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  1. Seems a bit overkill that the price of these DCC ready is getting close to the factory sound price of a Realtrack 156 which is a higher quality and more advanced model....
  2. Kaput

    Dapol 142

    I kinda wonder if this is down to Dapol using multiple factories and the one that made the 68 is excellent while the one making the Pacer isn't quite as a good.
  3. I believe there is 2 versions of the Dapol 08 and the later ones need the decoder with full power functions so a Loksound V4 wouldn't do all the lights. If its an earlier version you might still need to remap the functions to match the Dapol model, I'm guessing the project is setup for the Bachmann/Hornby ones. Especially the V4 one.
  4. TTS decoders have no ability to remap functions.
  5. The slotted nut thing has a screw coming from the other side, If I remember right you can access it when the body is off. Once removed the entire coupling bar thing will come out.
  6. As always you can't really go wrong with the Zimo £20 offering for standard DCC.
  7. Final stages of production but we still don't have a confirmed price? I hope I'm not the only one that finds that odd.
  8. Kaput

    Class 88/93

    I'll admit thats a valid point. Especially at this point in the real locomotive's development it is a little surprising a model is in the works. Only real worthwhile difference I suppose is the 93 is a order of 10 with an option for another 20 while the 88 is a class of 10 with no (announced) plans for anymore for any operators, therefore it has a more limited scope and appeal. Don't get me wrong, it would be nice for the 88 to get a model but it strikes me as the only chance of being viable is if Dapol done it but they have shown zero interest in it so far.
  9. Part of me wonders what prompted the decision to put the geared drive to the front axle instead of the middle or rear since its responsible for the rather far forward positioning of the coupling mount and the design of the motor having a relatively long (for a small tank engine) driveshaft to actually connect the motor with the gears. Makes me curious of the benefit.
  10. Kaput

    Class 88/93

    Not really seeing how someone doing a 93 is going to make someone else doing the completely different 88 more likely? All the reasons the 88 hasn't been touched yet are still valid.
  11. Reduce the rest is about the only choice. Be aware the individual sound slot volumes on ESU are indexed CV's so unless you set the correct CV's in order you won't actually be changing what you think you are changing. It's much easier with a LokProgrammer or Decoder Pro but if those aren't an option read the helpsheet available from the dckits website very carefully on the section about volume adjustments.
  12. My 4TC has a Dapol Imperium 1 in it - works all functions perfectly fine.
  13. Retooling a model in 2021 and not making it DCC ready seems like a bit of an epic fail and basically destroyed any interest I had in it. However, if they set it up so it was a removable weight that revealed 4 easy solder tabs that might be acceptable as a compromise...
  14. Disable Railcom on the rear car's decoder and it'll work properly. No need to mess around with different addresses or consists.
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