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  1. I don’t know about the others but o2 don’t offer WiFi calling to payg customers, only to those on contract (or at least did so when I left them last year).
  2. HSBC do a stand-alone offline code generator device for online business banking (I use their hsbcnet system), I wonder if they can provide them to private customers who have reception issues.
  3. I find the same auto-corrupt feature on my iPad annoying, especially when browsing Amazon and the like, type in a brand name, up it pops in their auto populate choices...press search and bang it changes giving a pointless search...
  4. It’s a new security protocol mandated by the FCA, all banks/payment service providers are rolling it out at the moment. I think they are doing it gradually rather than upset all customers at once...
  5. https://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/news/view/demolition-firm-puts-vintage-steam-engine-back-to-work?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral&tblci=GiBmOI_LU_JIRO5gRwuYovCTvbkA5_04Xw4MyS6CY1T-hiCXvEg
  6. We did have a nightmare with this a while back, had entered the office landline for the work account a few years back, last year we relocated and re-routed the phones to head office....with a dial 1 for x, dial 2 for y.... Almost all finance institutions are implementing this, and you will commonly come across it during online shopping At checkout in the coming months with your bank texting you instead of the “verified by visa” password screen. No more discrete ordering on the iPad whilst the wife is at the other end of the sofa for me..... As a aside the original verified by visa seemed to lock into the MAC address of your devices processor, don’t know if this will do the same.
  7. Jonboy

    Panic buying

    A neighbour had an item collected by Argos earlier today. It was a box about 5’ x 4’ x 6” . Up rocks a lorry, followed by a small plain van. Small van driver picks up the box in an effortless manner and lifts it into the lorry and they both depart. I assume this is how they they are handling two man deliveries to allow social distancing in the cab at least...
  8. Retailers can refuse cash if they choose as they still own the goods. Where it cannot legally be refused if it is offered to settle a “debt”, the classic example being paying a restaurant at the end of the meal for items consumed (Even restaurants could make it clear prior to service that payment is card only as the contract is yet to be formed).
  9. Difference between the two is the student loan is by choice....
  10. I also wonder how some of these pub will get full barrels back out their cellars to dispose of in bulk as well. My uncle lost a finger years ago when one slipped on the “slide” and it was caught in one of the holes in the rim....
  11. No throwback containers to store the cake in????
  12. It is a very busy road linking quite a lot of various villages to several industrial estates for commuters (Milton Park, Harwell, Steventon storage etc. To grove, Wantage, Hanney, standford jn the vale, etc) And the other roads are at capacity. A single broken down car on the A417 between Wantage and Harwell in rush hour can cause two hour delays to all the surrounding roads ( and I do literally mean staff finishing at 17:00 on Milton park arriving back in Wantage at 19:00 or later). A34 closures can be worse....my wife travels from Abingdon to didcot on public transport and has resorted to getting a bus to Radley and the train to didcot on the worst occasions. south of the railway line is a very steep slope and would need substantial landscaping for a link road. (there are also some significant private property ownership disputes in progress in the area, and a compulsory purchase order would need them resolved before it could be actioned...)
  13. Looking at the dates in Wikipedia this will be their second longest period without a Constructors championship after this year will it not? Maybe they think a radical change of strategy is needed.
  14. May be worth reading this recent topic .
  15. Jonboy

    Razer prices

    I have given up and gone to a DE safety razor. Less than £20 for a handle, foam and brush, and then blades were £6 for 100 including postage. partly because I got annoyed with the amount of plastic involved in the Gillette options where the same holder could have 3, 4 or 5 blades and each would need the same amount of space to transport and produce.
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