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  1. Bazza

    Little Muddle

    Hi, might just be the angle of the photo but are the new cylinders inclined outwards enough They look more like Castle cylinder positioning to me. You have certainly made a silk purse from a show's ear with this loco. Bazza
  2. Hi David, that's great news. Look forward to more details when you have made the necessary decisions. Bazza
  3. Hi, I might have missed it earlier in the thread but are you planning to make your interiors available for purchase, please? I used to travel on Wren and Thrush when they were allocated to the Ealing Greenford service. Your interiors look excellent. Bazza
  4. Hi, great to see the Big Boy in action. Have you fitted the cab handrails? Hornby has not been able to advise me on how to fit them. Bazza. sorry to be way off subject. The layout looks great!
  5. Bazza

    GWR railcar

    Hi very surprised that there has been no reaction to these pics. I do hope that does not mean that no-one is interested or that sales will be very !ow. Bazza
  6. Hi Castle, A brief note from Mike and myself to thank you for the weekend tours. I have been to Didcot many times but with access to restricted areas saw many things for the first time. Some of the background stories were very interesting too. A super weekend with Didcot and Fawley, I rounded it all off with a trip to the Glos Warks yesterday for a ride behind Didcot's King and to see the Caley tank. Thanks again Barry (aka Bazza) and Mike
  7. I agree that the detail on D601 is exceptional, but there was not so much detail to capture on the D800 model. I'm really pleased with my long awaited Ark Royal - it runs as well as it looks! Bazza
  8. Hi, Are there still spaces for the weekend, please? If so I would be grateful for two tickets, please. Many thanks, Bazza
  9. I am currently trying to repair a friend's KGV. The loco wheels lock up going forwards and are very stiff going backwards. I suspect the centre driving wheel attachments for coupling and con rods. Does anyone still have a service sheet for these locos or remember dealing with a similar problem, please? Bazza
  10. Hi Andy, I always wondered how you were able to devote so much time to this fantastic web-site! Thanks for all your efforts in the past and all best wishes for the next phase of RMWeb - glad your hand will still be on the tiller and that your financial situation is secured. Bazza
  11. Hi All, The missing loco for me in the programme is an earlier Castle. It has appeared in GW livery and a sound equipped version but not in BR, early or late. There must be a lot of us who have bought the later versions but await the earlier one. Bazza
  12. Bazza

    Dapol Class 22

    Hi there, The diesel hydraulics were designed with major component changes in mind. Engines, transmissions and bogies were changed as necessary because of failures at the WR depots at Old Oak Common, Bristol Bath Road, Plymouth Laira, Cardiff Canton. They would also be changed when they got to their overhaul hours target. In the case of the Warships, the engines and transmissions had to be the types they were built with, but the bogies were completely interchangeable between the two manufacturer's classes. The locos only needed to go to Swindon for scheduled body overhauls and major work beyond the capabilities or time availability at depots. So when a loco arrived at Swindon for overhaul, the engines, transmissions and bogies could be sent out as depot spares if there was still significant time to their next overhaul. With the amount of component changing that went on it was quite rare for a loco to arrive at Swindon with all major elements due overhaul. It was "an interesting time!". Bazza
  13. Hi Rob, Great to hear from you again, and that you are looking to increase your loco fleet. I may have missed updates on your situation elsewhere but how are you getting on? Are you back in Christchurch? and how is the house, and the railway room. Hope to hear some good news after what must have been a very scary and unsettling time for you. Have seen some of the pictures of the snowfall in NZ - that does not happen very often. with best wishes, Bazza
  14. Bazza

    Mk1 Horsebox

    I remember seeing a long line of horse-boxes at Old Oak Common in 1969 after Prince Charles' Investiture at Caernarfon Castle. They had been used for conveying the military horse contingent. It wasa probably one of the last times these vans were used. Bazza
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