks ooman, glad you like the sentinels too. The cake was very tasty thanks. Best way to be served at an exhibition.
  9. Well it's been a bit quite on distillery yard. To me ive finished it so there isn't much more to do to it for me hence why I've moved onto other projects. But, I couldn't resist getting my hands on a new loco for the layout. One of my friends wanted a Crosley and Evans sentinel so I swapped mine (pretty much unused as I never got round to repainting it) for this tarmac livery one. Once the tarmac livery is removed I think it will make quite a nice freelance industrial model. Here it is on the layout To me it already looks quite at home. So I've got a list of modifications I'd like to make to it (rebranding, etched name plates, reweathering, crew fitting, DCC and stay alive fitting, kadees fitting, full service) then it should be available to enter traffic. Another fantastic engine from Hornby for the industrial fleet.
  10. The lighting adds a lot of atmosphere and depth to the layout. I love the church pews visible. The 009 stock is also a great addition too.
  11. So full of motivation I've ploughed in by beginning the landscaping. This is just a load of polystyrene left overs that I keep in a tub. They're all just held in place by PVA glue. I'll probably get onto the paper mache tomorrow and maybe so rock stuff. The magazine entrances have also been glued in place but they await a weathering.
  12. The track side details that you've got there really bring the scene to life. The new gronk looks very natural in that scene too.
  13. Some colour tonight. I've added static grass which is a mix of polak stuff. Instead of using any sort of applicator I made small clumps in my fingers then stuck those down onto pva glue. Some scatters and some burnt grass fine turf followed leaving a semi rough grass are. I didn't want it to look too groomed or too wild so I think this is a nice middle ground. Below is a picture of how it's looking. The slow progress on the buildings us really holding me back from starting on the main bit of landscaping in the middle of the layout.
  14. Looks great - I like the different type of track work there. The Howden show is a good one, I exhibited rumbling bridge there last year. Shame I can't make this year.
  15. So progress has slowed whilst I work on the buildings in the background. In the meantime I've been working on some of the baseline scenery in the background. This has involved the fake concrete and ballast. The fake concrete is all purpose filler spread liberally, sanded once dried then scored and painted with a light grey wash. Considering I've done fake concrete for a couple years I'm quite pleased how it's turned out. Ballast is woodland scenics fine light grey. The rails are also painted with humbrol no 29. Here's a pic of my current progress.
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