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  1. Hi guys, sorry, it took a while to add the information, but the Version 2 of the DCX76 is now online: https://www.1001-digital.de/pages/digitaltechnik/lokdecoder/ct-elektronik-tran/tran-dcx76.php I have also checked the pads for GND, the one that is marked on the red circuit board is still connected to the GND pad on the green one, so you may use both of them if you wish. Note that Tran forgot to uncover the pads for AUX1 and AUX2 on version 2, so you have to use the 2 pads on the upper side of the decoder. Unfortunately they are harder to connect, there are some chips nearby. Best regards Carsten
  2. Hi guys, I just found this discussion about the images on my website. They are only valid for the first revision of the DCX76 (red board). Tran has changed the layout slightly for the version with the green board, resulting in swapped pins for front and rear lights (he fixed this by a firmware update in newer decoders). The back side has also been changed, so there might be only one connector for ground left. I haven't checked this yet, but you better stick to the one that is still marked as GND. It's the one closer to the NEM651 connectors on the image with the red board. I'll update my site soon to give accurate information about the grren DCX76, too. Hope I've been of help Best regards Carsten Btw., I have been thinking about making an english version of my site. But I don't think I can handle this by myself...
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