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  1. LQ is a funny old game, even though there are general exceptions in law you often have to have the specific items cleared by each carriers compliance department before starting to ship them to any customer.

    This generally involves submitting their application form, the material safety data sheet and photos of the product and intended packaging materials for each item/range before any shipments.


    This can take 4 weeks for them to process and approve, just for domestic shipments. If you apply and they decline that is it game over, end of story.

    Even at a wholesale level we don’t normally get involved for overseas as any random decisions by any carrier or customs agents that it’s non compliant and to be disposed of, is at our cost regardless of whether they are correct or not.

  2. Part of that is as a shipper you have to pay for an export clearance procedure per shipment, as well as the receiver paying an import clearance charge…and it needs to be recovered somewhere.


    With the carriers we work with from the uk to EU, it is a fixed fee, but still works about between 20-35% of the original cost of shipping depending on destination.



  3. 4 minutes ago, Dunsignalling said:

    I've had the privacy agreement page come up every time I've clicked in today. Usually only comes up after my laptop clears trackers.

    There’s a separate thread on that with the suggestion of clearing rmweb cookies and cache to fix. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Northmoor said:


    I had to go up there to finish the job.  The installers had simply unrolled the fiberglass insulation at right angles to the beams, over the top of any boxes that were stored there which they hadn't even bothered to move.  It took me about an hour to get the rolls to match up and form a reasonably even layer across the roof.  The installers had spent about 30 minutes and charged the nation something like £500 for their efforts. 

    A friend moved into a council house about 15 years ago and found the tv aerial was seemingly mis-aligned so I popped into the loft and found it was 4’ deep in insulation. It emerged the housing association policy was that each time a property changed tenants loft insulation had to be installed, rather than simply checked it was to standard…

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  5. 9 hours ago, F-UnitMad said:

    Which doesn't change my second point, that none of them had any content on North American trains or modelling, thus severely limiting how interesting I would find them.


    I would recommend you drop your interest in large and varied rolling stock; huge or varied infrastructure; wide variety of scenery, widely varying maintenance standards; and all the other problems that come with the American prototype and concentrate on learning about the only right way, the Great Western to solve that problem ;)

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  6. 35 minutes ago, Kris said:

    Oh dear, who would reverse over a level crossing?


    Looking at street view there is a narrow bridge with a 5 ton weight limit 100 yards past the crossing and nowhere to turn around…


    the other side is a T junction with the level crossing to the right and a 7.5 tonne “except for access” limit 300 yards to the left…


    edit: the T-junction looks to be leaving an industrial site so a bit of a red herring…

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  7. I don’t work on the railways and never have.

    I do remember a few years back getting on a packed peak service (unusual but had a meeting to get to) and a gentleman who’s badge identified him as Mark Hopwood and another suit being stood next to me and checking with the guard if anything more could be done to make conditions more comfortable for passengers, such as was there more space in the end carriages he and his colleague could go and direct people too to assist the guard…

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  8. 6 hours ago, 33212 said:

     and the video box has shown me scantily clad women, giraffes and some feathered birds..

    On the basis that web adverts are normally served follows micro-auction linked to tracking cookies and your browsing history the mind boggles….just what are they trying to sell you????

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  9. Not sure of sumup or Izettle, but If you are only using a square terminal and their app to process payments, and do NOTHING else with cards (no storing, collecting online/by email/by phone etc etc) then there is no Payment card industry requirements - https://squareup.com/gb/en/townsquare/pci-compliance .


    (and yes I am well aware of the deep joy a PCI DSS compliance SAQ and scans bring…..).

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  10. Just now, RJS1977 said:

    A lot can depend on the type of organisation running the event. A small organisation holding a show once a year might not be able to justify getting a card reader for such infrequent use.

    The basic ones I mention above cost £30 (£17.99 in WH Smith on Sunday!) and then around 2% of the transaction value in fees without a long term contract.


    I got cash out at the weekend and had to try 4 cash points before finding one with cash available….

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  11. 1 hour ago, Kris said:

    some venues do not have mobile signal needed to run the card readers.

    The no-contract readers used by stall holders etc these days connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth.
    The phone can connect to the internet via the phones mobile signal, or via WiFi if the venue offers it, which can increase flexibility.

  12. It’s frustrating, I like the gold price point, and the content of the magazines, but I have given up reading them since the change from the app to the browser, because it is an awful user experience on the iPad with pages that don’t simply fit to screen. This means every page needs scrolling up and down on and isn’t enjoyable.


    I will therefore be looking to downgrade my revenue to Warner’s simply because the experience of the benefits (beyond mweb) is poorer than the experience when I initially signed up.



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  13. The other minor confusion can arise because some industries and company’s call Taric codes by different names such as:


    • HS
    • Commodity
    • (Combined) nomenclature
    • Customs Tariff Code

    This comes about because the combined nomenclature is the international  harmonised system for describing commodities….(how the EU ended up with taric I don’t know….!) but is basically a big index of items and an identifier number.

  14. We had the opposite issue when relocating a warehouse a couple of years back. The stock for one load was being sent to two sites a mile apart with a relatively low 4.7m bridge in between. 
    We booked it accordingly with the depot and carefully checked the vehicle heights with the driver before despatching a trailer with 10 pallets for one site and 14 for the other. 

    He gets to the first site and unloads, resets his truck specification satnav and promptly refuses to go to the second site as it says he won’t fit and he won’t make the long way round (circa 30 miles) and then his next collection within his hours.


    Turned out the haulier use two heights of trailer and drivers are not allowed to reset the GPS for the lower trailers under any circumstances….frustrating was an understatement….

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  15. 5 hours ago, maico said:


    Where are you getting these points from? I filled in my own VAT returns for years and have not heard of any of them.

    VAT is a tax on sales which is paid by the end consumer, why would it be raised on free gifts or personalised letters?


    I get magazines in the post from abroad and there are no customs fees.




    VAT notice 701/10 section 6.7 - Promotional Items in Magazines.



    VAT notice 701/10 section 4.3 - letters


    As you would see there are numerous exemptions within the full notice but not quite as simple as “no VAT on printed matter” when working commercially.


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  16. 4 hours ago, maico said:


    I don't understand why the publisher would get confused, there is no VAT on printed matter in the UK. They must also be shipping to countries outside the EU.

    It’s not that simple, if they:

    • Include a personalised letter then VAT may apply.
    •  If they include vouchers for money off anything in the uk, VAT may apply.
    • If they were to include free gifts VAT may apply (an example would be a printed card building kit such as the Metcalfe buildings model rail or BRM have given in the past).

    and even when no VAT is due there may potentially be a customs processing fee to declare that nothing is due…

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  17. My employer went through a replacement web shop process at the start of the month.


    A single customer asked us to recover their basket as they had a large amount of items within it, in preparation for a shop opening. To do so took over half an hour and involved downloading, integrating and then matching 4 different database tables (customer details, product details. Order headers and order lines are separate tables in almost every web shop with primary keys to match them up) before importing and verifying in the new system.


    I am the only person in my company that had a clue on how to do it, as it meant going to the underlying server admin panel and database and not the interfaces the day to day staff use for their roles….the old developers are not interested in helping leave their services and the new ones would (rightly) charge to learn sufficient detail of the old system to action it correctly.

    You also cannot do it until the old site is offline as you need up to the minute data to work from (or do it twice to capture the latest information such as items people have removed from their baskets…!).


    It is not a straight forward or routine task and needs careful work, we made the same choices as rails and stand by it…

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