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  1. Does feel a bit like it was an age ago the order book closed and they went off to be produced...
  2. For your money you get a decoder that can be picked up for £10 + p&p (Dapol Imperiums are rebadged LaisDCC) and it fitted to a model thats designed for easy DCC fitting. You also get the added bonus that your new model gets removed from the packaging at Dapol HQ to have the decoder fitted, potentially damaging detail in the process then repacked to send to your or your retailer.
  3. CV57 is basically to manually tell the decoder your track voltage. I.E. if you know your DCC system puts 14V to the track then set CV57 to 140 instead of letting it try and guess. Not sure if it will make any real difference but can't do any harm.
  4. Reading far too much into it. If it actually progresses beyond the CAD stage I'm sure there will be plenty of discussion here and on the Hattons website.
  5. Worth remembering that Dapol factory fitted sound usually means fitted in their UK factory and not at manufacture in China. Which kinda makes the state of that wiring even more depressing.
  6. The Imperiums aren't the most high quality decoders around so I'd agree with the above, remove decoder and test on DC and see how it goes. If its fine on DC I'd get a £20 Zimo decoder to replace the Imperium. If its not fine on DC then back to the shop it goes for replacement.
  7. Manual is available from the ESU website. Has the required information on which solder pad is which.
  8. The decoder will have plenty of functions available for full directional cab lights (and independant tail light control). Its just a matter of actually wiring the lights to the function outputs separately.
  9. Cab lights on Bachmann 37's are physically wired together. Only way to make them directional is modify the wiring.
  10. I believe Digitrains ship their PowerCabs with a slightly higher voltage power supply than the standard UK one which might be worth the higher cost.
  11. DCC90 is only 2 functions, need at least a 3 function decoder to have directional lights and interior lights.
  12. What decoder have you actually fitted?
  13. Seems to be a common theme with some of Heljan's releases.
  14. I was so tempted to relieve them of it last week when I was in....
  15. I know there is many other retailers but most of them aren't really big enough to be considered box shifters, even calling Kernow one is pushing it really. But yes the general jist is lots of the smaller retailers will do well out of this although the sad question really is can the hobby/industry really afford retailers and manufacturers falling out long term.
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