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  1. I've nothing railway related to add tonight, but thought you might fancy some Die So Fluid.
  2. I'm using 15mm x 6mm pine stripwood covered with brick paper for platform wall and topping it with 3mm balsa for the surface, which seem to work well. I've used some thicker balsa for the ramps. The bonus for me is that balsa can be scribes and cut with a knife, which is handy because I'm another who cannot cut a straight line in wood. I just have to work out how to finish the platforms now. Sandpaper sprayed dark grey is my current front runner.
  3. Boats sailing from Stranraer would either be going to Larne or Belfast (depending on the era/company). They now sail to Cairnryan as it makes the crossing time shorter. I cam recall a car loading /unloading dock at the end of the station quay from trips to the mainland as a child. I presume it was either for the new vehicles going to Northern Ireland or motorail services.
  4. Don't even go there! I visited Aushwitz-Birkenau during the summer and put some photos of the cattle truck and sidings of the Judenramp on the British railway modelling Facebook page. I asked if anyone would ever consider making a model of that line which resulted in a short, but intense debate. It culminated in the thread being deleted before my bus was even half way back to Krakow, so it is obviously a very touchy subject. I did find it quite emotional to stand on that spot by the gate of death, knowing what had happened there. No television programme (and I thought this one was quite well done) can prepare you for the sheer scale of the Birkenau death camp. Aushwitz 1 is by comparison quite small and neat, having been a Polish Army camp prior to occupation. Walking into the gas chamber there was extremely unsettling.
  5. I'm glad the team who did my knee last week had someone who could sew...
  6. This time 4 weeks from now I should have a new knee, and will probably be out of it on pain meds.

    1. Hroth


      Good luck!


      The meds should result in some "interesting" posts....

  7. Working in retail I too know the pain of customers asking for discount. Whether they get it or not depends on how pleasant they have been during the transaction. I know the margins I have to work with and appreciate that knocking even a couple of quid off something expensive (mobile phones and laptops in my case) can feel like a win for the buyer and can be very good for fostering good will and making someone into a repeat customer. I don't ask for discount in the local model shop, but as I have been in on a regular basis since taking up the hobby again and am now on first name terms with the guy who runs the shop, I usually find my bill is rounded down by a small amount each time I buy something. It may still be cheaper for the same items online, but I enjoy going into the shop, having a nose around and a bit of a chat. The personal touch counts for a lot.
  8. I watched it again earlier in the week on YouTube.
  9. Finally have a pre-op date for my knee replacement.

  10. Got my pre op assessment letter for my knee replacement.

    1. Londontram


      Had my pre op last Wednesday in for the op this wedensday starting to get butterflies

    2. DonB


      Best wishes to you both! I know several people in a wide age range all happy with their replacements!

  11. Got my pre op assessment letter for my knee replacement. I'm almost there.

  12. Got my pre op assessment letter. After 2 years wait i'm now a matter of weeks away from my knee replacement.

  13. I used to be a postie. We looked after parcels in my offices. I have seen and been on the end of some woeful service from couriers. I also seen and delivered a lot of woefully packaged items.
  14. I have seen a photo of me as a toddler with a clockwork engine, but my life long love of trains and model railways started properly at Christmas 1977 (age 6)when I received the Hornby operating mail train (I still have the Class 37). My father had it already set up for me on a 6x4 board with some extra track, a siding and an H&M controller.
  15. Not modelling, but I have been braving the heat of my shed to break down the current layout in preparation for a shed swap. The wife want to put our guinea pigs into my shed, which will allow me to fix up and enlarge the shed they are currently in. I can't extend the width, but will have an extra 4 feet of length to work with once it's done, along with the provision for full width baseboards up each side. Bascically instead of a shed adaption that i currently have, I will have a custom built and fitted out train shed
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