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  1. unemployed ex TWY minion available for the barrow show can get references very cheap
  2. i have to say them wagons do look nice did you get them in the post and if you did just think thay maybe been on a 325 lol
  3. i use to live 100 yds away from the line so yes
  4. i use to live next to the furness line up to 2000 and never seen numbers on the flask
  5. like how you redone the Footbridge mr wade makes it stand out alot better
  6. next time up in barrow or if i ever get a invite to play with my stock on Coppell
  7. think we need to have a chat about this and see we need lol
  8. steve if i remember from when twy was there the hotel was miles away and if your staying at the same place take your cup to breakfast with you lol
  9. Looking forwards to seeing it at Lydd Cornish Kev
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