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  1. Thank you guys, I'll be going to the Bristol O gauge show later this month, so will hopefully get a chance to see some of these figures 'in person' so to speak.
  2. Thank you for the link. With only 6 figures in the modern range, I guess I'm back where I started with Preiser.
  3. By 'on mass', I just mean generic people doing station things, like waiting, sitting, messing about etc. My layout will be modern day preserved, so I'll want a fair few figures. Otherwise I'll have to model a wet Wednesday morning on a working day, that maybe a little dull ;-) I've had a look at the ModelU sit and to be honest, I can't really work it out. I'll give them a ring soon and ask about O gauge figures. Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks for the link. Do ModelU make a range of standard 'people' sitting and standing that one could use on mass?
  5. Wow, those Cice figures look amazing. Can't see any way to order or a price list?
  6. Hi, What are my options for good quality o gauge people? Preiser have the quality, but seem old fashioned and hideously expensive in O gauge !! Is there a place I can look at where there is a better balance of cost and quality of sculpt? I'm wanting modern people as I'm looking to build an up to date preserved railway layout. Thanks.
  7. No need to buy parts this time, the loco turned up today in perfect order :-) VERY nice loco. Thanks.
  8. Lol, I'm answering my own questions https://howesmodels.co.uk/product/Heljan-o-class-42-sprue-h-black206/
  9. I don't have the loco yet, but I can't see the steps in the pictures, but there is a full sealed detail pack. Can I buy steps as a part if the loco doesn't have the steps?
  10. Hi, I've just bought a used Class 42 Heljan Warship in O gauge. Can anybody tell me if the 42 is a solid model or does it have anything I should keep an eye on? It would be nice to get some spares now in readyness if needed. Thanks.
  11. You are exactly correct, this is exactly how I got my decoder. I contacted DC kits and they confirmed that the two brown wires were all that was needed to connect the two separate speakers, and the other three are for a stay alive. I did that and everything worked as it should. My new 08 burst into life and all was well :-) Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have been thinking of buying a 61xx for a little time now. Can anybody tell me why Rails are knocking off £300 off the RRP ? Is there something wrong with them or maybe old tooling that is wrong ??? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the replies. The picture shows exactly what I got from Legomanbiffo, no more, no less. The decoder box says 97418 LokSound V5 21MTC 11x15mm BUT is actually 11x30mm ? What I have does not seem to match up with the replies above.
  14. Hi, I know my way around a model and soldering iron, but I'm totally new to fitting DCC decoders with extra wires and speakers. I have got a Lok-Sound decoder (21 pin with 5 extra wires) with sound and twin speakers ready to fit into an 0 Gauge Dapol 08 (in the post). The box just contains the decoder and a pair of speakers and no instructions. I've been on DC kits site and can't find any instructions. Is there a page somebody could send me to, to see where the wires go, basically how to fit this system? Many thanks.
  15. A slight adjustment of the standard interior after a full drive train tweak! The whole interior was airbrushed with rail match and doors added according to the GW A.E.C Diesel Railcars book, page 88 and 92. The floor is totally the wrong colour and so are the seats, but they were done before I got book :-(
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