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  1. Just nosed through this - BR Blue era scheme, great work on the striping too, will look a treat when finished
  2. As it says - worth me dragging out my old how-to and build diary threads for here, given how I had to find here ?
  3. Lovely stuff Pinza. Wil the 40 fit round the curves? Also - any more pics or footage of the three[!] steamers in action? Also a question on the older stock if I may. You have/had a green saddletank with an oval '3' numberplate, is that still extant on the McMullens?
  4. I believe that Railway Modeller has also ran an article on the SVR's Hampton loade garden railway?
  5. Oh I don't know - it seems the WLLR was dormant last year but has sprung nicely back to life this year, esp given the return of your video editing skills. While Accucraft aftersales comes up - I personally rate them. My Caradoc wore out its con rods [well, three owners will do that] and they were pleased to send me a new set along with C-Clips. Easily sorted. Burners - I tried mesh on the toastrack burner's airhole, but this did very little. I chose to sort the burner and gastank issues out in a roundabout manner. Loco now steams like a witch.
  6. Good tonsee the red 060 running, now on home territory at long last. Excellent work.
  7. Two quotes from railway history spring to mind... The first, narrow gauge, regards the old Lynton and Barnstaple; "perchance it not but sleepeth" and the second draws from standard gauge history namely when Gresley built his Pacifics, the GWR was heard to remark 'he needn't have gone to all that trouble, we could have sold the young man ours'.
  8. Very nice. The Caradoc shows just how one can make a generic loco their own, akin to a blank canvas. I own one too, had it a few years. Mine is more a top-link loco representing the heyday of NG in the 1910s and 1920s. Great job there 007.
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