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  1. Hi, Just love the look of the faded EWS class 60. If you are ever getting rid, can I please have 1st refusal. Cheers, Paul
  2. 10 + 22, still equals 32 You could still get SHOT !!!
  3. Take a chance, and get 32 of them. You might get shot, but there's always a chance they could MISS !!! Regards, Paul
  4. Thank you. The concept was all down to Simon's thorough and careful planning. Regards, Paul
  5. Hi Nick, Excellent photo's of the 37 & pair of 20's Love the discreet nameplate on the class 20 Best regards, Paul
  6. Thanks Ben, but unfortunately I haven't got a fiddle yard that is 21metres long. I might have to re-design the layout. (Lol) Cheers, Paul
  7. Hi Ben, Any idea as to the overall length of these wagons. I have started measuring fiddle yards, to accommodate !!! Cheers.
  8. Looking Good Nick. I guess that you have a liking for 37's, Lol Sorry couldn't make yesterday's show, but was exhibiting over at Bakewell. Regards, Paul
  9. Looking very good. Please keep us updated with your layouts progress. Best regards, Paul
  10. "You will never go to Heaven" Although the ladders might come in handy !!! Lol
  11. Put some in the bottom of your wardrobe, and tell her you have had them for years. Similar to all of her shoes & handbags !!! LOL
  12. What about an O GAUGE 66 from Heljan ???
  13. Recently saw that some 4mm Revolution Tankers have just been sold on E-bay. Single wagon : EWS @ £87 VTG RED @ £71 Triple pack : VTG GREY @ £245 Shows how Good these models are !!!
  14. Hi Benjamin, Where did you buy your Purple flowers from ??? (around the castle entrance) Have a Good show. Cheers, Paul
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