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  1. Jonboy
    Well the last design wasnt working for me as I had no room to extend. I have therefore decided to go for a two sided layout on four 3'x 15" boards (layout attached).
    The board with the crossover will have a hill/Tunnel arrangement over it and control equipment inside the curve/railer on the siding.
    I am still with the Kato unitrack because I have to much to get rid of - I did carefully consider it this time as it does lead to a larger curve radius requirement than other track types.

  2. Jonboy
    Ok then so I am finally starting my first layout for a while and intend to get it to a point of running some trains this time....

    The plan is based around Newquay but with part of the original yard left in and what ever I wish to run making an appearance....Thanks are due to Donw in his comments on the design stage.
    I dont like flat boards but dont have the patience/skill to finish woodwork for multiple levels with smooth track, so am trying to build this layout as foam insulation with a thin layer of Mod roc over the top to stop it crumbling everywhere. This should hopefully give me all the track on a higher level and some scenic work on the lower front.

    Now do I go for a retaining wall and some industrial scenes or cliff faces and a more seasidy (or is that seedy) front.
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