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  1. I use a GaugeMaster Combi for DC to run in locos and when I want to clean them - only thing I have from GaugeMaster
  2. Ah, I thought it was just the Gresley that was noisy - with the all noisy and all quiet on a battery it is clearly the controller that is faulty, more faulty and not ‘not fit for purpose’ that is a term that is handed about and very difficult to prove. contact the seller and tell them it is faulty and that you want a replacement
  3. I would just tell them exactly what you have found and state that you are not happy, especially as all others work OK which suggests that this loco is faulty
  4. Personally I would get it changed. Even with DCC and a z21 you still want a reliable DC source around to test, clean and service locos - at least I do
  5. I have a Greenscenes Flockit running of a 12v 2a wall wart and it does an excellent job on 2mm grass however I cannot make it work for anything longer Are there any suggestions what I am doing wrong, I fill it up, switch it on and shake my wrist back and forward and the grass falls out but doesn't seem to stand up vertically as I had expected it to do. I do note that some applicators use a coarser mesh for longer grass, is this what is needed as I only have the standard mesh which is plastic with around 1mm square holes. There is definitely enough static (I think) as the spark is about 1" long when I put the wire into the cup. I am trying it with Peco Scenes 4mm and 6mm grass which when it is 2mm works very well. Any suggestions?
  6. Some are made by Zimo, but they are not updateable easily as they don't all identify as Zimo plus Zimo wont provide any warranty or support - also buying Zimo branded decoders is often cheaper than the Bachmann rebadged versions
  7. You can combine multiple DCC systems on one layout by using a sniffer bus, but that means your command station has to support a sniffer bus which Hornby, Bachmann and Gaugemaster (among many) do not.
  8. If you are running the DC locos on DC then I wouldn't expect to hear any noise at all, other than the mechanical noise when the loco is running. If everything is new then it may simply be down to mechanical commutator noise as it wont have worn in, however if you have a noise when the locos are stationary then you have an issue.
  9. There are lots of good DCC systems around that are modern and very far from outdated, unlike the Hornby or Gaugemaster offerings. Personally I wouldn't fit anything from Guagemaster onto my layout - their DCC system is a rebadged system that was out of date when it was first rebadged then sold by them and I most definitely would not use any of their rebadged decoders in any of my locos as I want good, reliable control. Stick to the original equipment manufacturers for both your controller and the decoders not rebadged, you will get much better products and generally for cheaper as there isn't a a rebadging premium built into the price.
  10. I would dare to suggest that a more modern system than those offered by Hornby would be more suitable for a large layout, especially as you hint at automation which Railmaster doesn't really provide. A bit more information on the number of locos, complexity of layout, number of operators, types of throttles, expansibility, etc might enable more informed responses - currently you could get answers supporting every DCC system that is available on the market place. The advice I would give is to avoid Bachmann and Hornby for decoders and controllers if you want good control and reliability.
  11. Could you use the usb to usb opto-isolators that you can get for a few quid? the certainly allow me to connect multiple USB devices at the same time and when they are not used I find the devices tripping out because of ground conflicts
  12. @Johnfromoz I am sorry, it appears that trying to help you resolve the issue that you have doesn't meet the pedants on the forum who want to play silly word games. I hope that the pragmatic solution I have offered will show that there are options that meet you needs, and at an affordable price.
  13. I repeat this is available, it is low profile and with a DR4018 - or any other decider it meets the need
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