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  1. That looks really good as it is, Bob! Like slightly damp paving. Edit: Apart from the scratch marks, which are probably too visible, unfortunately. How about dry brushing now (?) and while you're doing that, concentrate on a few random slabs to break up the texture just a tiny bit more. Remember random means sometimes the slabs you pick might be next to each other, not equally distributed. (It's very difficult for the human brain to create a truly random distribution - it either wants to create patterns or it sees them when they aren't really there!) If you could find a process that would get an end result something like that but without the scratch marks, I think you'd be onto something!
  2. Could you widen the corner curves and include them in the scenic area? The lines running through the scenic area could even be curved all the way! Have you got a track plan we can see?
  3. Harlequin

    Little Muddle

    It's a dangerous road to go down for a railway modeller because there comes a point when it's more about painting than modelling. In the extreme case - why bother modelling it at all? Just paint it. Everyone has a different idea where the acceptable threshold is between modelling and painting and of course it changes depending on the use of the image. Personally, I want an image to show the model as I would see it with my own eyes.
  4. Hi Newbie2020, Would SWMBO be open to negotiating a new peace plan? Could you get access to the end of the garage if you moved her tool cupboard and explained to her that the space would be used much more efficiently? Maybe offer some new shelving as well? Remember that as you've currently shown it, you will have to stand outside the layout and walk around it to operate it, possibly getting in people's way. If you had the end of the garage then, assuming there are no doors in the way, you could abandon the 8ft by 4ft lump and have 10ft by 5ft (approx guess) with a proper operating well in the middle. You'd be out of her way and using up the same space when you take the space to walk around the 8by4 into account... Then you'd have more flexibility in making your track plan.
  5. Hi Chris, This is very clever! If you could ease the curves on the top level roundy-round circuits you'd get more visible running. Maybe then hide some or all of the implausible junction instead. Or at least obscure it from normal viewpoints. If you move the position where the green descending line on the left crosses the low level line until a bit further around then you'd have a few more inches of width available for the top level circuits.
  6. Fair question. He did say he wanted realism 7/10. I was just putting forward an alternative idea but clearly this is not wanted right now. So I will back off for a while.
  7. I've been looking at some real junction station plans and twiddling around. It really helps if the branch line is on the inside of the main circuits: All the trackwork is then simpler and smoother. Allows the station building to be on the outside platform with road connection to a possible town scene in the corner. Refuge siding running parallel to the main line tracks for a distance outside the station (not shown yet) for some fun overtaking movements and somewhere to park a train on scene. Around the back of the platform the through/passenger branch line stands against the island platform and there's a separate goods loop outside that with suitable connections. A loading dock at the left hand end of the Down platform for quick pick-up and drop-off of van traffic on the Down side. Minimum radius 610mm (2ft) - no trainset curves yet! This is just a draft - still need to develop the goods yard and position the engine shed (MPD). But not today.
  8. Harlequin

    Little Muddle

    I’m a simple man and I don’t understand all this highbrow artistic talk but I know a good photo of a rare chimney pot when I see one! (There also seems to be a railway behind it, which might interest some people.)
  9. That's an interesting thought - it certainly feels like an American phrase, doesn't it? You can imagine it being pronounced "Deepoh"...
  10. Hi Folks, When did the term "Motive Power Depot", abbreviated to MPD, come into use in the UK? The term feels wrong to me when talking about steam era railways and I'd like to use the right terminology for the different periods when I'm drawing plans. (Google doesn't help much with this question. Naive searches return lots of pages about "Multiple Personality Disorder" and more railway specific searches return nothing about the history of the term.)
  11. BTW: The main point of this design is that the double track main line runs through the fiddle yard. It's not just a fan of 6 loops connecting to a single feed line at either end...
  12. Why, Pete? It’s very valuable space and in the plans above you really need some way to connect the mainlines to the fiddle yard off-scene, as FP points out. Without it, operations are a bit weird: It’s as if the Paddington to Penzance doesn’t come back from Penzance - it re-appears from the tiny station at Farringdon... You shouldn’t need any more width and it would make things more difficult to reach as Keith points out. I worry that the loops either side of the platforms isolate the railway from the non railway scenery. It would be nicer if a road could approach a station building which was alongside one platform or the other.
  13. You could happily shunt the yard up the main line in your U shaped format, of course. I prefer that basic design because: The BLT directly connected to FY is a cliché. (Although obviously your subject would makes this version rather special.) 2mm scale ought to give you room to do more than the restrictions suffered by larger scale modellers. You would have more scope for non-railway scenery, which would add to the realism. Your trains could stretch their legs and get up to speed instead of making short journeys at walking pace. There would be the chance to admire the stock clear from the station infrastructure.
  14. PNG will compress simple runs of flat colours very efficiently, so while the bitmap might be very large in dimensions (and big when unpacked in memory) the file may be quite small.
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