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  1. The coal ramp gradient looks much more workable now. Where do the tracks go to off the right hand side? Since you're getting into AnyRail you can make your life easier, and make the plans clearer for us, by exporting them as bitmap files (File | Export). That saves you printing and photographing them. (PNG format is probably best.) Cartoon character's hands are famously drawn with only three fingers and a thumb because four fingers never look right. I see something like that with the 8 road engine shed...
  2. Most (all?) model GWR signal boxes, even on the most famous layouts, use a font that doesn't look right to me so I made one based on the info in "G.W.R. Signalbox Nameplates" by Michael Dunn. I haven't decided whether to publish it yet because I have a related idea I'm still thinking about.
  3. I can send you the vector file, if it would be useful.
  4. Why do things always turn up when you're looking for something else? On pages 108-109 of "Great Western Infrastructure" there's a double page spread photo of Aberayron. (Dated 17 July 1929) The viewpoint is on the inland side of the bridge, looking across the tracks towards the platform. River running below, point rodding and signal wires running from the tiny signal box across the bridge in the foreground, 517 steaming gently with autocoach against the platform, goods yard to the right, buildings behind and hills arrayed in the background. Perfect.
  5. What is the gradient up the coaling ramp? You might need to move the turnout before the ramp further to the right to get a sensible gradient. Edit: Remember you need to allow some distance to transition from level to grade and then back to level again. It looks like you might have used Settrack turnouts in the entrance crossover? If so, that will look worse than the rest of the trackwork and it will really show up when locos run through it. The small Y's in the centre of the plan will also create sharp turns for big locos. (The larger radii turnouts you can use everywhere, the bett
  6. I looked at my books and searched the t'internet but I can't find a clear example of a simple GWR, "Engines must not pass this point" board. It might have been a cast plate or a board with cast letters, the sources are not clear. It might have said "MAY" rather than "MUST". It might have had a light stone border when fixed to a building but it might have been white. In other words, there are rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty... However GWW says that one of the standard "plates" was "Engines may not pass this point" (nothing more) and it was 2
  7. Hi Chris, I think a sign like that would have either been cast iron or painted lettering on plain board. Always white lettering on black in GWR days with the border white if it was cast. And the wording would simply be optionally "Caution" or "Danger" followed by "Engines must not..." all in bold caps. (And I suggest the word "Goods" is superfluous.) https://www.google.com/search?q="engines+must+not"&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB933GB933&sxsrf=ALeKk01OIEmCLHoNUfFm2BiIk77_p0GuIw:1618564558465&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi65LXstoLwAhV38rsIHXEtDHoQ_AUoAXoECAE
  8. Hi Keith, Just click in the quote, press return, then press return again. The quote will break open.
  9. Absolutely stunning! @Oliver Rails Do we need to do anything to 'confirm' our pre-orders now that the prices are set or do we just sit back and wait in anticipation?
  10. Hi Dougie, Almost everyone who aspires to model a real location makes compromises, chooses to omit things, shorten things, simplify things. And yet they create scenes that look amazingly atmospheric and realistic. This is where the true artform of layout design begins! So don't worry about changing things. Pick out the aspects that are really characteristic of the place and the things that are important to you, the views you used to see. Where there is repetition in the prototype you can reduce the amount in the model. Where there is featureless open ground in
  11. "It's Lego, Jim, but not as we know it..." https://uk.bassettlowke.co.uk/catalogue/brickpunk
  12. I've just noticed that the forum knows the difference between a status update that a member has made him or herself and one made by another member in that member's account. In the latter case it shows both account names with a » character between them. So would it be possible to filter them out from the home page Recent Status Updates panel by using that distinction?
  13. @ISW of this parish has used a particular floor underlay product. I'll leave him to tell you about that because I haven't tried it. I have used cork and PVA, which is quite noisy when things are running at speed and I have noticed that the sound is much louder when running over a large board that completely covers the baseboard frame than when running on the boards that are just wide enough for the tracks leaving the frame open around them. When you think about it, that's not surprising - the traditional baseboard is not unlike a guitar's sound box or a flat drum. So my
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