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  1. Hello chaps, I'm still about but only on page 82 at the mo'. I'll catch you up a bit later - very interesting the bits on tanks. Just so I may go to bed wiser, just what is the difference between guns being classed as 'pounders' and calibre? Diameter of the barrel I can understand but pounders? 'Fraid I don't have much military in my recent family though my two French great grandfathers were. On my grandmothers side, her father was head inspector of munitions during the Great War, and on my grandfather side his father was an admiral who was responsible for persuading th
  2. @stovepipe Thanks for taking the time to answer my query - at least I can assume it's not a terribly popular model! I did look on the t'intertubes and I found Paul Bartlett's photos of the coaches, but not as a complete train. I doubt if there any videos about as they pre-date digital cameras. I know where they came from and I might send them back (perhaps keep one), and swop for something else. I know that newbyford(?) does the modern yellow stock - so I'll try and track him down. Cheers and thanks anyway, Philip
  3. Calling Mr York, calling Mr York, @AY ModI don't know if this has been flagged up by others - I didn't go back more than a couple of pages. I was looking through my message box searching for a couple of photos that had been sent via the messaging service quite some time ago, as I couldn't find them on my laptop. Unfortunately there was an 'oops' message saying "we can't find what you're looking for, contact us'. There was also an error code - sorry I didn't note it, but I can go back and get it if you want. It would seem that there are no pictures archived at all. Cheer
  4. Hello chums, I'm reviving this thread as I have a question regarding Mk1s converted into departmental stock. As a recent birthday gift I was given three (yes 3) ballast cleaner staff coaches from Hornby (R40006-8) and I mused the following questions: How many ballast cleaner staff coaches does a layout need? Where would these coaches have been used in the UK? What would have been a 'normal' consist? and; What would have hauled the consist (and in what colours)? I had never considered having departmental stock,
  5. Erm @Steamport Southport ..... in Cardiff there are both coach and bus stations (in a park a mile away from the 'other' station from which trains arrive and depart. I understand it's temporary) - here's a picture .............. CoachStation.pdf (Sorry, I can't save Google views as .jpgs) Cheers, Philip
  6. @Dunsignalling Is the photo with the trolleybuses part of your layout? If so, how did you do the overhead, and does it work? It looks very impressive! I have some Original Omnibus ones to convert with working poles and I'd be interested to know. Cheers, Philip
  7. Thanks chaps and chapesses that made the suggestions and information that has proven useful. I have tried 1:1.5 and 1:1 on the virtual model and for the moment it's looking as if 1:1 has it. Here's a 'module' - it's a double track main-line on a rising grade away from a viaduct to pass over the single line branch falling behind it. I'll post the whole thing up later - it's taking a day per module (the visualisation part of threading the track(s) through the land form is doing my head in) : Cheers, Philip
  8. Funnily enough, it was almost 50 years ago that I did my civil engineering course! We had the piles of coal in our back lanes too. Anyway, I'm off to find my natural angle of repose - 90° to the vertical .............. Toodle pip
  9. @doilum I remember doing slip circles and the plasticity of soils (the lecturer was one of the former Aberfan engineers of the time ) and the natural angle of repose, a lot I now no longer recall as I had no use of what I learnt. It was a rule of thumb (then) that 45° was considered a maximum - things change. I have made use of retaining walls in the 'Rule 1' area, but I'm in the prototype area (tight radii and the such notwithstanding) and it's all earth embankments leading to a viaduct. Cheers, Philip
  10. Thanks for the info. I do have some deep cuttings faced in sandstone, but the rest is in earth/soil. I was quite happy to do the full engineering, but it doesn't half use up space. Up 'til now, I've only been able to see the 'model' in 2D, but having drawn it in SketchUp in 3D, it's giving me a better idea of what to expect. Once the layout starts in the flesh there will be plenty of fine tuning to be done as I feel that on-screen doesn't allow that, whereas you can mould the landscape in the flesh (think carving polystyrene to suit). Cheers, Philip As a PS:
  11. Yes, yes, chums, sorry to disappoint - it's not a question of what batter to have on your cod but what to have on your model. I have looked in the Modelling thread, and unless I didn't type in the correct key-word, I didn't really find what I wanted. I'm currently doing some 3D designs of my proposed layout and I've been trying to follow engineering practices regarding slopes/batters when drawing cuttings and embankments. As I'm trying to model a real place and the land form over which the line will travel (165 feet AOD to 900 feet AOD) I'm finding that cuttings and emb
  12. I know I'm very exceedingly late to the party, but I'm just picking up on a point made by @The Johnster on Page 60 of this thread (I'll get to Page 66 later). There is a photo of an LNWR Webb 0-6-2T Coal tank at the Rhymney Railway shed in 1924 in the company of other RR locos, an interesting one being an 2-4-2ST outside framed 'L' class loco pulling a load of 'Genesis' coaches. Makes for a nice little diorama. (Page 50, Railways of Cardiff by Laurence Waters pub. Ian Allen 1995). Cheers, Philip
  13. @Mike Bellamy Over here as we're une Association under the law of 1901, and as we can ask for grants from the local authorities (Parish, Département (County) and Regional), our accounts have to be available to them annually, so there is no secret. This year, as things have been quiet, there's not been much movement in or out and there's the rub, the emphasis on the inward part. The proposal to increase subs is raised bi-annually! Cheers, Philip
  14. @njee20 I also agree and understand that raising subs can be counterproductive. My problem as Hon. Treas. is that our income from subs just covers our annual personal liability insurance (we've not got many members) and a tiny bit left over to cover materials (glue, paints and the like). Our club does also supply plywood and track to the younger members (at no extra cost to them) to allow to them to build their own modules (600 x 1200mm) so that once every so often, the modules come out and big display can be set up (think Freemo style). They at least can say 'I built that!' rather than having
  15. @RJS1977I know that our club is out in the sticks, pretty much rural and little industry, so jobs are not easily found and here in France, I find the pay is pretty low - just above minimum. Nonetheless, I did think that as the club is open three times weekly and free tea/coffee and soft drinks (provided by Hon. Sec.) is available, that €5 a month wasn't asking TOO much. They did all gasp a bit when I told them that UK clubs pay that a week, some even asking £10 pw. Anyway, they are going to have to have a really hard think over what they want to do as they wanted to do a big show i
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