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  1. I have never seen a sleeve or heatshrink wrap on any of my Zimo decoders
  2. You could simplify the power districts to using simple toggle switches which allow you to sequentially switch the layout on thus limiting to power surge to a smaller number of locos. simply switch all the switches off before switching the layout on, then switch individual circuits on one by one. You may find that 2 are enough, but 3 nights be better. simple and cheap :)
  3. Be aware that the default setting for a DR4018 is for 8 x solenoid motors which is not correct for MP1 or MP5 motors and you must use Preset 6 for these. The default solenoid output from the DR4018 is for the Kato, Roco, Fleischmann low current solenoids and it is not suitable for high current devices such as Peco, Seep, etc. It may work but it may also simply fail and there will be no warranty.
  4. an expensive option if all you are doing is using it for all outputs as the same function e.g. turnout control. Why do you need an app? Answer - you don't therefore you are paying €30 extra for no functionality that you cannot get on a DR4018. If you are using it for multiple different outputs where you want top program each output differently then there is possible justication.
  5. Andy, you shouldn’t assume anything. read the link and you will see that you can’t ;)
  6. Thanks, I was unaware that this could be done and saving the one picture in the link I have been unable to find any other examples. I note that it seems to replace all the block info therefore wonder how you tell which train the loco is attracted to? If you only have one loco of the type shown in the picture I guess that lack of information will work, but what happens when you have 2 or more examples of the same loco? I think I will stick with the textual information that iTrain provides as it is more useful :)
  7. It definitely wasn't iTrain because what he wants is not available in iTrain which only leaves RocRail from his choices - but I don't think that RocRail will do what he wants either Perhaps he went for TC9 as that will present 'images' in blocks
  8. There are details in this thread of how the motor works in all the detail you could ever want plus tests that show how reliable it is. Drehscheibe Online Forum I suggest viewing in a browser that support automatic translation
  9. Surely as the principle behind the use is to clamp the rail between the loco and the steel sheet the only item that needs solid adhesion is the magnet onto the loco? when I looked at this idea a few years ago the problem on N Gauge chassis was there wasn’t sufficient clearance under the locos to get strong enough magnets to create any benefit. The fixing of track to the sheets and fixing the sheets to the baseboard was not an issue at all.
  10. Nothing wrong with app operated command stations. The Z21 XL command station is app, handset or computer operated and is designed specifically for larger scale garden railways, but will operate 00/h0 just as easily, though standard z21 or Z21 will work just as effectively for what you are doing.
  11. Are you saying it can't output more than 15v because that is the input voltage? if you are putting in 15v then the output is liable to be the the 13-14v range
  12. Arghhh That is where I got the names from but for some stupid reason I looked up CV7 and not CV8!! CV7=128 CV8=151 (ESU) CV7=34 CV8=157 (Kuehn) Can anyone identify the decoder from CV7?
  13. How are you measuring this? A conventional multimeter doesnt give an accurate DCC voltage reading as the meters are designed for mains frequency and not DCC frequencies. You either need to be able to read the voltage from within the command station using (supplied) software or use a meter specifically manufactured to read DCC Voltages and currents (which are not cheap )
  14. Just been given 3 locos to look at and the decoders identify as below but I cannot find the specific decoder IDs Does anyone know which specific decoder models these are to get hold of the CV lists to see what values and functions are supported? CV7=128 (Frateschi) CV8=151 CV7=34 (Aristo Trains) CV8=157 Many Thanks
  15. Ask @DavidCBroad it was him who quoted them ...
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