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  1. Perhaps they meant 8.2ms or 8.2us?
  2. That is amazing as it showed 1 in stock when I posted it - sorry
  3. Or here https://www.dcctrainautomation.co.uk/zimo-mx638d.html
  4. With the Z21 you can use the Roco wifi or corded Multimaus which has an excellent centre-off dial control that makes one handed operation very easy.
  5. Absolutely certain that they have an effect - some decoders are very good, others not so. Personally I would only use Zimo or Lenz with Zimo as the preference
  6. iTrain doesn’t specify or have a requirement for any specific decoders. I know of people using just about every make that exists but some present challenges if they don’t have a complete feature set - some of the TTS decoders have a limited number of CVs. and stopping accurately can be a challenge with them. I have personally changed all my decoders to Zimo from a mixture of different types as I have found they have the best performance and they are generally cheaper Can I suggest that you ask questions about iTrain in the iTrain forum as you will then get answers spec
  7. Hmm, suggests that he perhaps knows that there is an issue?
  8. @RFS what I know is that all the layouts I have helped automate haven't bothered with any of these diodes that you say are absolutely necessary and yet every single layout works perfectly. I also know that my personal layout works perfectly without using any of these diodes. I have only come across one other person who said these are necessary and he admitted that he hadn't every tried to operate without them - when he did he was surprised to find that they are not required. It may be that the DR4088xx and DR5088RC are different from the LDT units and that LDT needs th
  9. I am wondering which 009 locos will have 30 functions ...
  10. Why not get the seller to fit a decoder and sell it to you as DCC Fitted? that way you will either get a working loco or the seller will accept it is goosed.
  11. You don't have to put detectors onto the turnouts as iTrain will perform perfectly without feedbacks on the turnouts. It also doesn't need diodes or any other device between monitored and unmonitored bits of track - I don't know anyone who does this and not one of them has issues, certainly not with iTrain but I can't answer for TC because that is a very different beast. I also know that a loco can traverse 2 detectors and it will show occupation on both detectors, it will also show occupancy on a detector when one half of it is in a detected section of track and the back end is on
  12. doesn’t cause an issue in iTrain as anything that draws power shows instantly (or within the sensor switch on delay) as occupying the Feedback irrespective of whether it is coming from an unmonitored or monitored bit of track. Number and length of pickup points on the train also have no impact upon recognition of a train entering a feedback - it is as simple as something drawing current causes the sensor to report occupancy and that occupancy may cover one or more feedback sensors.
  13. I have them on my track and accessory bus - do they work? TBH I don't know but I do know that I haven't had the random problems of address reassignment on Cobalt IP motors that other keep having - and I use RailCom which is also said to cause issues. My view is that whilst they might to do any good, they certainly dont do any harm
  14. I would suggest that for sound equipped locos with many functions a screen based control is easier as you can have icons against the sounds rather than trying to remember that F3 does this sound, f4 does another sound and f14 make a different noise - especially when there are limited keys available on the keyboard. With an icon based system you can have just the sounds yu want on the screen with a picture depicting the sound. The disadvantage is that most of these systems use a phone or tablet to provide the control and if you don't like that then it wont work, if you can live with
  15. This is normal wiring with feedbacks and while some people advocate a need to use a diode or bridge to drop the voltage on unmonitored track sections most people don’t bother and don’t have any issues, you may want to check the track voltage is sufficient to compensate for the dr4088xx drop- 16v works well for me, 17v even better
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