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  1. I have a vague memory of seeing a post somewhere stating the Precedents were coming first (no idea why) and the Caley's would follow. If true I'm guessing the September date is slipping. Or Rails are going to have a pile of annoyed customers with 2x £150-£200 models landing in the same month.
  2. The number of functions on the Hatton's 66 means it can only work properly with an MKL decoder.
  3. The first question really is did you get an MKL version of the Lokpilot 5 or just a normal MTC one?
  4. Lokpilot's don't usually ship with all their functions actually mapped to anything. You need to map them yourself.
  5. They are supposed to just be re-releases with the only difference being the bulbs are replaced by LEDs (supposedly).
  6. They've released multiple models their own decoder physically doesn't actually fit into already...
  7. Pendolino's always seem to have the rear pan up. Every 80X I've seen until very recently has had the front one up.
  8. Saying its a Loksound doesn't say what sound project is on it. The main Class 68 sound projects available today all do the lights differently so you kinda need to know what one you have. Either way, if it worked before and nothing has been changed with the switches I'd suggest resetting the decoder (set CV8 to 8).
  9. Have the lights ever worked properly? If not, check the switches inside are set correctly for 6 function decoder. Which sound project is on the decoder?
  10. Yup, sounds like it needs the upgrade. Contact Hornby customer services to arrange, I believe it costs about £15 but you'll get a much more functional and useful controller afterwards.
  11. What firmware is it on? The number when it powers up should tell you.
  12. Kaput

    Farish Class 319

    DCC in general in Japan isn't much of a thing, never mind sound. As much of a pain in the ass DCC fitting the 800 is I can sort of see where Kato's logic goes, they aim for easy mass production and reliablity. Worth remembering their main market generally doesn't have permanent layouts and things have to be taken out and put away back in boxes between running sessions.
  13. Got my LNER one. Managed to kill one of the lightning decoders trying to get it to work in both directions. Otherwise very nice model, the DCC setup is a pain but with a bit of tweaking works. For what its worth using the DC mode switches to turn off the lights seems to basically isolate them from the pickups so can't see any reason why its not safe to use until you get decoders for DCC. Do wonder why they put the motor in coach B instead of C to make it and centred...
  14. ESU decoders have the ability to remember what functions/speed was set when they lose power. Don't recall ever seeing an option for it anywhere for Zimo's though.
  15. Yup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SDYdHzT7Qw
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