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    00 gauge, collecting mostly GW and BR(W), all with DCC and sound chipped ready for when I build THAT layout that I promised myself 40-odd years ago. Well, that's what I thought. Seems that 30 of them need chipping - urgh.

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  1. @martin_wynne Pffff ............. Shift-6! I has a proppa keyboard, I has. ^ no shift needed as it's one of the symbols the 'continentals' use for accents and is a lower case key on mine. Had I known, I could have used that instead - something I shall remember, so thanks for that. (But I found this √ too ). Cheers, Philip PS: Just to be OT, there's a level crossing over which I go regularly, that is decidedly not at all level!
  2. @Reorte @melmerby Aha ...... my stupid. I mis-read 1 sq. m as 1 m. sq. which is not the same thing at all. Sorry. (Wish I'd gone to Specsavers BEFORE replying ) Cheers, Philip
  3. @Reorte Um, no ................ A0 paper measures 841 x 1189mm. B0 paper does have one side that measures 1.0m but the other is square root of 2m (can't do the symbol, sorry) which is 1.414m (approx). Cheers, Philip
  4. Thanks for the link to Paul Bartlett's photos - it seems that the single side brake is on the side with the end flap to the left - on the pictures that I quickly looked. I'll pick up more detail this evening. Thanks too for the book link. I shall need to get a copy as I seem to have quite a collection of other minerals that could do with a make-over. Cheers, Philip
  5. Thanks chaps - very useful. Just as well I hadn't merrily set-to with the brake-handles!! Cheers, Philip
  6. Question arises regarding the 16t wagons. I have over 30 of the things, mostly built, but unpainted that are/were Airfix kits. I understand that they are incorrect as they (the model) were based on a small number of fitted BR wagons rather than the majority (unfitted) that would have been seen. Before I finish them (they were started only 40 years ago so a few extra months won't matter now), what do I need to do to them to make 'more' prototypical? I seem to recall from another thread that the brake lever needs to be removed from one side (which side?) and (presumably) the cylinder has to be taken off the underside for the non-fitted version. In addition, from what I understand, I need to link the V-hangers with a bit of brass rod. Or have I got this all backwards (again) !!! . Cheers, Philip PS: And the 'working' hinges need to be reduced in size - no? Edit: I hadn't realised this was page 135 of the thread and the answer may well lie between here and page 1 !! I shall have a read through first. Cheers.
  7. ............. and don't forget to have your insurance up to date. Thanks to this thread, I recently did an audit of what I had in stock to estimate its value (I did a replacement value) and I was mortified to see just how much it would cost to replace on a like-for-like basis. Next step is to take on board all the advice that has been given regarding security measures and getting the items secured. Cheers, Philip PS: Had a couple of Roms wandering round the village in their white van (got them here too) a couple of days ago - but they were spotted. Hopefully they won't be back too soon .
  8. Say 'hello' to my brother Peter - he of the Lord part of Lord and Butler - as I can't be there. Ta. I hope you have an excellent day. Cheers, Philip
  9. Still have 'The Golden Hare' book, and despite knowing where the treasure was found, I still can't work it out ....... got as far as Tewksbury and thought it may have been Ledbury ................ there you go. Still think it was a stitch-up though ..............
  10. Oh Johnster - you are a tease - strategic reserve .......pffft
  11. Ooooh .... I don't know Joseph. My local club accepts me with my UK outline rolling stock on their SNCF layout .... they're also quite into RM which I leave at the club once read. There's also a 15yr old who's modelling UK N gauge. A few have bought UK outline items too when shown the difference between UK prices and French ones. They're not averse to modelling other Euro rail models - but then we're not that far from Germany/Switzerland. There is a tale to be told: I read elsewhere of a UK chap who went to his local US club taking some of his UK outline at the first time of going there and was instantly greeted with: 'You can take your Eurosh!t outta here'. Shocked I tells ye, shocked!! Cheers, Philip
  12. Until I moved here <------ , I never belonged to a club, in fact I'd never been to a model railway club. It was by chance that a while after being here in the sticks, I met someone that I had known some years before who had a huuuuuge layout and let me know of an model railway exhibition nearby (30 miles away is 'nearby' here). I went. I was quite surprised at the quality of the modelling for a place in the middle of nowhere. Cut to the chase, I joined the 'local' club and within 2 months I became the treasurer (no one else wanted to do it - so I did). They naturally model SNCF in HO, but being a good bunch (50:50 mix of old:young) they let me run my OO British outline on their layout (runs on the left anyway ). They're always asking what new stuff I'm going to bring next - and to be frank I consider the quality of UK models to be a cut above the continental offerings. Whilst like many above, its mostly a place for us old'uns to chat and drink (coffee, not tea here), they are always busy doing a module, or making bridges or buildings - though it seems that ballasting has become my forte - my fault as I was always complaining that what they were using was round and the size of budgie grit. 'Go on, show us' - I did - serves me right. Although I never particularly wanted to join a club that would have ME as a member, I am glad I did, as I have been able to have been of use to them and I have also learnt from them too. Just my personal experience, Cheers, Philip
  13. A question arises from the first of the two clips above: So .............. what happened? We EXPORTED locos all over the world at the time of the film - of note was to RENFE (Spain) - and then 50 years on we import them back! (Shakes head in amazement), Philip
  14. I don't know if it's of help, but in building Scalescene downloadable card buildings they recommend against using spray mount to attach the papers to the card sub-base. I have found that the spray mount, when I have used it, not particularly good. I expect there is spray mount and there is spray mount. I note that your background is attached directly to a wood backing - I should expect that most standard glues would not hold unless the wood surface was prepared - a coat of emulsion would probably be OK. As you were thinking of using paint, I would do that. However, you will need to ensure that your roof space is really well insulated (and ventilated) as sea air is particularly aggressive. I don't know the weather patterns in Perth (though I understand it's THE city to live in in Australia), but damp will find its way in - especially in coastal areas. Cheers, Philip
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