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  1. I will contact my bank in the morning and find out exactly what has happened. Since opening the claim, my bank (or you) have told me absolutely nothing, I assumed the claim had failed, so kept the decoder, it's that simple. Maybe you should have rung me Charlie if you thought I was trying to steal from you?
  2. I was contacted by a mutual friend today and informed of all this forum activity about me. Having now checked in and read these posts, I can see some of my private PM's have been made public and suggestions about me having been made! Yes, I was very angry about this ESU decoder for a great many reasons, none of which I'm going to explain here. Richard was offering me help in the beginning and I thought he was 'on side' and trying to help me, hence me keeping him 'in the loop'. If I had known he was going to make all my private PM's public and suggest there was something untoward go
  3. Hi there Mr Swiftbeam.


    The ESU Class 42 Legomanbiffo Decoder that you had from us on the 3rd June, which you have replaced with the Zimo Decoder was promised to be returned to us for a refund, I have noticed you have asked your bank for a Refund of the £210.00 (A discounted price) but as of today you have not returned the decoder to us.  Please advise when this will be done please.   Thank you.  Charlie.


    PPS Just in case you have lost our address, it is: DCKits, 111 Norwood Crescent, Leeds LS286NG

    1. swiftbeam


      Hello Charliepetty,


      I'd forgotten all about it.

      Do you still want it back?

      It's sat in it's box put to one side.

      I can't give you back the speaker as it's been modified and lies in the model.




  4. Since writing this thread boxbrownie, I have moved fully over to Zimo decoders from YouChoos and Digitrains. I very much like these businesses and found them to have all the products I need and they are very happy to help me. They are actually going above and beyond to help me in my early days of DCC. I do rather like the Zimo F2 braking, so all locos can be run off my Sig-NaTrak hand controllers with only five functions (sound, brakes, whistles all the important stuff). As you say, the Digitrains 08 sounds great, as does the YouChoos 8750, but not yet managed to get the 42 fired
  5. Thank you for the link to the speaker site Dungrange. Richard, I said, "Rather than keep asking questions, does anybody know of a site I can go to that gives a good overall of DCC speakers, there suitability and compatibility? " You replied, "Someone asked me a similar question the other day" Please note the word "anybody" in my question, and the word "me" in your reply. I was not asking you personally for a reply and I was most certainly not asking you to add anything onto your site. You seem to have taken my open
  6. Hi, I just need a to find a page on the net that goes over the basics of what you can and can't fit onto decoders so I can buy in some speakers and have a play without blowing up hundreds of pounds worth of gear. I'd like to have a play with a mix of 'Bass' speakers and 'tweeters', but I have no idea what can go on what and how many of each. Just the basic stuff really, there is only so many times I can ask Digitrains and take up there time! I am buying gear from them as I ask, but they have a business to run and my spendings will not cover the down time they give to m
  7. Hi Richard, That's not actually what I'm asking and I have no idea who you are or what your business is? All I need is some info about what you can and can't put on a decoder so as not to blow it up. ie, can I put 10 home hifi speakers on the smallest decoder, can I link 15 speakers in a chain and expect it to work, can I use a 10,000ohm speaker on a decoder, if yes, how many etc etc. I just need to know the basics of speaker specs and what is relative to our DCC decoders. What speaker works in what loco is absolutely pointless as everybody hears differently
  8. OK, Thank you for that. Rather than keep asking questions, does anybody know of a site I can go to that gives a good overall of DCC speakers, there suitability and compatibility?
  9. Hi, I have two of these fitted in my Heljan O gauge Warship. https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=223_239&product_id=432 All sounds very good, but it does sound rather like two speakers in a box (slightly muffled), which is what they are! What would happen if I swapped one of them for one of these, or swapped both for two of these? https://www.digitrains.co.uk/slim-boom-box.html I'm looking to try and loose some of the 'muffle' and bring in some slightly higher tones. All sounds a bit strangled at
  10. Kinda hard to "go for a manual" when the trader does not give you one, offer you one, tell you one exists or sends you a link to one! It's also hard to find a manual when you don't know what you are looking for, don't know what applies to you, the trader doesn't tell you what he has sent you and it comes in the wrong box. Then on top of all that, I am utterly useless at trawling through the net not knowing what to look for, hence I've spend a few days wasting my time. It gets to the point that it's just easier to ask the question here and just take the ' you are lazy'
  11. Thank you for the two links, I'd spent most of the day wasting my time surfing Google and not for the first time. The problem is, if you don't know what you are looking for, you're wasting your time, that's me all over. I just wish the trader that sold me this decoder was more helpful.
  12. Yep, thats the one guys, I've been reading and changing CV's all evening. Now it runs better, it has confirmed I'm not a fan of the way the throttle sounds relative to the acceleration. I'm going to buy a Zimo project in the hope it sounds better. Thanks.
  13. Thank you, I didn't get any paperwork with my V5, so have spent all afternoon trying to find that CV on the net. I don't know what I'm doing to be honest and can't keep ringing shops to ask :-0
  14. I have found Digitrains to give a GREAT service, but they don't do a 42 Warship, only YouChoos. Some people say the YouChoos diesels are not very good, but it will take me £220 to find out for myself :-( What does the Digitrains 08 sound like? Thanks
  15. Hi, Does anybody have the CV for ESU V5 acceleration? Thanks.
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