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  1. Hi Steve, I think I've finished: I've added dummy yardages to get a bit closer to the real thing but they are on a separate layer and can be turned on or off as required. FYI: The diagram fits on a landscape A3 sheet and most of the labels are 8pt. Here's a close up of the small note pasted in the bottom left corner, which I understand was compulsory: Here are the lever labels (without locking info): Please let me know if you want any changes or if you can see any mistakes before I send you the PDF version. (No hurry.) @The Stationmaster Do these drawings look OK to you? Anything horribly wrong??? @Junctionmad I will try to answer your question later.
  2. Hi Steve again, Sorry, I haven't given you much chance to reply but I've gone ahead and put all the signalling, the lever numbers and the FPLs on in GWR mid-1930s-onwards style, according to your sketch (thanks): Don't worry, though, everything can still be changed. I followed up on Chris's (@RailWest) feedback about the colour of the loop line and the hand point into the goods yard (a mistake carried over from from the old diagram). Thanks Chris. Haven't changed the parcels line colour yet because I'm not sure about that. Still to do the lever list, spares and spaces. We could also show yardages on the signals if you wanted.
  3. Hi Steve, Here's the first stage. This is just the basic drawing laid out with no signalling added yet. I'm imagining that Sproston hasn't had any major PWay or signalling changes for a long time and so the old 1930's style GWR box diagram is still in use with some paper ammendments for minor changes. A better font than the previous version with no lower case. Better track colours - trying to look like an ink wash between pencil lines. Border with plain-ish corners. OK so far?
  4. Just to open the discussion up a bit, I've been reading and hearing good things about Wago connectors. Unlike IDC you do have to cut and strip the wires. Maybe overkill for the job? Maybe they have enough advantages to make them worthwhile. I'm not sure but it's another option.
  5. On Mikkel's images above (without sheets) we can only see "South Western Railway" in a cartouche on the bottom horizontal board. But on at least two images you can see an empty cartouche on the board above it - looking like it's either awaiting lettering or used to contain lettering.
  6. I’ve just caught up. I had to watch on catch up because it clashed with my guilty pleasure, “I’m a Celebrity...”. But maybe I shouldn’t feel so guilty because "I’m a Celebrity" was more entertaining, better scripted and had more depth... The casual use of the wrong train in Ep1 was a sign! We’d been given sign! Remember, you might be able to delete it from your personal recorders but it will be available on the iPlayer for ever, and ever, and ever...
  7. Maybe "London &" is simply covered by the sheeting?
  8. Hi Campion, Hmmm... Without a fiddle yard your plan will be difficult to operate in any sensible way. You might say that doesn’t matter to you but it means that you can’t find out whether operating a layout is an important part of the hobby for you. It is for a lot of people - not everyone admittedly. What you have is more a diorama - which might satisfy your goals. You could add a very simple fiddle yard if you wanted in the form of some simple cassettes that you can slide around and butt up against the main line and the headshunt. Then it would be worth fixing the track plan. Such as changing the loco release crossover to be the right way round (or maybe ignoring it and saying it’s offscene since you’re relying on DMUs). And straightening the sidings a bit - the points you’ve picked up don’t help implement Clevedon properly.
  9. Thanks Mike. Yes, the first drawing I did for Steve was not in a consistent style. I have learned much more about the period styles since then, with your help and from books, and I hope to be able to do something more specifically 1950s BR(WR) style this time.
  10. Hi Campion, What was the prototype? Is there a fiddle yard to the right and does it allow easy movement of goods trains between the two main lines (to simulate the missing pointwork)? Have you thought about using LEDs for lighting instead of 12v?
  11. Thanks guys, I hadn’t thought about oxidation. I will get some darker True Metal Wax and report back.
  12. I'm sure the announcer just said, 

    "Michael Gove's Great Australian Railway Journeys"!


    I felt a great disturbance in the force...


  13. Do we have any experts on Transylvanian railways to point out the inevitable gaffes for us? Maybe we won’t need one if the Beeb just use their favourite all-purpose steam loco, 3205, again.
  14. I said above that the current finish is pre-weathering. It’s surely better to weather on top of the correct colour than loco green. Furthermore, I reckon that they would have been wiped with an oily rag during boiler washouts, every 10-30 days depending on which source you read and the period under consideration.
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