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  1. I tend to head to the left and cover all the layouts in a fairly methodical manner for a few minutes each. I then visit the refreshments and retrace my steps back the other way, as I sometimes notice other enticing details from a different angle. I will tend to spend shorter timespans at layouts that didn’t initially intrigue me on this second walk through. i will then look at traders.
  2. Again when you book into a trade fair you can pay very good money for a very good guaranteed connection, it isn’t necessarily in the NEC’s interest to offer a brilliant WiFi connection.
  3. to put the commercial shows into context as a exhibitor on a trade show we used to pay in the region of £8k for a 6*8metre space. That is just for the space, no electrics (£500 for basic lights and a 1kw single socket), and this is just your on-site costs (your actual stand, travel hotel, food, graphic design, staff etc etc are extra). Have a hall full of trade like that, and subsidising the NEC parking is a bit of an easier decision than a show that is at best paying expenses to exhibitors.
  4. Have you seen the scalescenes print at home tunnel portal and arched bridge kits https://scalescenes.com/product/r014-tunnel-portal/ https://scalescenes.com/product/r011-arched-bridge/ they may be easy to adapt to your needs, as may the metcalfe equivalents.
  5. This isn’t anything new though is it, the Marks Tey to Sudbury line has operated as a diesel branch in a electric world for a long time...
  6. One other area to be careful of is that a dbs check tells the original applying organisation that an offence was committed, and it is up to them to assess the risk to their members, users, customers or visitors (or was last time I was involved with them). Relying on them working for another organisation, per a suggestion above might not give you the information required.
  7. Must admit the schedule change relegated it to catch-up tv in our household.
  8. https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/03/fifth-crossrail-worker-dies-sleep-just-six-months-10841276/
  9. Kneecapping...I thought this was an easy going family friendly hobby and show!!!!
  10. Cheeky related request. The wife’s family used to be coal merchants working from Upton and Blewbury. They had some sort of conveyor and shoot mechanism to allow them to load their lorry from above. the only image I can find is this one of it peeking over the goods shed. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nostalgia-Postcard-1962-Upton-Blewbury-Railway-Station-Oxfordshire-Repro-NS15-/273445732619 (widely publicised photo). This is from 1962 and it was gone by 1966 I cannot find any any other images and the family don’t seem to remember how it was operated, does anyone have any knowledge or further info?
  11. If you replace “should not be” with “unexpectedly” ** does it still sound like the same problem with the law? ** e.g. firefighter accessing land to attack a fire on the/an adjoining premises, policeman pursuing someone, child retrieving ball from neighbours garden, fence repairer making reasonable access to effect repair to neighbours boundary, lost delivery driver turning round on forecourt etc. Etc.
  12. We turned up on Tuesday as swmbo wanted to go to riverknits, a hand dyed wool company. The site was open as it serves as a business park and parking was easy. There is a antiques centre, secondhand bookstore and cafe on site amongst the occupiers.
  13. I seem to recall this was a situation where damage to the fence and trespass incidents had repeatedly been reported to DB, and they didn’t repair the damage or take reasonable precautions to reduce the well assessed risk?
  14. Dropped in earlier this week and was astonished by the range packed into their shop, well worth a visit.
  15. I get one every few months where I think “why the hell would I have registered an interest in this”, but then assume drink was involved...note to self “don’t drink and browse, don’t drink and browse!!!!”
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