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  1. What do you mean by Roco when you say that powers the layout? If it is a z or Z21 then you can see the current that is being drawn by the layout.
  2. apologies, I meant to say coreless - but you knew that anyway
  3. I am sure that even the old Z21 app allowed you to email the layout file to wherever you want. I used to do it this way to get the same layout on the phone and iPad. I know I could do it on the new app, and am certain I did it this way on the old app as I used that for several years before the new app became available.
  4. Yes, you will have to reset the DR4018 as you don’t know what state it is in now.
  5. I find it much easier to do it using a PC with the Z21 software on it
  6. You set CV47=6 using loco address 9999 and Program on Main, you set the starting accessory address by sending a turnout address to the DR4018 - in your case Turnout 73.
  7. I use 18v on the Z21 and have the booster automatically reflect the Z21 settings. I find that this works brilliantly for me and I only need to use CV57 on a couple of locos that I remotored with brushless motors that have a max voltage of 11v. Everything is par is controlled by CV5
  8. Wouldn’t a repair likely cost more than a new decoder?
  9. Oh dear, you really don’t know enough to realise what you don’t know
  10. Really? Please don’t presume that your experience represents anything else other than your experience. BTW, the z21 does not have an internet port, it has a network interface which has nothing to do with the internet. And all said without any exclamation marks.
  11. It will if you change the subnet mask - and you need to use a cross-over cable to do what you suggest.
  12. NO - you cannot plug a LAN cable into a USB port!!! Use a network cable from your z21 to your home router. You will also need to ensure that you PC is on the same default network as your z21 which by default has the address
  13. The z21 doesn’t know what you have connected to the LAN port, it simply sees a network connection. As I said earlier you need the unlock code if you want to control anything via the network. This would apply to a WiFi connected phone or WiFi Multimaus that are connected to the z21 through the network port but not for a wired Multimaus connected to the X-Bus. You can however, connect via the LAN to a computer to update the z21 firmware.
  14. I believe that you can connect to the z21 using the network to update firmware but not control anything. To control items you need to purchase the Unlock Code from Roco. you should update both because if the Multimaus software is out of date then the z21 will also be out of date. The latest version is here https://www.z21.eu/de/downloads/software-tools
  15. I suggest it is your SX-8 that are causing the problem, and you could either try as above (one of the feed to each device) or simply a switch in the line and switch them on individually to stop the multiple CDUs causing the excess draw.
  16. F4 is the default key used by Lenz for Direct Control i.e. the values you have set in the decoder for acceleration and braking are disabled when this function is latched on. Many people, myself included, set this same key in Zimo decoders and also F3 which is the default by Lenz for Shunting speed. iTrain automatically disables the acceleration and braking values set within the decoder when doing speed measurements.
  17. John, I don't think that the Cobalt-SS motors will hold the blades as firmly in position like you can with a Digital IP or Tortoise.
  18. Andy, it is just one address - it was just a very confusing post as the poster was referring to the keys he presses on his handset, and not saying that you need to add 1 or 2 - which is also the way I read it initially
  19. Hmm, not sure that I can do anything to help as I am not seeing these issues. I use an almost identical setup to speed measure the locos and calibrate stopping as I use a totally separate bit of track with 3 feeebacks. I also use the same bit of track to update the software on the locos. When I upgraded the firmware I did check on the top, middle and bottom speeds to see if they were substantially the same and they are. I then check the stopping position using a shuttle route and again there is no substantial difference, certainly no difference that isn’t what I would do expect to see in normal operations. I may have corrected the issues you see earlier and have forgotten the details as I do have a vague memory of some locos changing stopping position a long time ago, however I generally run the ITrain beta software as a tester and I would probably have put any issues down to that than anything in the decoder update - if I even associated the two of them. If
  20. Robert, After a bit of hassle with a MX638 decoder which refused to update (though another 2 did update!) I have managed to update 11 locos this morning (MX616, MX617, Mx618, MX622 and MC638) and the measured max speed is within 1.5mph higher for forward and reverse on all locos after upgrading. I think this could because of a range of issues from temperature to loco use since last measured, therefore I don't consider this an issue as it is many months since some were last measured. The one MX638 that wouldn't update needed resetting to defaults, and even then it wouldn't update without a forced Ctrl+Alt+Z update - strange, but this has been the problem loco All in all I don't see the issues you are describing but I am not upgrading from so far back. The older was one loco on v37.2
  21. This brings to mind a memory of a few locos needing reprofiling a while ago as they were stopping inaccurately, and that was after I took them up to a standardised version across the fleet. IIRC I took then to 37 something from various different versions and I now have everything on the same version which is currently 39 therefore I may not see the issue you describe?
  22. Thanks - not sure I want to upgrade if I have to reprofile my locos I might try it on one and see if I can reproduce your issue
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