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  1. So, Neal... What do you think of the YouChoos 43XX chuff sound? Mine sounds exactly the same and we have slightly different sound installations. I've also attached a big speaker with a good frequency response and it still sounded the same. So I don't think the installations are affecting the chuff sound. I think it's a bit wimpy, especially compared to the video that was posted in the Dapol Mogul topic today... Not up to YouChoos usual standards.
  2. Very nice sounds but very confusing for the first few moments where there are two locos running simultaneously with only one in view!
  3. Peco don't make any claims about the crossing angle, which as you say, is not 12° on the Large and the Curved points. All they say is that where the centre lines are 1 inch apart the angle will be 12° and in that respect those turnouts do meet the standard.
  4. Can I suggest a few tidy-ups and simplifications? I haven't said anything how the kickback connects into the goods yard. Could it be connected to the main line somewhere near the level crossing? It's great that you have the extra temporary length for your FY. Since it would be temporary and since you're unsure about traversers how about cassettes? (Hands up who knew I was going to say that!) They are inherently removable, give you infinite storage capacity, gets rid of the points fan (so more room for scenery), possibly even help with access behind a scene
  5. Which is, of course, exactly what Dapol have done with the new Mogul. This little eddy in the conversation has come full circle!
  6. There are various other topics about banner repeaters here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/search/&q=banner&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=35
  7. Re. developments elsewhere... Don't worry, it's not a proper GWR loco. (Valve gear on the outside - I ask you!) Keep the faith, something's bound to turn up!
  8. Not gwr.org.uk, I know that's alive and well (thank goodness). greatwestern.org.uk
  9. Obviously, if you're not going to fit decoders or speakers you can fill the spaces assigned for them with lead - if they are in helpful positions. It's those of us who want that technology and decent traction who have the real problem! I recently had to cut down the front weight in my Large Prairie to fit a speaker but I was happy to do this because I know there is volume in the side tanks to regain that lost weight, and more, at some point in the future (even with the decoder and lots of wiring in there).
  10. Please excuse the slightly Off-Topic cross-posting but you may not have seen this post and you may know the answer to the question:
  11. I'm looking forward to the big announcement tomorrow... if only to steer the conversation away from international law and international banking! (In depth discussion of tangential subjects: It's what RMWeb does best!)
  12. There are a number of other mistakes in that PDF regarding the OO turnout radii. I suggest chucking it in the bin!
  13. The "Nominal radii" stated by Peco and reproduced in that PDF don't match up with the real world unfortunately. If you do the maths you can show that the largest possible radius for a straight turnout using the Peco geometry (12° turn at 1 inch offset) is 45.76in (1162.34mm). So more like a nominal 48in - and that makes some sense in the context of the range: Small = 24in (nominal) = 2ft Medium = 36in (nominal) = 3ft Large = 48in (nominal) = 4ft Curved and Y = 60in (nominal) = 5ft Why Peco keep on claiming Large radius turnouts are 60in
  14. Thanks Neal, (You should copyright the "sugarcane speaker" as fast as possible before someone else uses it!) I am striving to get as good sound as possible from my steam locos. A wimpy lo-fi plastic-box chuffing sound isn't enough. I think the sound quality comes largely from the Zimo Dumbo in the bunker, with the sound allowed to escape more directly rather than bouncing off the track in different directions. I think the sugarcube mainly just adds volume but it also pulls the sound balance forwards, which is useful. I reckon that the mos
  15. I don't have a specific plan for my Small Metro (Tank!). I bought it because I knew they were used on Westcountry branch lines and it seemed like a simple kit for a beginner. BLTs were on my radar at the time but I came to realise that I really want to see big locos hauling long (within reason!) trains at a range of speeds and although BLTs are lovely they wouldn't let me do that. My long term plan is to model a fictitious location somewhere on the Berks & Hants or the Berks & Hants extension in the 1930s - somewhere where the canal is close by. (Canals in layouts seem to b
  16. Here's a quick look at how I have installed an MX645 with two speakers, firebox glow and stay alive in my Hornby Large Prairie. I measured inside the body and worked out there was space to mount the decoder above the gearbox, effectively in the firebox. (This may not be the best place but more of that later.) I removed the 8-pin decoder socket and cut down the plastic moulding that held it. I also removed the coal bunker floor because I wanted the entire bunker/tank space to hold a big speaker and a stay alive supercap. The decoder sleeve was removed and rep
  17. Hi Ben, It's not easy! Keep going and you'll find the best balance soon.
  18. Some feedback: It's very busy. I think you're trying to do too much in the space. My suggestion: Abandon the second platform and maybe one of the goods sidings. The goods shed needs a bit more track beyond it to be able to push, say, three empty vans through before the yard needs to be shunted again. The reverse curves to get into the platform and goods yard are awkward. The station building will obscure the top left corner. That may be OK if you have a plan for that area but if not it's valuable space not being used effectively. The turntable is a 75ft version
  19. I’ve had a Small Metro on my workbench for over a year. My first brass and white metal kit build. Too scary to work on. And I just had to buy a bigger box for my rolling stock kits... One day, one day! That’s what I keep telling myself...
  20. Here's one: https://twitter.com/RHummBooks/status/1246754472241569792/photo/1 As RailWest suggested, it looks like the lever is parallel to the track and connected to the points by a crank.
  21. Hi Schooner, Canals and Railways - a magical combination! It would be great to see my take on the Inglenook come to life in this form - but whatever trackplan you use will be wonderful. Since you say that space is not a limiting factor but you've chosen a size that is "do-able", how about increasing the space very slightly to allow the plan to breathe a bit more? To expand: Most people are limited by space and that imposes the biggest compromise on their layout designs, frequently with trackwork very close to the boundaries making it difficult to
  22. I think you can just about make out the levers of RailWest's Middle GF in Karau. It's always in the shade of the trees.
  23. I write 2D drawing software for a living - have done for 20+ years - and we've always tried to make our program very intuitive for our users. If we had ever been given the chance to write a 3D program it would have looked a lot like Sketchup, it has a similar ethos. I love Sketchup so much that I (eventually) stumped up for a licence for the full version! (That's why I wasn't sure of the capabilities of the free version.)
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