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  1. Nah this is the internet, post it with any wrong answer as a statement and someone will come and correct it far faster than if you simply await an answer... Personally if I drop into the end of an interesting thread I will tend to go back 5 or 6 pages but not much more. If it is less than 15 pages I may go to the start and skim read it all. (Always fun if you google a question, only for the results to be an rmweb thread you have participated in previously)
  2. It’s not Andy it’s you....Mac have updated safari to only store cookies for 7 days... ”The updated Safari also limits storage for a website's scripts to one week, and includes counters to sites that try to avoid tracking detection by delaying their redirects” from https://www.engadget.com/2020-03-24-safari-blocks-all-third-party-cookies-by-default.html?
  3. I was baffled by the advert I had for about 85% of the period they were running showing Camila Cabello, as not any sort of interest of mine...turned out it was eBay trying to sell me postcards of her...
  4. I have just had an advert for google adword improvements....
  5. I saw them being upgraded in Oxfordshire before they left....8 out of a batch of 10 broke down on the drive to Bristol dock for the boat to Malta....
  6. At work we get these around twice a month for every exhibition we have attended, across two differently named business divisions. It is straight-forward fishing with you being the target. The scammers simply trawl the exhibitor lists and fire off the same type of email to all of them, in the hope someone will pay them for it. we also get paper forms in the post asking us to check details are correct and amend and fax or post back in the enclosed free post envelope back if not so. They all have missing details and small print saying your signature confirms agreement to three years o
  7. I import a lot of similar products for work at a wholesaler. We are seeing many American suppliers struggle with social distancing type requirements in a specific, common, area of their production lines. Many of them having to close their doors for 40+ days as non essential (in some people’s opinion ) and then seeing record demand as everyone is at home hasn’t helped.... That is before you see the knock on effect from their raw materials suppliers own issues.. (no suggestions to a suitable product but some context to your issue)
  8. we run a membership scheme at work. Streamlining renewals from anniversary of joining to fixed calendar years (new joiners pay pro-rata to the end of calendar year) saved 2/3rds of the admin time involved in the whole renewal process. Half the time saving was because we could remind all members simultaneously about renewal via mass email as well as the posted renewal. The other half was because we could batch process all the renewal work rather than a small drip feed all through the year.
  9. DecoArt themselves don’t recommend their product for airbrushes, for the pigment size issues Michael mentions. (It is widely done in the mixed media world, but I would think carefully about the cost of the airbrush before starting).
  10. There is (or was last year and for several years before) one in the Swindon outlet centre outside the Hornby shop.
  11. The other one I have been seeing on work related social media is some local councils had written to shops to be aware of the potential for legionaries in water systems that had unexpectedly been unused for a number of months. Advice from different councils has apparently ranged from simply running them for 10-15 minutes and putting a cap full of bleach into toilet cisterns to full on you should get them tested....
  12. And we are sure there is nothing to worry about if his name is mentioned three times is a row???
  13. The Royal Mail notified us at work a few days ago that prices to the USA are going up, and going up dramatically from July the 1st. This is partly due to usps withdrawing from the international post charge system as part of their politics with China, and partly to cover the higher costs they are incurring in airfreight due to the pandemic.
  14. I find the same auto-corrupt feature on my iPad annoying, especially when browsing Amazon and the like, type in a brand name, up it pops in their auto populate choices...press search and bang it changes giving a pointless search...
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