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  1. Hi Matt, It's quite clear that you very much, Like a Challenge, and I fully understand your reasons for building a New layout, so that you can utilise your vast range of stock. I agree with Simon, that your current plan does look a bit "samey" As they say, it's all in the planning !!! Let Simon come up with a plan for you, thats gives your layout some "oomph" and creativity I'm sure you won't go wrong, and you will be on the "Right track" (Pun intended) Regards, Paul
  2. Hi Ben and Mike. Could you please publish the lengths of these Ecofrets. 2 wagon and 3 wagon sets. Just working out space in fiddle yards. Regards, Paul
  3. Accurascale are going from strength to strength regarding recruitment, and having Graham coming on board is a great addition to an already formidable team. Over the years, I have always found Graham to be very approachable and insightful. I'm sure he will fit straight in to the team, alongside Fran, Gareth and Paul who are proving to be equally as approachable. Now they just need to sign up Dennis Lovett of ex Bachmann fame ??? Regards, Paul
  4. Point taken, but it is still very frustrating when we customers show loyalty to our retailers, only to find that the models are not being supplied as planned. We are then left with the task of obtaining the models else where, when most retailers have already sold out. Frustrating !!!
  5. You will be lucky my friend !!! Despite TTC placing a large pre-order for these DRS coaches many months ago, guess what ? Hornby aren't able to send them any : (out of stock) What is the point of retailers and also customers placing pre-orders in good faith if Hornby have no intention to supply. I know of at least 2 other shops that have suffered the same fate. Disappointing !!!
  6. Excellent modelling. Really creates the scene.
  7. Charlie could always employ more staff, and then put the prices up !!! Then none of us would be happy. Lol
  8. I fully understand your concerns if you have been caught up financially in the DJ models fiasco in the past. I think that the vast majority of people who know Charlie, would actually agree that there is nothing sinister about him or his business. He usually goes out of his way to help people, customers or not !!! There must be a reason as to why your order has gone wrong. I understand your frustration and disappointment, but "putting it out in public" is not always the wisest choice. I hope you find the answers to your questions.
  9. It could be that Charlie or Arran are either travelling up & down the country, to and from many lengthy shows, at both ends of the UK. They could also actually be at the shows, sometimes 3 days at a time. They could also be out and about with their sound recording expert, capturing the very Latest locomotive sounds for us all to enjoy. Inbetween all of this, there is also the matter of fitting sound to customers various models, (not just class 156) as well as wrapping up & sending off via the post office, and in addition they could be on the telephone dealing with customer orders and queries. They could also actually be ill or be having to attend to family matters, the same as most of us from time to time, or they might just be having a well earned break. I'm sure that Charlie or Arran will rectify any outstanding queries with you, if you keep trying to contact them directly, and not via this forum. No connection, other than a long standing and satisfied customer. Thank you.
  10. Hi, Just love the look of the faded EWS class 60. If you are ever getting rid, can I please have 1st refusal. Cheers, Paul
  11. 10 + 22, still equals 32 You could still get SHOT !!!
  12. Take a chance, and get 32 of them. You might get shot, but there's always a chance they could MISS !!! Regards, Paul
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