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  1. Is it cynical of me to not be surprised that an outfit that effectively humiliated dft last time out through court action are conveniently disqualified this time?
  2. Microsoft’s own forums have some topics like this: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/all/ie11-has-stopped-saving-my-browser-history-for-no/74c58a8e-600f-4c19-8599-cc7b30aeb35c
  3. Nah a tub of lard would get voted into our seat if it had a blue label....I suspect the local councils are simply kicking the can down the road until it can be passed up to a tribunal/secretary of state to make the unpopular decision.
  4. Nah that’s the “I am entitled to park anywhere I like if these are activated feature” not an indicator...
  5. I recently got rid of a mk3 Clio. Drivers side headlight was a pain as you had to remove the funnel for the washer bottle and then go in blind as the plug either blocked your view or was a b****** to fit afterwards. I tried for an hour one evening and gave up as cold and dark by then, wandered out next morning and clipped bulb in on first attempt.. Passenger side had a lot more visibility and was a doodle....
  6. Interesting that cars keep popping up...my understanding is one brand at least have a 50%+ rate of vehicles that require remedial work at the dealers...
  7. It’s funny, I always used to have the choice of paying more to osbournes, where Maurice would carefully open the box, inspect the model, place it on the test track and ensure it was a good runner and in tip top shape(probably whilst handing over a cup of coffee) or go online and save a few quid and forego this with the seller relying on the manufacturer and the occasional inspection at random...as a community as a whole modellers(and society in general) seem to have prioritised saving a few quid over the one to one service they also claim to want. With all the costs of running a business these days rising faster than the prices customers are prepared to pay ( rent, business rates, banking, waste disposal, H&S compliance, communications, staff wages, NI, pensions, to name a few ) and squeezing margins ever more the two are ever more mutually exclusive. I say this as the manager of a wholesaler supplying over 1000 uk small retail businesses with hobby items and talking day in day out to their owners. I do sympathise with the OP, items should be complete and as described, but it is the herd mentality of “got to get every item to fill the display case at the lowest possible cost because my pension/salary/disposable income is so meagre” collectors/modellers that has shaped the market today and this has for me removed the choice of exceptional service for a few more quid as the local shop has closed.
  8. Anyone mentioned Peco-Rama yet as a permanent exhibition example? The big issue with experience based businesses is you either pay big for a good location with high natural footfall, or you spend the difference in rent between a cheaper premises and such a location on marketing to create your own footfall. If you haven’t got good parking within 200 yards as well then it’s almost certainly a non-starter.
  9. Ok that makes more sense, I had assumed it was a download and into VAT-Moss territory, rather than goods.
  10. I believe the seller has to use more than one piece of data to identify customers home country, some you may give them such as address, others may be related to computer IP address or issuing bank of payment card...
  11. I have seen a prototype kiln pull 22 amps on a 13 amp fuse before without blowing....we were investigating it after 2 sockets in a row burnt out.
  12. The one you may have missed is physically needing more space in the warehouse, if you assume you need a shelf front space for each item so your pickers can find it you would need(educated guess as someone involved in a very similar mail order type business) as much space for one loco as 10, but may need 2 spaces for 11 to 20, and 3 for 21 to 30 locos of the same item. When it gets close to filling up do you rent a second warehouse( with a stepped cost) or clear excess stock...
  13. Out of idle curiosity how does this lack of new stock tie into Hattons announcing it was selling its own brand commissions to other retailers fit date wise?
  14. Speaking of Chris Grayling... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46461606 ...cause he says it, it will be so...
  15. There are a couple of points in their defence to this packaging: 1) the carriers specify a minimum package size (normally above a5 and the full label on display on one surface) to ensure items pass cleanly and undamaged through their automated sorting conveyors. 2) although plastic that bubble could be viewed as more environmentally friendly. Four boxes of it will be less than 0.5 meter squared and will be inflated on a machine in their warehouse. The equivalent in traditional void fill materials will fill an entire articulated lorry....so using it takes a lot of vehicles off the road as warehouses need less delivery’s. Regarding order speed I don’t know anyone in retail/online sales who will slow orders down as the complaints you get for slowing it down tend to swamp comments like yours by by a factor of 10 to 1 in this current “must have it to tomorrow “ culture. Hattons may also have several staff printing and processing orders who may not spot other orders coming through (my order processing team of three don’t always spot them in a purely b2b enviroment with a far lower volume of large orders going to shops).
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