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  1. Barnstaple be any good? It's a single track bridge on a curve but there's no reason that it shouldn't be double. It looks a simple enough structure AND it was good enough for 4-6-0s to cross it - here's a link: https://www.google.com/search?source=univ&tbm=isch&q=barnstaple+old+photos&client=firefox-b-d&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiKvfC2gsvqAhV55eAKHehlCTIQsAR6BAgKEAE&biw=1366&bih=664#imgrc=JJNr-NoWL2i7FM&imgdii=iVBBrLAXgQf47M There's someone on another thread that was asking about the railway into Barnstaple - you could try a search on RMweb ............... Cheers, Philip
  2. @F-UnitMad Thanks for that. Because the layouts tend to be on the rather large size, I find it a little difficult to scale. Having said that there is, of course the give-away of the third rail. I think you may have mentioned in another thread, the modelling of 'short' routes? Interesting what you suggest - a 'what if' scenario of 0 gauge remaining the senior scale in the UK. I probably would not have had an interest in railways as my Hornby layout, whilst not being large, could not remain in a permanent setup as it was always laid on the floor, and then put away again at the end of the day - the day being restricted to a wet Saturday afternoon . HOWEVER, having seen what is now available in UK outline in 0, it does look very tempting. There is one chap at our club that has done a small French terminus (a BLT) in 0 that is probably is no longer than 1.8m in total length with a 'Micheline' for passenger work, and a small diesel that just shunts a couple of wagons - it looks gorgeous! (He did exhibit it at a show in the UK a couple of years ago and won a prize too). Cheers, Philip
  3. Just as a question: Is this modelling at 0 or H0 scale? To my untrained eye, there seems to be a lot more aimed at the senior scale - I have assumed because of the availability of somewhat huuuuuge man-caves over in the States. Cheers, Philip
  4. In all fairness, I think they look quite good with attention to detail - TV aerial plus co-ax, different staining below the lead flashing etc. Better than my efforts, anyway! Cheers, Philip
  5. Three minutes in and I just couldn't take any more soddering - and I think they need to take a good look at their track laying first given all the wobbling in the opening credits ............
  6. If it's the loco I think it was, I saw it in a model shop in Kehl next to Strasbourg (couldn't get a close look as it was Sunday and the shop was shut) a couple of years ago. It was a 2-6-8-0 BR 53 Class loco done in camouflage colouring and made by Maerklin. Looked expensive! Cheers, Philip
  7. A question was raised near the beginning of this topic regarding twin sound chips and I didn't see a reply - if there was one then apologies for the duplication. I bought the earlier HST '125' pair that has only one motor unit (I would have preferred two, but there you go). I got a pair of sound chips from YouChoos (other makes available) that were specially prepared for the HST - one goes into the dummy end and the other in the powered end. You need to set up the chips in making the dummy ended one 'think' it's actually in the power car - it's quite easy: Making sure that you know which chip is which, place the one for the dummy end in the the powered car and do what you need to do in terms of address. Make it run ensuring all the functions work and when happy, take it out and put into the dummy end. Rinse and repeat for the power car chip giving it a different address. With my system (ECoS) you cannot have two chips with the same address - so once the two cars are on the track, you then make a 'consist' with the two. On the track, when running, the sounds coming out of the 'front' and 'back' end are not the same - for example - the horn works only in a forward direction in whichever end is going forwards (be it the dummy or the powered car) - so it was worthwhile taking the time setting the chips up correctly. Cheers, Philip
  8. I don't know what system you're using (and I don't think it matters) but on my ECoS (IIRC) the speed steps have to be set to 128 especially if you want to address the TTS chip correctly. (It's a quirk of the TTS chip). Cheers, Philip
  9. @PJT Even 'brand new' ones can be victims to a hard layer of gunge - yes I'm looking at you GWR 0-6-0ST. My 'new' would not be 'new' to a collector as they've been taken out of their boxes and run at least once to ensure they do work! Likewise, I've never sold anything - even though I've become more discerning regarding region (though not era) - what was bought, was bought. Cheers, Philip
  10. Errr ............. is there any reason why the layout cannot pass through the doorway vertically rather than horizontally? Cheers, Philip
  11. Ooh ..... hang on a mo. IF your quayside branch is dropping down (no problems with that in principle), where the quayside is shown, your double track is going to be above the quay, tho' of course if you've intended to put your main track on a bridge over the quay, it would make for a nice feature. However, don't forget that boats/small ships will also need headroom, though the open sea could be towards the operator well. I can see a nice girder bridge set on BIG cast-iron pillars - Charing Cross style - going over your quay ..................... Happy shed and layout building, Philip
  12. Hi, Having found this thread today, thumbs up for being able to have a huuuuuge man-shed for your layout. Just an observation if I may? Regarding the proposed station area shown further above - the proposed platforms in your station look a little short when compared to the lengths of the fiddle yard sidings, and, on the one scheme shown, you have a refuelling depôt above the fiddle yard access lines (right hand side). I wondered if the gradient may be a little steep going into the fiddle-yard, especially as you indicated having 10 coach trains? Cheers, Philip
  13. I would be classed as a collector as I collect models - not for their rarity or as an investment - but for that layout I promised myself. (I've been more or less told by SWMBO that I should make a start this autumn!!! ). For those that consider chucking the box away is of not much consequence - I have kept all of mine - even stuff from the 60s as it's much easier to store. Here's a photo of an HST (original Hornby) with a full rake of Jouef coaches) as they are, out of their boxes - as good as new: I reckon it's worth packing them away in their boxes - even though the boxes may not be quite pristine. A tale to tell: One very hot day, one of my plastic containers must have sagged a little and a number fell quite a distance (about 10 feet) and despite two being completely fractured, the stock in their boxes survived unharmed. Cheers, Philip
  14. I have to say, that was a surprise - and I do like things 'quirky'. I shall EOI too. Cheers, Philip
  15. @charliepetty Ooh ooh nice! Is there any chance that you may bring them out in Arriva Wales colours in a second run - especially as the S Wales area appears to be the last major stronghold of the Pacers? Cheers, Philip
  16. ............ and Hereford to Worcester. BTW, welcome Nicholas C.
  17. I loved my Morris 1100 - made by the Lambretta company in Italy. It was an IM3 (Innocent-Morris) MkIII 1965 made, left-hand drive, twin carbs, leather upholstery. Rust and a mortgage finally did it in in about 1981. Sorry for being OT, but it was my first ever car.
  18. Also another way to remember red/green/left/right/port/starboard (in English) it's always the shortest word that matches the left-hand side (red/left/port) and the longest, the right-hand side (green/right/starboard). The French version isn't quite as easy with their tribord and babord as gauche and droite are the same length! Cheers, Philip
  19. Guilty as charged - scanned it too quickly and missed the bit where the decoders had been removed. However, it did beg the question (in my mind) why would you want to run them without the decoders when they will operate on DC (provided always the CV has been tweaked) which sent me on the wrong path . Anyway, glad to see the problem has been overcome. Cheers, Philip
  20. Some DCC chips won't allow DC running unless they're 'told'. You need to change one of the CVs to do that - a question with which someone else will need to help you. Also, as an afterthought, is the blanking plug the right way around (been there, done that!)? Cheers, Philip
  21. I would like just to leave this thought with you. I'm Hon. Treas. for our club and we were due to hold an exhibition to celebrate the club's 21st Birthday and I was having kittens as our funds have been pretty well depleted due to a hiatus a couple of years ago (change in status and we had to start again from scratch). Our modest exhibition would have cost us around €5000 to set up with no guarantee of any surplus. Covid 19 has given us a breathing space as it has been decided to cancel for this year as, as yet, we have no idea if there will be a second wave (or not). In any case, someone spotted that though the idea of the club was put forward 21 years ago, it didn't take off until the following January, so next year is its 21st year of operation. Additionally, we are now able to organise a swop-meet and mini show in April that will definitely bring in much needed funds to therefore cover any shortfall that may occur at the larger show in October 2021. Whilst in the short-term, the outbreak has been unwelcome and will no doubt cause financial problems for some, I am certain that things will pick up again, always provided that people remain sensible regarding personal health in the interim period. Take care out there everyone, Cheers, Philip
  22. Was there a clue in there ........... 'bacon baps'? I hope that come January 2021 it will still be on!! Whether I shall be able to get there will be, of course, an entirely different matter! Cheers, Philip
  23. Probably old news now, but someone above mentioned shops outside of England. Lord and Butler of Cardiff have re-opened as from Monday 22nd June. For the time being the hours are 10.00am to 4.00pm (Mon to Sat) to allow cleansing and re-stocking. Social distancing is in place and there is a 'one-way' system in force. Hand sanitiser station on entry and face masks are obligatory (you can buy one at the shop if you've forgotten yours - it'll cost you an English pound though ). Regrettably, for the time being, stock is behind screens or in glass cabinets. Notwithstanding, a warm welcome awaits you all. And as AY Mod asked nicely, here's a link: https://lordandbutler.com/ Cheers, Philip (his older brother).
  24. Went to the museum last year with the grand-children - well worth the visit. Be warned, there is a lot to see and it's worth making a day of it (take sarnies!). There is also the Electrickery museum next door - but we didn't have enough time to see that! Might go this summer. Oh, and if you do go, the signage to get there is simply awful - unsigned off the motorway and despite the 'French' way of signing (once signed keep going ahead until otherwise told) there were no 'unless otherwise told' signs. Fortunately my 'nose' guided me (guesswork mainly!!!). There is also a large club layout within the museum - I forget which club - that happened to be open the day we were there - a Saturday. Cheers, Philip
  25. Slightly jerky running - seemingly when the connecting rods (as viewed) reach TDC. I expect as with most models, a bit of running in will be required. I don't particularly like gloss finishes, but a bit of weathering will tone it down. Nonetheless a very nice loco - almost a must-have for any GWR/BR(W) based layout - count me in! Cheers, Philip
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