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  1. Jonboy

    Preorder email

    The other bit that floats through my mind is would Hornby need to issue a trading update to their shareholders before commenting publicly on what is going on if it threatens long term perfomance? (I have always worked for a ltd rather than plc with the insider trading rules/obligations to shareholders etc to take into account).
  2. Plugged into the same USB port?
  3. Well the wife had an two Identical items not arrive (sent together). She contacted seller who sent replacements that arrived around 10 days ago.she then marked items as received and left 5 star feedback as pleased with service. Today she received two refunds (one for each item) from eBay. She paid by PayPal, but the payment and refunds all show as an @ebay.co.uk email address so she cannot even resend the money direct...
  4. Just to answer your comments in the freight. Exports from China/HK i general are still going ahead. What has happened is there are shortages on empty shipping containers.Partly because the factory’s that make them stopped for three months under COVID lockdown and partly because governments over ordered incorrect ppe and are storing it in them, in ports (at one point the uk had 12,000 such containers in Felixstowe). The shipping lines are also making sure every vessel is full. This combination means it takes 4-5 weeks to lock in a freight booking instead of 1-2 days.
  5. Jonboy

    Preorder email

    Couple of points on @The Stationmaster ‘s post. Until around three years ago VAT calculations always assumed any settlement discount was being taken up. This lowered the cash paid by the customer and was particularly advantageous to small retailers (or perceived to be) on flat rate VAT schemes who pay a simple percentage of turnover to HMRC rather than producing a full return of sales VAT less purchase VAT. Most accounts software had this built in. You now have to produce an invoice with VAT on the full amount and issue a credit note only if the discount is taken up. This means a s
  6. It’s a phased changeover: https://sellercentre.ebay.co.uk/selling/managed-payments
  7. Jonboy

    Preorder email

    As I mentioned in my earlier post that does chime precisely with the issues I am experiencing at work, across the arts and crafts sector. The alternative would presumably be for Hornby to produce their full quantity’s of each item, but reduce the range of items of items being produced and assumes it isn’t partly due to specific components being less available. This would make lots of items much later than announced which leads to howls of protest on places such as RMweb.... Given the extreme extra demand caused by so many people being at home (whether furlough or
  8. Jonboy

    Preorder email

    I buy a wide variety of arts and crafts products from around the world (branded items from factories and our own brand items) for work at a wholesaler. We are seeing a non-stop issue of orders being short-shipped, postponed, delayed and cancelled as our suppliers are struggling to get raw materials, packaging and also manage their production around their various countries versions of COVID secure, social distancing, lockdowns and self-isolation. This against a backdrop of record worldwide demand for hobby items as people are generally at home more at the moment. It has
  9. Personally World of books is my first go to place to check for any book I want to buy these days. I initially found them through Amazon marketplace and then found their direct website which is normally cheaper. I am up-to 40-50 books from them now without any problems.
  10. Regarding @Gwiwers comments on local residents to rail worke, we had the joy of the within 200m letters for the overnight piling for the electrification works through Didcot, social media community pages had people 3 or 4 miles away asking if anyone knew what the noise was...
  11. It will likely be VAT on the price you pay, because the exchequer didn’t benefit from VAT on the initial new purchase(supply).
  12. Something to be aware of is that you can give a donation of any amount you wish, what you cannot do is gift aid it as that requires being a British taxpayer, and is why they ask for a postcode. The theory is that a taxpayer can only gift aid up to amount of tax that they have paid (cannot remember if income tax or national insurance) and if the total gift aid exceeds the amount of tax that an individual has paid, HMRC could ask that taxpayer to pay them the excess. (whether this has ever been enforced I am less certain...and many charities frontline staff don’t seem particula
  13. Looks like you should try refreshing the firmware https://forum.creality.com/topic/122/ender-5-pro-tmc-connection-error/41?lang=en-GB
  14. There’s some comments in the eBay annoyances thread, and a few on the eBay community, https://community.ebay.co.uk so I don’t think you are alone.
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