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  1. Most DCC's system's can't read decoders when theres no motor attached. Usually have to remove the decoder and put it on a tester or something motorised but I'm guessing thats not doable with the Autocoach. Depending on the system programming on the main track might work but not all systems can change CV1 (for a short address) on the main.
  2. DJ did manage to have some sort of a 3D printed sample of the King so something tangible seems to have existed.
  3. Wonder if they'll be available for retrofit into the older models. Assuming of course it actually happens.
  4. Ooooo, whats changed on it and when's the new one available? (I take it the updated project will be V5 only?)
  5. Only N gauge stuff Hatton's really has is Dapol and most of the discounts in this sale are Hatton's own stuff.
  6. Neither, you want a £20 Zimo MX638 from the likes of Digitrains, Youchoos or Coastaldcc (amongst others)
  7. Has it actually had the decoder removed and replaced with a blanking plug or did the previous owner just enable DC running on the decoder and managed to reverse the direction in the process?
  8. I'm guessing they'll be available via DCC supplies soon. Theres usually a lag between a new model being available and the spares being sent over to DCC Supplies.
  9. Aything DCC fitted from Dapol is always a few weeks behind the DCC ready models because the decoders are fitted in the UK at Dapol's factory/showroom.
  10. Bit quiet on the 92 front, any ideas if we'll be getting them this year?
  11. I noticed a small buzzing sound from my Class 71 when fitted with a Hattons decoder. No sound at all with a Lenz decoder.
  12. Maybe so but the fact stands that a Dapol Imperium (at least the 1 and 2's) are physically identical to the LaisDCC versions if you remove the wrapper from the Lais ones. Don't think the average buyer would really care who copied who (and until there is an actual legal settlement made public we don't really have the full story) Ultimately my point is valid - the DCC fitted versions come with a decoder you can buy for £10ish + p+p and the entire model is designed for easy DCC fitting so the extra cost seems a bit pointless in my opinion.
  13. Wasn't Dapol's normal Voyager (the 220) was considered a bit pants but the Super Voyager was fine?
  14. I'm meaning things that have seen sold out for years and are only even available to attempt to buy because the stock system is so manual.
  15. Doesn't really work that well for all the retailers that still allow you to try and order items long since sold out at the manufacturers.
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