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  1. I've got a J70 which has stripped some of the teeth on one of the gears; my warranty has run out, I've rung Kernow and because it's out of Warranty there's nothing they can do. Does anyone know of a suitable replacement or where I can get one?
  2. So. Not much has happened with Aotn today. I got some filler primer on it, and mounted the bogie
  3. More work on the C7, which needed a tender. So a group standard one, which previously was towed by a Bachmann B1, and had been sitting in my scrap box for months if not years. So first of all the electric lighting came off Then the coal load came out. Then I made up a very crude nameplate in MS paint. This isn't the final version, as I plan to get some etched ones from Narrow Planet. Don't look too bad (the chimney and bufferbeam were borrowed from my Two WIP A4's. I've also sanded where the nameplates were flat, and removed some of that blue paint.
  4. So, this arrived this morning. Long term followers of Corbs' workbench thread will recognise this one. I've carved off the moulded nameplates each side as I don't like them. It's not perfect but once they're under an etched nameplate it won't be noticeable. It's got no pickups fitted; so doesn't run. Electrical and Mechanical repairs on locomotives aren't my strong point, so I'm putting that off for now and concentrating on the aesthetics because I prefer that.
  5. So, I thought it was about time I brought this thread back from the dead. I found these 2 Ratio 4 wheel coaches on a shelf, both with no rooves. So some Hornby Clerestories donated their rooves and after some fettling I came to this: They still need filler, rainstrips and paint but they're 90% there.
  6. The safety valves on my Peckett have been damaged. anyone know of any brass ( or a similar material )replacements?
  7. I was researching number 7139, and came across this photo https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=LNER+J70+number+7139&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CbuoK0cpB-wqIjhl3G_1lr26tTrXaV8RHEh6gkSr8ZYvrBBRNTGiPjZiIfQrO9GYeushMslyL7D110i-m5MjR2bKT_1yoSCWXcb-Wvbq1OEaydLOreoLEVKhIJtdpXxEcSHqAR4w9QLNkZJBAqEgmRKvxli-sEFBHMhiyOFJo81SoSCU1MaI-NmIh9EUPioDjE6xcNKhIJCs70Zh66yEwRkQ6b-gP3juMqEgmyXIvsPXXSLxF2Etpoli1ObyoSCabkyNHZspP_1Ef4mwRiMf0PL&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiMg6upgavhAhV5AGMBHZHEAdcQ9C96BAgBEBg&biw=1301&bih=631&dpr=1.05#imgrc=6Cpbap8QlUC4EM:
  8. Whats the best thing for removing dried Enamel paint from an Airbrush?

    1. Spitfire2865


      wheres it dried? Id take plenty of thinners or acetone and slowly soak and prod at any stuck paint.  Eventually itll eat its way through.  

    2. Re6/6


      I use cellulose thinners for softening hard dried-on enamel paint. Leave to soak for a few hours. Acetone should also work well.

    3. BlueLightning


      I would use cellulose thinners!

  9. Are there any photos of J70's on Ipswich dock with sideskirts and cowcatchers?
  10. I spoke to the GER society at a model railway exhibtion, and I was told that because docksides like Ipswich ran over public roads, the locomotives working on the dock had to have sideskirts and cowcatchers, but as you've said this didn't always happen
  11. I've already alerted the mob who are going to throw bricks through your window when the time is appropriate
  12. Sorry to hear you didn't get the job Linny On a happier note the coach Looks good, what type of coach is it?
  13. Has anyone had one of these apart? if so how do they come apart?
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