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  1. Avatar collision!

    1. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      Virtually catastrophic...

  2. Could be a classic snooker final. Late night ahead?

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    2. Kylestrome


      Not so sure about the press conference, though ...

    3. Hroth


      Certainly TMI there....

    4. Horsetan


      That's the naked truth.

  3. "In and out of baulk" :-)

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    2. Harlequin


      Possible Bank Holiday drinking game?

    3. sharris


      length of a snooker cue is just a bit over (~1-3") standard gauge. You'd be needing an extension for broad gauge.

    4. DonB


      I'd still be useless at the game even if they had Broad Gauge pockets.

  4. When did jumping on the spot while glitter cannons go off around you become a recognised celebration?

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      When I got the latest chassis to work first time.

    2. Hroth


      When Americanised lunatics took over the asylum

  5. Annoyed at Pinterest for trying to wall-off useful info.

    1. Hroth


      Monetisation is everything.

  6. Just found "The Observer's Book of British Steam Locomotives" on a bookshelf. Should be fun to read this potted history.

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    2. tigerburnie


      I've still got my 1957 British Railway Loco's one I had when new.

    3. Harlequin


      1974 edition. Price £1.10.

    4. Hroth


      I've the '57 and '64 editions of BR Locos ed HC Casserly. The depletion of steam locos in the '64 edition is a really sad coda to main line steam.

  7. Postlady arrived with a small parcel. Barclay? No, nematodes for the greenhouse. Not quite so exciting but still...

    1. 7007GreatWestern


      Organic pest control. I'm impressed...though maybe not excited!

    2. BoD


      Was the postlady impressed though.

    3. Hroth


      I thought you weren't allowed to send livestock through the post?

  8. Sunday Brunch - Oh dear!

    1. farren


      Hopefully at a pub!

  9. Plastic sleepers on the Blaenau Ffestiniog - Life imitating Art?

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    2. sharris


      I had to laugh the first time I saw a sign on a main line track saying 'Caution: ballast gluing in progress'.

    3. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Were they that recycled plastic they sometimes make park benches out of?

    4. Horsetan


      Is C&L supplying them....?

  10. We must draw lots! Eccles, write your name on a piece of paper and put it in this hat.

    1. locoholic


      There now. What does is say? "Mrs Phyllis Quatt".

    2. TT-Pete


      I don't like this game.

  11. We demand rigidly defined areas of Doubt and Uncertainty!

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    2. Hroth


      Things just happen, what the hell.

    3. Kylestrome


      Precisely how vague do you want to be?

    4. Pacific231G


      A nationwide strike by the union of philosophers, sages and allied luminaries would br disastrous. For a start there wouldn't be any trains running because trains are certainly uncertain and with nobody to speculate on whether a train might exist, since it couldn't certainly exist then it certainly wouldn't exist. You might be able to ask Deep Thought but who would wait 3.5 x 10^6 years for the next train.

  12. I found a copy of "GW Auto Trailers - Part Two"!

    1. Ozexpatriate


      I take it there is no sign of part one?

    2. Harlequin


      Part two is much rarer than Part one, for some reason. Been looking for ages...

  13. I'm going up the garden to my shed to make baseboards. If the snow sets in and I'm not back by lunch time please send a rescue party.

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    2. Metr0Land


      Funnily enough my garage (separate from house) has its own ring main with 60amp power so I could in theory install a cooker

    3. bgman


      You'll probably get a clown in a box.....SUPPLIES ! Speccysavers

    4. Harlequin
  14. The sun is shining, birds singing, remote workplace has gone offline. What to do?

    1. johnb


      Some modelling???

    2. Free At Last

      Free At Last

      Pocket billiards?


    3. Horsetan


      Beer o'clock?

  15. Email from Axminster Tools: "Why Jamie went Spiral"... Didn't know they read RMWeb!

    1. sigtech


      Thats the end of all that- i hope!

  16. "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man." Spell checker dictionary update required...

    1. Michael Delamar

      Michael Delamar

      A perfectly cromulent word.

    2. ian
  17. "Carpet bombing Mozambique with Bream" ;-)

  18. Does secondhand rolling stock always smell of stale tobacco smoke?

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    2. Harlequin


      Ooph! That wasn't a swear word, honest! Just an old term for rolling tobacco. (This is all getting a bit distasteful, sorry.)

    3. 25901


      One secondhand item I bought did smell of diesel, mind you it was 1:1 scale and weighed 73 tons lol

    4. plarailfan


      Well over half of my models are secondhand, saving me many hundreds of £ pounds on new prices. Problems or faults are rare, which is ok, considering I take my layout to some of the local exhibitions

  19. Expecting 3 deliveries but I've got to go out. How many cards through the letterbox when I get back?

    1. Harlequin


      Answer: None.

    2. reevesthecat


      If it was me there would be 4!

  20. Huge profits on Bargain Hunt today!

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      I have a feeling that there is a subliminal message here, but I'm not sure what it is.

    2. Hroth


      Personally, I thought the little green racing car was grotesque!

    3. eastwestdivide


      I want to go on one of those antiques programmes, just to be able use my Dad's phrase "wouldn't give it house room"

  21. If I can find my 25+ yr old MekPak bottle, will it still contain anything?

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    2. Harlequin


      Found all sorts of other rubbish and a few treasures but no MekPak yet. More boxes to go through.

    3. Harlequin


      Found it! 3 bottles, one empty two with something in and a bottle of Humbrol "Liquid Poly".

    4. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      If it has been stored in the right conditions it might contain some - but probably nowhere near all - of the mekpak that used to be in it.

  22. Shed = happiness

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    2. sigtech


      Suppose you will have 'shedloads' of railway there!

    3. NGT6 1315
    4. Jinty3f


      Shed = another 6 years on your life span according to some research years ago

  23. Delivery from Locomotion tomorrow afternoon!

    1. sigtech
    2. Harlequin


      Dean goods. :-)

    3. sigtech


      very nice - GWR fully lined?

  24. Not arguing with anyone...

    1. Mad McCann
    2. sigtech


      You must have the patience of a saint!!

    3. Hroth



  25. Garry Kasparov sounds exactly like Gru from Despicable Me...

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