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  1. MODELU has 15% off all products this Black Friday: - https://www.instagram.com/p/CWtUnIVgkCv/
  2. At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month – we will remember them
  3. With TMC offering R3458 No 921 Shrewsbury at £96.60, I too had thought to rename/renumber as No 917 Ardingly - reading through the thread, the cab-side windows are lower and she has the Lemetaire blast pipe/large diameter chimney also, but would be grateful for advice around the tender? Referring to @PJT's post I would hazard a guess it's incorrect, comparing the positioning of the toolboxes to R2827 No 925 Cheltenham? The best picture I can find of Ardingly is inconclusive (in my eyes, anyway!)...
  4. An autumnal morning at Great Coles Wood as a fireman turns to his billy can for solace.
  5. With your daily posts, @KNP it's easy to become blasé about just how great these scenes are - take a step back and it really is hard call this as a model... Possibly the minor shadows behind the tree on the left the most 'obvious' clue? Thanks for the taking the time post each morning
  6. Sorry, @AY Mod please can I trouble you for some help as well? I also signed-up for the World of Railways Plus trial and last Saturday (02nd) committed to a quarterly subscription. When I login to World of Railways it still only recognises my trial subscription (so not yet Gold on RMweb) and when I try to link my account I get the message that I "do not have an active World of Railways Plus Subscription". I sent a message to 'Web Help' at the beginning of the week but if you can point me in the right direction in the meantime it would be appreciated!
  7. With Great Coles Wood Farm in the distance, ex-L&SWR B4 Class No 30096 propels Box Van No 45374.
  8. MODELU has 15% off all products this bank holiday weekend: - https://www.instagram.com/p/CTFeGynHrbd/
  9. @KeithHC, having grown-up in Crawley Down, Rowfant (and Grange Road) are of interest to me and saved this topic for future reference... Purchased today from Bluebell Railway Carriage Shop, Horsted Keynes, was a book titled 'SOUTHERN REGION MEMORIES' PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE BLUEBELL MUSEUM ARCHIVE (ISBN 978-1-906419-48-6) - in it is a picture taken Jun'52 of E4 Class No 32484 and Q Class No 30546 leading oil tank wagons at Rowfant for Norwood Junction (from the Government Oil Store). Focus is on the locomotives, but it's the first time I've seen tank wagons pictured. The book was £6.50, my sole reason for purchase!
  10. The one remnant that still stands on the former station site? https://www.westerhamheritage.org.uk/content/catalogue_item/goods-yard-crane-base-view-towards-station
  11. https://www.bluebell-railway.com/model-railway-weekend/
  12. Quoting the KERNOW MODEL RAIL CENTRE NEWSLETTER (dated July, 09th): - Really looking forward to these - I've had one on pre-order since Aug'18 (appreciate others have been waiting longer) and after a visit to IoW last month very tempted to add at least another!
  13. An update on progress, quoting the KERNOW MODEL RAIL CENTRE NEWSLETTER (dated April, 30th): -
  14. Some absolutely exquisite modelling there, @Jack P. It seems 'harsh' to single-out just two subjects, but the weathering of the PO wagons and Warwell (especially) deserve special mention...
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