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    00 gauge, collecting mostly GW and BR(W), all with DCC and sound chipped ready for when I build THAT layout that I promised myself 40-odd years ago. Well, that's what I thought. Seems that 30 of them need chipping - urgh.

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  1. @NHY 581 Is that a photo (just above) of your motor? I suspect it's not you with your back to the camera - or is it? Cheers, Philip
  2. @KNP Nah, checking out the fish to come back later with his rod. Very nice work and I really enjoy your photos. Cheers, Philip
  3. @Pacific231G Yes, that's image that still up, but the link to it was down yesterday. I've only been to le Touquet once and that was by car, though I do know someone that used to fly from Essex to do a round of golf and then fly back! Interesting to know that the situation wasn't unique. Cheers, Philip
  4. @birch1 Wasn't there a S Wales bus company called Crossways? Probably no longer exist - or am I confusing myself with Crossville? Nice looking diorama by the way. Cheers, Philip
  5. I do collect - but only for my future layout - not to put in a display cabinet. I have most of my boxes even for my well-used 55/60yr old stock, simply as it's easier to put them away in bigger plastic crates. Some of the boxes are now rather tatty but the stock inside is dust-free (as it should be). Cheers, Philip
  6. I've had no issues with my Gaugemaster P - perhaps it's got a little more oomph, though I note it's only rated at 1.5A. Cheers, Philip
  7. You can still see the outline of the track alignment via Google ....... I think it was the only case of a railway crossing a live runway (stand to be corrected of course). As a very young lad, I travelled on an RTG from Paris to Dieppe with my French grandmother who was accompanying me back to the UK, Easter 1960 possibly. Nice looking layout and if based on the 'Petite Ceinture', I saw that before the line and viaduct was removed between the Gare d'Auteuil and the Pont de Garigliano. The viaduct that ran down the middle of Boulevard Exelmans was mass concrete and took
  8. I seem to recall that TTS is wholly DCC and won't make sound on DC , though the loco will run on DC. TTS is much simplified and hence cheaper. Cheers, Philip
  9. Hi @confused, Generally all DCC sound locos will make ..... er ..... sound under DC - but the number of sounds are very limited. There are locos where the CV (don't know which one) has been tweaked to not allow running under DC - you then need access to a DCC system to alter the CV. I have a Bachy 66 with sound that was running on the club's DC layout - unfortunately every time it ran into a signal protection section, it would shut down and then have to restart from scratch. I suppose it was slightly more authentic than just moving off immediately having been given the
  10. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, mine arrived and I was going to give it a run, which I did belatedly. Here are my thoughts: Nothing was adrift in the packing and having been forewarned, the loco was extracted with care from its cradle and no damaged steps. I have but a yard of track upon which to run it (don't laugh) - so no long running-in at the moment. It's a DCC sound one but due to a major mishap (no sniggering at the back), I have no DCC so it's plain vanilla DC via a very old Gaugemaster P controller (with brake simulation). All set up ready to go and - not
  11. @Alex TM Oooh ...... I don't know the scale. Next time on the 'phone to him (probably on the weekend), I'll ask and post up the reply. I'm glad the parcel was found! I'll also pass on the kind comments. (Just had a look at the photos again and in the corner of one of the boxes in tiny, tiny writing, I can see 1/35th.) I always thought Peter was pretty good at doing military figures and I think diversifying into MM is just a natural step for him. Cheers, Philip
  12. Would @The Johnster be able to help regarding the loco - just a thought? Cheers, Philip
  13. Agree with what has been mentioned above, though older standards of platform heights show 2' 9" (11mm) above rail height. Mention has been made regarding pencil-at-midpoint and pencil-at-corner regarding clearances for over-hang. Don't forget to use your longest bogie stock that has the greatest distance between bogie centres and the longest overhang beyond the bogies - Class 800 coaching stock springs to mind. Do also check clearances with steam locos at cylinder height - the GWR were generous in this respect and some of their locos could not run everywhere in the UK because of the overall pi
  14. Philou

    Bachmann 4BEP

    The price is hefty - but it does look good.
  15. @Cor-onGRT4 Ummm .... no . Nonetheless, I know I shan't be buying €10 000-worth of stock from Hornby (or anyone else)! Cheers, Philip
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