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  1. Is there a way to flip some of these photo's?
  2. Having been enticed by my good friend and neighbour to start a winter hobby. My friend being into 00 scale, suggested I build a model railway. After going to a few exhibitions, checking the net and visiting local hobby stores, I realised I would need a theme which would keep me interested. So it became 'The Somme'. Amiens to Pozieres. I built three boards 2ft x 4ft and with the help of my neighbour we worked out a track plan that would take both 00 and 009 scale. To have movement on the layout at all times the 009 will run continuously through the battlefields at snails pace while the 00 remains a shunting layout. All to be DCC sound, battle noises, lights and fog/smoke. Not sure what to do with it when I'm finished. I will want to start something new I think. Baseboards made up Track plan Testing connections and track Searching for models Testing siding length Forming a trench Splintered trees and some ground cover 009 Albert Ground detail Smoke machine Testing smoke machine. Three outlets per board with a 30mm fan assisting. Trains at the hospital Amiens Designed to view from the side as apposed to an overhead view View of the town. I hope this is of interest to some and welcome sound suggestions or advice. No idea how to turn the photo's???? IMG_4794.MOV
  3. Just a few shots of my WW1 layout, 2 years into it. Still a long way to go. 00 and 009 running on the same layout.
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