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  1. Looks like you should try refreshing the firmware https://forum.creality.com/topic/122/ender-5-pro-tmc-connection-error/41?lang=en-GB
  2. There’s some comments in the eBay annoyances thread, and a few on the eBay community, https://community.ebay.co.uk so I don’t think you are alone.
  3. If a business rates replacement I suspect it needs to be a percentage or two on all sales, treated separately to VAT. This is because there are a lot of zero rated items out there, but the business rates overhead is currently calculated into selling prices.
  4. Looks like a class 24 is 8’ 10” wide (per Wikipedia), and the middle photo shows a small overhang on the visible side.
  5. quick google turns this up https://www.2d53.co.uk/llanfairpg/caravan.htm
  6. It’s an area I am watching with interest, working for a specialist wholesaler who operate b2b nationwide to small retailers via carrier...will we get caught up in such legislation if poorly written, passing on charges to small businesses. Will out competition who sell b2c and b2b in the same way as Hornby get caught up, having to pass charges to small retailers as well to make their retail (and higher margin!) offering more appealing.... In reality business rates have surely got to be replaced by a percentage sales tax to become much fairer all round.
  7. Sadly the hall where the two shows that normally happen in Didcot are held, is currently the local vaccination centre.
  8. Track it this morning and see if there are any later scans recorded in the detailed tracking. Not sure on the ups scanners but on the fedex ones the touchscreen button for “customer unavailable “ is right next to the “ delivered” button and the drivers have fat fingers..... Failing that call ups on 03457 877 877 and ask if their log shows further details. If it doesn’t then ask them to contact the local depot, ask the driver where he left it, and call you back....drivers are normally very goods for a couple of days after the event but after that newer delivery’s start to push data
  9. Nah if you want frustrating tactics and games there was a photography bookazine I looked at in WH Smith’s for £18 yesterday, then looked three titles to the left to find if I bought a related magazine for £6 then I could download said bookazine as a free ebook.... Personally I like the bundled titles and if it’s a title I have previously bought I share it with my brother.
  10. There is the equivalent procedure for businesses, and I would be amazed if there wasn’t the equivalent for consumers as the EU regulations are generally strong on enforcing consumer rights such as warranty’s, but I am not well versed in the fine workings of the Dutch import rules. https://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/bldcontenten/belastingdienst/customs/customs-processes/special-procedures/special-procedures-for-goods/outward-processing-procedure
  11. Except of course in the Uk you can get import tax relief on items temporarily imported, particularly if they are for repair. They do need to be clearly marked as such on the accompanying paperwork and if an electronic carrier booking there is normally a field to indict this (with our main carrier you chose from Sale, repair or replacement, or gift when making the booking on their online system). You do need to keep very clear records of the consignments coming in and going back out of the uk in case of an inspection. I have also used the same routine for items sent back
  12. Nah if they have any sense they bond the UK warehouse so they don’t pay import taxes on arrival, pick and pack all the EU orders in the UK (including the foreign courier label). Then transfer in bulk to the EU subsidiary at cost price, so that the EU import taxes are calculated on cost price and then make the sales from the EU subsidiary to the EU customer....and the NL warehouse is just a cross dock operation for uk outline models....
  13. In the perfect world it would be rolled into the payment gateway (e.g Barclaycard, PayPal, Sagepay etc) as they have the size and well established website connector protocols to roll it out.....but the sheer volume of commodity code and tariff rates makes it a minefield.
  14. For the projects I am planning on playing around with the solder tags and small format may make it a better option than the pins of an arduino.
  15. It’s an interesting one because a similar obligation was created several years ago for digital services (mp3 music, pdf documents etc etc) a few years ago (VAT MOSS) but I didn’t really see anything on how it worked out as I don’t work with such sales in my industry.
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