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  1. Gaming related proud dad moment for me today. My son has been involved in the e-sports scene for several years now, first playing COD competitively online and at LAN events, then starting and running several teams (Devious and Mythos being the last two) and more recently he has been getting into writing about the scene. Today saw the release of a new, digital format gaming magazine and he has had two features published in it. They are the ones by Matt Dixon covering E-sports in 2020 and the rise of FIFA. https://www.level-one.co.uk/issueone/?fbclid=IwAR0Q0qp1gWvysYkDPKMLfeLTN7hFKYcmwhRKQd0gc8IfS7SILSXuqWds_kg I hope that link worked. I'm reallly happy that he has gotten into this, even though i'm not sure how it came about. He had no real interest in creative writing at school and at Uni he was doing a computer science degree before changing to a business management degree when realised progamming wasn't for him. I know when he leaves Uni after he finishes next year his ulitmate job would involve e-sports in some capacity. Anyway, i'm feeling really proud of him today, and if anyone is involved in the scene and has come across FozZii before, that's ma boy.
  2. We normally have aircraft heading for the City Of Derry airport heading over our house as it's on the approach route (Ryanair 737 and Loganair SAAB / Embraer), but the skies have been empty since lockdown. The only thing i've seen is an RAF Globemaster fly over, pretty low on a northerly heading a few weeks ago. I was surprised to hear a jet engine and even more so when it appeared over the house.
  3. That sounds very similar to the way my wife described me.
  4. I'm not a medical professional but my in own experience with sertraline I did experience a degree of emotional blunting and detachment. It did help a lot with my depression to begin with, but in the end it was causing problems of it's own. I was glad to get off it and was pointed towards 5-HTP as a natural aid by a friend who works in counselling. I've been taking it for over a year now with positive results.
  5. I usually just go to Savers or Superdrug and buy one of the Gillette permanent "offer" packs with a Mach 3 handle and 12 blade cartridges for £20. They seem to last me for ages, which reminds me, I need to get a new pack.
  6. This is from their new album, which comes out in July. Can't wait.
  7. StevieD71

    Panic buying

    Petrol has been 102.9 at our local Sainsburys for about 3 weeks now.
  8. We are lucky enough to have a park running along the River Bann just a couple of minutes walk from the house. It's still very much in the town (Coleraine), but it was really peaceful and quiet when we had the dogs out last night.
  9. Taking my mum down town for some shopping and popping into our favourite cafe for a cappuccino and one of their excellent scones. Also, impromptu lunch dates with my wife. The days when we are both off work together and decide to go somewhere for a nice lunch instead of having sandwiches in the house.
  10. I washed both cars this morning. Seems like the local birds had been using mine for target practice.
  11. Tampere station, Finland, on the evening of Friday 7th July 2017, waiting for the train back to Helsinki after a day trip on our holiday to Särkänniemi amusement park. I was happy just sitting in the station watching the trains come through and took a wander down the platform to take photos of these SR-2 class locos stabled there.
  12. Fence now painted, inside and out. £30 eBay sprayer turned out to be a good job. My wife had already done the panel fences between us and the neighbours and both sheds with a brush, so that's the whole lot done. Next job is black masonry paint on the windowsills.
  13. Bloody minded Ulsterman versus back fence weeds. I'm claiming a moral victory and the fence is now cleared and ready for painting. That can wait until tomorrow because my wonky knees are done for the day.
  14. I don't have any photos, but I made roasties from scratch for the first time yesterday, and very nice they were too. I always thought they were a bit of a black art and used Auntie Bessies frozen ones, but, using a googled recipe from the BBC good food site it was actually quite simple. I'll definitely make them again.
  15. My silver lining has been adding a couple more pets to the menagerie. As well as the dogs, guinea pigs and fancy goldfish I now have a couple of Russian dwarf hamsters. I work at Pets At Home which is still open as an essential service for pet supplies, but has taken the pets off sale for the duration. This has led to a lot of small furries being looked after in stores (any stores with exotics returned them to head office) which were not going to be sold on and more now unrequired animals coming from our breeders (the last litters before all this kicked off). As a result the company has allowed collegues to adopt animals free of charge and is providing grants to help with set up costs (hutches, food etc). They are also providing 6 months free vet care through our Vets4Pets. I've been considering hamsters for a while now, so this has been my opportunity to take the plunge. I'm currently off work for 12 weeks shielding due to my asthma ansd propensity for chest infections so had to make my first trip into work in weeks to collect them (with all due precautions taken obviously) Meet Bubble and Squeak
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