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  1. Hey, thanks everyone for all your help. Now to pull them apart and get it done. Cheers, Derek.
  2. It is brown seats for the thirds and green seats for the firsts. The partition walls are crimson as the coach sides. Roof inside is grey and one partition wall is PCB green, that is the one that holds the socket for the roof lights. Yep, a bit wrong!!!. but easily put right. Cheers, Derek.
  3. Thanks Miss Prism, so we think the seating colors in the lionheart models are possibly wrong? Been looking on the net all day for at least a photo or two. But no luck. Cheers, Derek.
  4. Hi everyone, need to find colors of interiors of B and D sets in BR days. Going to detail the interiors of my Lionheart sets. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers all, Derek.
  5. Thanks Richard, I will check them out. Cheers mate, Derek.
  6. Hi Richard, what was that last speaker again? The O gauge one. That sounds great. Cheers, Derek.
  7. Hi Chris, finally got around to hooking up my controller on a piece of track to run my new Pannier. Just want to say, It's awesome!! superb running and sound. Many thanks on a sensational model and postage to Australia. I know it has been a while, but I thought you would like to know what I think. Cheers mate, Derek. P.S. I guess I had better get another soon.
  8. Hi Keith, how did you go with the sound on the 2251? I am currently building on old Oakville kit 2251 with so many mods its silly, but, it was stupidly cheap. Cheers, Derek.
  9. I have also seen something about the roof ends but again, can't find it. So, if anyone knows, can they link it? Thanks all, Derek.
  10. Hi Wagonman, I have numerous pics of what looks like D109 ex B and D set coaches in BR days, 50s, which is the period I will model. In later years they were broken up from their formations and standard buffers fitted so they could be run as singles or formed up. Some of the pics show the two brake ends together which looks weird. Yes they did run non fitted auto coaches and also ex slip coaches too. Yet to find dia numbers on those. They also ran a variety of stock as fillers too, between the D109s. Not sure if they ran the later D147s with standard buffers, just no pics yet. Cheers for you help, Derek.
  11. Cheers Gerry, thanks for that. I had seen it but could not remember where. The windows in the down position looks good. Might have to do that. Yep, they do look pretty good. Order some next week I reckon. Thanks mate, Derek.
  12. Hi guys and girls, new to 7mm looking at building Lambourn Station. Wondering on peoples opinion on the Lionheart/Dapol D109 B set coaches and lining removal on the Maroon coaches. Also has anyone seen fit to make any improvements, as they look great to me. Thanks in advance for any of your help, Derek.
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