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  1. Hi Keith, One of the characteristic features of Fairford is the single track against the platform. If you can retain it then it should give a bit more sense of the track in open countryside - at least the scene in front of the station can be countryside. The composition looks a bit unbalanced to my eye - very developed on the right and not much on the left. I think you're onto a good thing with Fairford because of it's individuality and the legitimate ability to have several locos on scene at once, as described by The Stationmaster, but you've missed a trick! Many
  2. This is really not what you want, John. How much longer have you got to put up with the builders below? Do they know about the work of art they are disturbing above them? I hope it’s not long and you can clean everything up soon!
  3. Hi Keith, This looks really interesting! Personally I wouldn't put any scenery in front of the FY because I think it would just be awkward to reach over it when you need to fiddle. Don't worry about the station building awning - do whatever you like! It's your station and you can find many other prototypical examples of straight awning on curved platforms if you need justification. One advantage of the cassette table FY is that it could remove the need for another set of rail-crossing-baseboard joins. Just allow the cassettes to reach across the baseboard join in the top ri
  4. Here's a quick sketch of a possible setup: Lots of room for scenery behind Two "fiddle roads" front right: main line and headshunt Run round loop starts right after fiddle yard for maximum length. Run round movement uses fiddle yard - and that's fine, because it's part of the scene! Curving platform can handle 2 60ft coaches Suggestion: Goods shed at front with loading doors open to the viewer so you can look inside. See the recent photos in Little Muddle. (Imagine that the yard is mainly off scene at the front of the layout.) Coal staithes behind shed?
  5. The problem with the fiddle yard is that it takes up so much space. It cramps the rest of the scene and it isn't good to look at, even though you need it to be easily accessible. What if the "fiddle yard" was part of the scene, at the front right? Just a track or a pair of tracks that are fully ballasted and weathered etc. The industry or the engine shed could be behind it. So when you look at the layout, the full 4.2m would look great - a complete scene. To use the fiddle yard you just place locos and wagons on from storage manually and drive them into the
  6. I plotted something to scale using Peco Code 124 parts and assuming a 3 road 1200mm sector plate to check what fits: This is just a quick hack up and there are no doubt better ways to set it out, but: You can see that two 60ft coaches can fit within the clearance points (the red-ish circles). The throw of the sector plate brings it close to the industry track. Not much room for the goods shed, though.
  7. Well... You are trying to squeeze a lot into the space at that scale... Some serious compromises will be needed.
  8. Hi again Amanda, Do you really need passenger facilities? What if the layout was just a goods yard? Then your goods shed would be "centre stage", the focus of the layout, you wouldn't have to allow for the (relatively) big 60ft coaches and you'd have more room for goods sidings. And you could still have all the non-railway ephemera around the outside, of course.
  9. Or plan it in the computer where you can use electronic versions of the Peco templates and rolling stock, you don't need the full size space available and the templates won't blow away...
  10. I'm thinking Hemyock (again) - a bit like the Rockfield design I did recently. (Run round further Up the line than the platform and in the curve.) But I think we're all on the same basic wavelength: Trying to do something a little bit different than the Universal BLT...
  11. Hi, Combining some of the thoughts above you could retain the goods shed but make it low relief at the far left hand side of the layout. Thus, you still have a shed with track notionally running through it, it's just that the door is perpetually closed and you only ever see vans stood in front of it. Then you don't have to leave room for road vehicles to access the shed because that happens off-scene and there's more yard space in front of the shed for your yard crane. Access to the fiddle yard is a definite worry. You need to be absolutely sure that you wil
  12. Hi Keith, Here's a rough outline suggestion: The two bottom boards are 3ft2in by 2ft, the two side boards are 2ft11in by 2ft and the fiddle yard board is just under 4ft long but only 18in wide. (Sorry @AndyB, my earlier thought didn't quite work out!) I'm suggesting a cassette table fiddle yard because: It avoids a turnout fan. Cassettes allow rolling stock to be moved around the house as easily as the layout itself and safely stored. You don't have to re-rail your stock, you just unpack and connect cassettes, so set up time is quicke
  13. And so the best RTR "14xx" is... A Bachmann 64xx.
  14. Approximate 3ft2in by 2ft modules seem to divide the plan space up very neatly. (No need to make them all the same, as you say, but it's more systematic if you do and they are quicker to build.) They could be constructed from 6mm ply as cross-braced open-frames, which would be both lightweight and very strong and rigid. But the baseboards must serve the layout design and that's the most intriguing part of the puzzle...
  15. Hi Keith, The new arrangement sounds very sensible. What is your preferred method of getting into the operating well (if there is one)? Would you accept a duck-under if it made the best layout design?
  16. The statement leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Can someone who knows what is going on tell us why this has happened? That would cut off a lot of speculative nonsense.
  17. On the Moretonhampstead branch, and I suspect many others, the track rose from the mainline at more or less sea level to the town on the moor. So down was Up and up was Down.
  18. Adam, have you checked how long your platforms will be with those point formations at either end? Will a decent length passenger train stand fully alongside the platform without fouling the points at either end?
  19. It's superb! I would say that you have performed something of a miracle to fit this so neatly into the space but I know that it's really the result of a lot of hard work and fine tuning. I like the new angle at the bottom, which eases the corner curve and gives the goods yard more room. Only question is about the turnouts on the access bridge: If the bridge is a lifting flap the proximity to the edge might be a worry unless you have a cunning plan in mind. Have you thought about the landscape profile? It would be lovely to see some undulations, especially if
  20. On the original question: It looks like you’ve got room to widen some of the corner curves. You’ll have to re-lay the track across the lifting section so that it is still turning when it crosses the gaps. Luckily the flap seems to be wide enough to accommodate the curve. You will need to fix the tracks securely either side of the gaps so that they always line up. Most people do this by soldering the rails to something solidly fixed to the baseboards - either brass screws or copper clad PCB.
  21. I tried all sorts of combinations! I found the formation with slips was just too straight and the curves at the ends that were needed to get the same net angle made the overall radius much larger.
  22. I was looking for ways to combine things and the trailing crossover that was already in the station plan looked like a good opportunity to do that so that the main lines could turn sharper under the high level station building. I did have the "implausible junction" completely symmetrical at one stage but it throws the main lines in a very different direction, like this: I think that's the tightest it's possible to get that formation to turn without relying on the turning routes through slips in the main line, which I really didn't want to do! (It's a short crossin
  23. Do you see this control (circled)? It's not explicitly called "follow this topic" but rather it controls all things related to following and I think it's the one you want.
  24. Hi Chris, Here's what I've come up with so far. It's not fully worked out and some things might be a bit awkward but I think this is a good point to show it to you. One of my big ideas came to nothing so it's no less complicated than your clever plan, which it is heavily based on. The major concept of this plan is to combine the elements of your plan wherever possible so that there are fewer separate parts and more open running. The goods yard headshunt continues into the countryside scene. It won't look too "urban" out there because it's just
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