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  1. I have decided that I want to keep this thread for any non LNER modelling I do, and post all of my LNER content over on the LNER forum. Those that follow the imaginary locomotives thread will have seen this. It's a streamlined LMS Mountain. I've decided on the name Dreadnought. It will be finished in black, with straw lining. As for number, I'm not sure yet; Toying with the idea of using the number of one of the withdrawn L&YR Dreadnoughts. I started filling in the gaps where I put the new section in. It doesn't help that I seem to have an inability to cut things straight. I put a coat of paint on it; just so I can see where needs more sanding/filling. Using the bits leftover from Dreadnought I made an Atlantic. I don't have a name, number or final livery for this engine yet, although I may make it part of the fictional city class and keep it in Crimson.
  2. An idea I came up with yesterday, made from bits of GBL Coronation. I guess Stanier caught wind of Gresley's mountain and wanted a piece of the action. I just need to think of a name, number, and livery
  3. Something for Jouef (I think?) SNCF outside frame 0-6-0 diesel shunter chassis maybe?
  4. Lu4472ke

    X9181 ?

    Yesterday, I found out that my 4P had cracked the gear that has the part number X9181. I remember reading it is the same as the one for the Q1. I have found a gear with the part number X9257, for the Q1. Did Hornby change the part number, and will it fit my 4P?
  5. Got this through the post from a very popular selling site beginning with E and ending with Bay this morning. Made by Mainline. I know its a container not a wagon, but I wanted to include it because of the Suffolk connection.
  6. Thank you. What would be the best way to model that? I know that POW sides do the transfers.
  7. One thing that hasn't been mentioned on this thread yet is the Prentice Brothers of Stowmarket, a Chemical works. I'd quite like to model one of their 14 ton tanks, does anyone have any information on their livery?
  8. Has anyone done a photoshop of Gresley's proposed 2-10-2?
  9. Theres been quite a lot happened since the last update, but I don't feel like writing up an essay on that right now, and I don't know if I'll get the time tomorrow. Nevermind, I'll show you a project I've started since the last update. I had started to convert a Hornby railroad A1 to an A3, but I realised I didn't have the confidence to finish it before it was too late. So, I cut the smokebox and the front of the footplate off, and glued a GBL A4 front on. This was part of the smoke lifting experiments that were carried out on 2751 and some others, I'm not sure what identity this will have when it's done yet.
  10. I've got a J70 which has stripped some of the teeth on one of the gears; my warranty has run out, I've rung Kernow and because it's out of Warranty there's nothing they can do. Does anyone know of a suitable replacement or where I can get one?
  11. So. Not much has happened with Aotn today. I got some filler primer on it, and mounted the bogie
  12. More work on the C7, which needed a tender. So a group standard one, which previously was towed by a Bachmann B1, and had been sitting in my scrap box for months if not years. So first of all the electric lighting came off Then the coal load came out. Then I made up a very crude nameplate in MS paint. This isn't the final version, as I plan to get some etched ones from Narrow Planet. Don't look too bad (the chimney and bufferbeam were borrowed from my Two WIP A4's. I've also sanded where the nameplates were flat, and removed some of that blue paint.
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